Wednesday, February 25, 2009

松本潤 Matsumoto Jun
he's really a hot guy!!!
-Hana Yori Dango-
-being selfish-

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A long and dull presentation was going, it is raining cats and dogs out one tend to question or answer so he take this opportunity to question us back. Unfortunately, we doesn’t show any interest on it and all remain silence(unusual day).wtf .*screw up* .
Class was super dark and silence than usual.maybe is because of the bad weather and also the dim light in the room that causes everyone seems so drowsy.David slept and I almost went “offline”.long hour to go~deep down in my heart, i knew that we won’t be going home in time unless “miracle” happen(i.e. blackout or building collapse)heard that blackout often happened in my college.but I had never experienced that before. my time shows exactly 6.30pm, but interruption is happening throughout the whole presentation.*time concerned*.

Was thinking to run out from the class suddenly, all turned black. Oh,yes!!is blackout.finally, I experienced it.(I shouted in my heart with a super high feeling).so, for sure he gonna dismiss the class earlier as we all wish. but then, he took out his hp and turn on the flask light and was intend to continue the lesson.anyway, he failed.(obvious many defenders in my class)so, he ended the class by giving us lots of homework and assignment.wt…..

Pelajar yang rajin. just with a little help of the hp light, we able to see those small tiny front in the teks.

he too, using his hp light to read.

Study in the dark :) romantic

Hana Yori Dango - i'm addicted to it!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

today, i woke up earlier then usual.thought of starting with a feel good day.then, i waited for my friend and walk to college.
reached college exactly at 9am.surprisingly, lift wasn't packed this morning.still have lots empty space for me and friends to get in until we reached 4th floor.few Indian girls squeezed in like no body business and make us like a sardine :<
later, i went up to my classroom and noticed that the class was actually quite empty.just a few students were in the class.thought of traffic jam out there.everyone is late since i was stucked on the middle of road when i walked to college.on my way to look for a good seat i saw a note written on the white board and realised that class is cancel.for no other reason to stay any longer in college, we walked home eventually :(

right now, I'm studying microeconomics:) am happy to tell you that i falling in love with micro.




---- my 2nd original teks book on last Friday.yahOO~~~

-I've found out something which is a 不能说的秘密.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

hey friends, have a nice day!!!
only have one pictures to show.the rest still in sy's hp :)
went swimming and sauna
then, something happen..don't worry.I'm not gonna post up here.
will keep it as our *secret* !!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

just came back from
will upload when i got those pictures :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rest In Peace, Max

don't get wrong or not our friend and is not my dance teacher too.well,is actually my friend's dog-German shepherd.a huge dog.

he wrote something on his msn display message about Max.
and for the sake of curiosity,i sent him a offline message and ask for it. He told me that his beloved pet had just passed away on 19th Jan 2009(13years old)i was kinda shock when i heard this.cause i saw his dog sited in front of his house few weeks ago when i pass by his house and i didn't that will be the last time i saw him.i used to play a fool with his dog's name when we were in form5. i always tease him with another girl then he will tease me back with his dog. but somehow, i could never get near to his dog..
he was sad that he didn't spent much time with him(he's in England). and again, its remind me on how important the relationship to us no matter where are you and how far you go..

To Max-the dog. Rest in Peace

To my naughty dog-Mr. bobby-i ♥ you
joined life group yesterday.and it so happened that the topics that we discussed is about relationship(note: is just purely relationship).then, i just realised that i've not been calling or chatting with my buddies for a long time.i didn't spend much time when my friends compare to last time.i'm being so selfish to them!!!just realised how serious it is!!!
even if i met them somewhere on the street, i will just say hi to them or just pretend that i don't see them.i know it is rude and bad to treat them like this.but somehow i just don't know why am i being so anti-social to them.
i met a friend in a lift few days ago, she say she have not been seeing me for awhile and i wanted to tell her more about my recent life but somehow my legs were like pushing me to the another, i end up the conservation by replying her a word : yealor..and bye!!(sorry).i really wish that i could spend more time with them and have a enjoyable time with them.*it takes time to get everything back to normal*

watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button after that.2hours 50 minutes the show runs.yet, i was wakeful throughout the sense of sleepiness i felt.kinda puzzle this show to me :)

p/s: hey sky_walker, this movie is similar as cape 7(literature type of movie). anyway, i still prefer cape 7 :D

-a good lesson i received from the life group.well done!!praise the Lord !!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i have REPORT report card!!!
thought after entering to Uni-life we might get rid of this "report card" but who knows it still came back to just remind me when i was in high school where everyone used to have a report card and also parents day.well, i believe that in very soon ADP is going to have a "parents' day".arh..
felt sorry to myself for being so honest when I fill in the details in my report card:( i shouldn't have put my daddy's contact no and my house address.cause i'm sure that my academic advisor will call our parents to check out if we fail to perform well in the academic.*guilty*

for the first time, i'm actually paying full attention during class.cause had a little drama with my one of my friend so i don't feel like talking to her.anyway, was okay after the class end.

pyramid later XD
The curious case of Benjamin Button.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009



Monday, February 16, 2009

it means the last day of Chinese year new and also known as Chinese Valentine.
nothing much i heard about this Chinese valentine.
i don't see people throwing oranges in taman jaya's lake this year when i passed by the place.

as usual we had a big family dinner at grandpa's house.(our family used to practice this since long long time ago where we will have some big gathering as in like a reunion dinner for each and every celebration or event that we had)cousin sis supposed to join us but don't know why they didn't turn up at last.maybe they too have they own family dinner at home :)well, i personally think that it is precious and wonderful to spend time with family or get connected with those long lost relatives.This is how family should be like:)
of course, we get to taste the vegetarian "Lou Sang"and also the home-made glutinous rice ball.

Don't follow rules :>so???
Mc donald in library discussion one dare to bring it expect me and man yee..(was thinking not to post manyee's pic here due to some personally privacy)sorry, that i have betrayed you..

this is how it will looks like during,mobile phone,chit-chatting are everywhere.

had two quizzes last usual i did last minutes studies.was glad that everything seem to be running smoothly.this semester is like a nightmare for me,i don't really enjoy my 3rd semester.probably is because the subjects that i took in this semester.death subjects.even thou the subjects may sound fascinating but in fact it is not so lively that I've though.
i was chatting with my friends today during break time, and we both realised that nowadays college is like a "death town "and less activities compare to last few semester.suddenly,i missed all the "noise".i missed those days where we used to have lots and lots of activities until we got fed up with it.then,i realised that the numbers of hi-bye friends have been increased recently.and is all because of one reason that cause us to be like a hi-bye activities = no interaction.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

To my Friends who are....SINGLE
Love is like a butterfly, the more you chase it, the more it eludes you.
But if you just let it fly,it will come to you when you least expect it.
Love can make you happy but often it hurts, but Love's only special when you give it to someone who is really worth it.
To my Friends who are......... not so SINGLE
Love isn't about becoming somebody else's perfect person. Is about finding someone who helps you to become the best person you can be.

Friday, February 13, 2009

attended home group at angle's house.then, we went up to the condonimium roof top to have some night view. not bad i'm standing at KL tower.
went karaoke with friends again.but different people this time.
have a singer friend here(super nice voice) awesome :) !!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

instead of having dinner with my family, i went to celebrate Steven’s birthday after attended his church service. Without letting him know that we gonna celebrate his belated birthday, his friends were secretly inviting few of his colleagues to his birthday party and also to surprise him as well. so, we blindfold him with a scarf and his mouth and hands were actually being taped by a thick and sticky masking tape. Then, they bought his to this place where we celebrate his birthday which is Old Boy(something like Old Town). We were playing a fool with him whereby we want him to look for his birthday present by asking everyone who are in Old Boy. Surprisingly, he found his birthday present from a young lady. Steven actually cried on that night after listening to the touching words that everyone speak to him. :)

Blessed Birthday
To Steven!!

TGV friends are promoting him

-Amsquare Karaoke-


melissa has a nice voice

sy with her seductive pose

huge and luxurious room + a 5o inch plasma TV

so friends,have you decided where to go for your karaoke?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

earned rm60 by just sending one of my friend to KLIA this morning.speed 100km/j on the way back.then, had lunch at garden cafe.ordered a set of chicken chop and chicken taste like a rotten food(strong smell of chicken). thank god.never have diarrhea after eating that. well, nothing much to blog was just an ordinary day!!!

went 3k complex for badminton this morning.finally got a chance to burn my calories after a long and enjoyable month of eating.after lunch, went pyramid for karaoke with friends.only 5of us and this time is not red box we went, is Am square.then, we are given to a huge and luxurious room.nice design in the those room in lounge bar and those rooms are much more bigger than red box in pyramid and pavilion.
first time singing Malay and Korean songs in karaoke with friends,a good experience and nice try.will upload those pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let’s celebrate!!
I’ve done all his homework just in two hours time before I attended his class. wanted to complete it on the day before but came home around 12am.straight to my bed after that.cause don’t feel like spoiling my mood by doing his business ethics homework.woke up 8something in the next day and rushed for it. -mission accomplished-

Reached college quite early this morning.was alone in the class.waiting for my friends to come cause most of my friends will be late->typical late comers mar.had class today.yet I still felt bored as usual.i keep looking on my watch and was hoping that she will probably set us free or just continue with her slides without further explaining.then,i turned around and realised that almost half of the class were like half-dead.only 4/30 students were listening(i counted)luckily friend bought her laptop to class.meanwhile, we watched some video clip and was having lots of FUN with her laptop!! XD

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

two-stops :)

just four of us :) we love to EAT..

went pyramid yesterday.was supposed to reach summit in time for a movie at 9.50pm. just 50minutes before we start our journey to summit, steven suggested to have some snacks.cause we felt a little hungry since we all came here with an empty stomach. so,he brought us to a Taiwan restaurant for a meal.thought of rushing for the movie after finished our meal in that taiwan restaurant, yet we dropped ourselves at a dessert stall to have some invigorant since four of us was fascinated by the varieties of desserts that are available in this stall.especially the one with birdnest+sago+mango that seems like a seduce to us.without thinking further(even thou we knew we were running out of time) we went in and ordered a, we end up happily enjoying the and food at Asia avenue until we were 30minutes late for the movie.(glad that we still able to watch the movie.was laughing throughout the movie.Crazies****