Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Life is so supposed to be a fantastic holiday for me..but a bunch of my buddies had left me alone to the slc camp where im supposed 2go but I have turned down at last..meanwhile the other gang already went to pahang & genting highland for their holiday and they actually invited me to join but I rejected stupid I am that I have wasted these two opportunities ..these are a few pictures that I took while waitting the time 2passed by-

They still look so “freshly” coz I usually don bring them out..(-_-")

my collections of bears~~

imported from taiwan

collections of nail polish..haha!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

a moon shape bruise on my leg..

gt a bruise on my left leg..

well..does it looks like a moon shape..haha!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fucking helL

de only 2person tat i hate them alot is XL and CK.. i know im not de one only one who hate them..
well,both of them r actually de worse leader in my eyes..especially xl alwayz showing off herself..hey fucker come on la..u think u r de best izit?force everyone to listen to u..she also a money sucker..she not paying antin when she attend functions or camp where it should..if owe ppl money den return back u noe what she did anot?she said to da fella: plz FORGIVE me coz i counted ur money wrongly! and tatz it,she nv return da money to de fella..freaking hell rite..forgive her head la..juz return back to da fella den settle d lor..sumore..whenever ppl decide where to go den she will argue or disagree..whereas if she decided ppl compulsory hv to listen to her..otherwise she wil gt mad..she alwayz jealous abou other ppl if sum1 get a duty..if she dont get any of de duty den she wil probaly get angry..i noe u hd a loud voice bt not nessasary hv to shout or act sumting weird to get ppl's attention on u..and actually do u understand what is this mean"speech is silvern, SILENCE is golden!!..suckz are acting like"mei jia jiao"(in mandarin)

well, here comes de ck..she alwayz don listen to ppl says..alwayz dis-obey wat leader want her 2do..
she think she can multi-task..fuck la..ownself work aso nv complete den wana take another work her mind she always think tat she is right..everyone r wrong..she will not gv others ppl a chance even thou de person is potential..bcoz in her mind she think tat u r not de best for me(herself) suckers too..owe ppl money den act she work as a direct she is freaking lazy nv go out n make sales bt juz hang around wit us(when she need our help-bcoz she think v can b bully)..fuck off la..suddenly came my hse n ask me to buy your suckz products sumore ask my parrent 2invest in your company.actually the problem is not with your company is with YOU!!come on who de hell r u?i rather buy from sumbody else which is also from your company rather than buying from please dont waste ur time n my precious time k..u r de 1 who don wana 2work hard on ur carrer den u go blame n say : aiya..i gt no meny ler..-understood wan ppl 2belanja aSs..

actualy there r stil alot 2go.. bt im lazy to blog..coz they r so suckz 4me 2write..haha..

Friday, July 25, 2008

haPpy weDDing~~

noting special 2day..juz stays at home n watch "SUPER"..
attended 3wedding dinner dis yr..haha..coming soon another1 which is on 26th of july..
yaHoo~~"2008"really a "ong" yr!! XD
happy wedding 2my dearest angela & colin!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

before dinner

get abit ss before going for dinner!!!is me~~
seductive sis

hot mama n cool daughter~wakaka!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

shoping again~~

shopPing day..went pyramid..ate sushi during my lunch..haha..daMm enjoy!! ;p

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

rapid KL-suckZzz

plan 2go 1utama 2day..almost 1n a haf hour v hv been waitting for da stupid rapid kl bt not even 1 rapid kl pass by.DAMM...waited my precious time

at de end v went time square!!haha..brought a vest 4myself..actually wanted 2buy white colour de bt not finally i choose de black 1..not bad ler..after reached home i make a complaint 2de da rapid kl n hope they wil take action on those irresponsible drive!!!

My 3rd day in taiwan~enjoyeD

My 3rd day in taiwan~

Earthquake museum(taichung) : it is a museum to commemorate the earthquake of 921 in Taiwan. There r lotz of information about earthquake and something related about the terror earthquake of 921..i wish tat I could stay here longer but the tour guide told us tat v don hv much time so v juz walked around da museum(luckily i get 2snap sum photos here)..

Sun moon lake : the largest lake in Taiwan and there is an island called “guang hua” in the middle of the lake. The scenic area was heavily damaged by the September 21,1999 earthquake.they called it as sun moon lake bcoz the northern part of the island looks like a sun and southern part looks like a moon..after tat v took our lunch there(puli wild vegetable cuisine)

Peacock garden : hmm..noting much juz a garden swarming wit is free admission !!after that v went to wen wu temple.

Here comes my favourite time~night market again

Leo ho night market(kaoshiung) : is one of the famous night market at kaoshiung..has a wide variety of delicious food here, including reasonably priced steaks, spearfish soup and tantze noodles(must try dis!!)n the one in Taipei aso vry delicious called “hao ji tanze noodles”..i tried the Japanese tempura n dumpling..erm..yummy!!


Monday, July 21, 2008

is time 4me 2 hv a shorTbreak..wakaka!!! holiday-inG..i juz finished my final exam 2day..hmm..well..i tink A is not a problem 2me in college mathz..(berlagak) ah..abit worried lor..attended another cousin's wedding dinner ydy..haha..planning 2go sumwhere else 2RELAX !!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


happY~~everything hs been exhibition was running successfully..thx 2all my dearest frenz who put s0 much effort in projects..realy hd a wonderfull time spending with u guyz in the de best in the final exam ya..

Friday, July 11, 2008


at the end of day..she-my bio partner sih mei shi,not doing anything for the bio subjects..seriously i cant stand wit her anymore..she juz say i dont know and tatz it..WTF..u think u r wat?princess?hey come on if u don 1 2study den juz go and continue wit ur work as a promoter la..don waste ur parrent's money...don tink i wil put ur name in de report and project k..u r not my member ANYMORE..don cry when u get dis BIG SURPRISE..i hate ppl who cry infront of the guy and says" XX bully me"..and i cant wait 2see who is de nex person who r so unlucky get u as her/his project partner!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Depress + hate + giving up + lost

Ahhhhh..i cant stand anymore..Im lost..totally lost~~.even I myself aso dunoe WHY???i juz feel vry depress + hate + give up + lost for no reason..i cant figure it out!!!am i OKAY??
strive against the RIGHT!?

To : "season" & "garland"
Don't shirk the responsbility towards my group and stop blaming on us for not started anything. In fact. you are the one who is not working effectively!!so, shut your annoyance mouth and the vacant proposal!!
sorry, but I still need to confess that it is really a hardship for us to work with such a degrading team of yours!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


lol..stress streSS STRESS!! running out of time for my project n assignment!!actualy it shud b a paired work BUT my so called "bio partner"-she did nothing on both assignment n insects project..bcoz she said: "I DON'T KNOW ler...MY HOUSING AREA DUNHV PARK de SO I CANT CATCH DE BUGZ!! "lolx..once i heard these i realy feel like slapping her..hey..u think my house gt bugz ah..but i aso make an effort to go everywhere to catch bugz la..of coz she did de same when i was preparing for de assignment..i was busying searching da info frm de website almost everday aft de class and she just sit nex to me and DO NOTHING!! however,she say wana help me on de report(insects project)..but i was wondering what is she gona write in de reoprt where she dont even catch a single bugz???

I DONT'T KNOW ≠ U HELP ME TO SETTLE..learn until u get!!!!!