Saturday, February 27, 2010

I believe everyone likes Chinese New Year especially the kids. When i was a kid, the festivals that I'm always looking forward is new year, because this is the only time where we can play fire-crackers and "pop-pop" and of course receiving "angpow" from the adults has become the main reason that why we like CNY so much. I still remember each time when it comes to the end of CNY , I will count all the angpow that I have collected and compared with the siblings to see who got the most amount of money. Grandma always " supplied" us with the Chinese pop pop and mini fire-crackers that made us so excited over it!!
I get very nostalgic with those day especially during my childhood and how wish that I could start writing diary when i was young so later when i grown up I still able to recall the past : )
Owh, I think I'm getting a little emotional now.haha. Okay,okay!!Just like every year, we went back to Tampin on the New Year's Eve where family members will have a reunion dinner.

my lovely mama..innocent look!! : )

The "soup" that we all have been waiting very original taste and is 真材实料.haha
Each time when we go back to hometown, mama will definitely cook us a lots of nice food (p/s: cooking is her forte) .We love to drink mama's soup and my parent always say: " Girl, faster go refill the soup, drink as much as much you can, cause once we are back to KL ,we don't have the chance to drink mama's soup anymore!"

mama got a new plant in her backyard. It is called - Luffa plant (丝瓜) and mama said when the Luffa is "dry" , she will use it and wash plate.

**fire crackers**

Nothing else we can go beyond this small town, so basically i just stay at home and watch TV programs.Oh, btw, they have this RM2 shop in Tampin where everything they sell is Rm2( all below market price) And, you'll be very surprise to see some of the good+nice items at this attractive price!!

Friends, see me in the next post ya!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tadaima (means I'm back in Japanese)

Yo, friends, how was your Chinese New Year???
Well, it was an awesome new year to me and basically i don't have the time to go online and update my blog for the past one week as my new year schedule is so packed.haha.And, I'm sure you all miss me very much!! Right, right??

Okay, let's not waste a minute more and i shall move on with SiewHui's (Daniel) farewell.
He's leaving for Melbourne to further his studies for a year and he didn't inform us about it until the smart yy found out : )
Without his knowing, yy secretly plan a mini farewell dinner for him. But too bad, munLok couldn't join us for that dinner.


We always have some funny and weird conversation between us especially when it comes to steamboat. And, we used to bring out shangshi's fish ball, however,during this time "porn"(prawn) has been added into our conversation. So, whenever shangshi saw the prawn is coming toward us, he will ask : "porn, porn"( prawn, prawn) anyone??? I think the people around us will probably think that we are mad.haha..But who cares??
While Shui is busy passing us the food from far, Jman on the other hand is hunting for the baby octopus. And,he said, he don't have to go sushi king to eat baby octopus from now on since it's all you can eat in shabu-shabu.
Kenny was so proud of his porky favour soup.mlynn finally get to taste the Korean kimchi but pity yy, she didn't eat much food.
Then, we went back to SiewHui's house again after the meal because we gonna have a "farewell ceremony" for him. And, we actually wanted to make him feel touched and cry by forcing him to give out his last "speech" before we say goodbye to him. But we failed somehow.

he was laughing at the tempurung-ies card.

Of course everything won't end just like that, we still want to play poker game.(p/s: no money involved)
We played Indian Poker.
It was an awesome game i can say and we laugh non stop.hahaha


*I've made him a card that filled with lots of joy and memory from all of us.

Take care, Siew Hui!!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Actually, i was thinking whether i should update a blog post before I back to hometown.
So yea, I'm here.
Gonna attend a farewell dinner for Mr. Daniel LSH together with the tempurung-ies in about few hours time. And, my parent already went back to pick up my 2nd sis who is in Malacca for practical. So basically, I've to drive back to Tampin tomorrow to meet up with my family.haha.And..and, Mr.Bobby is following us me too..
We have lots of happening on this Chinese New Year, haha, you know what??We gonna celebrate gong gong's (Grandpa) 80th birthday and lots of relatives and friends from all over the place are coming..woohoo..Even my Taiwanese uncle and aunt are coming back and same goes with the cousin brother who is currently working at Abu Dhabi-Dubai.

Mind if i upload some of the pictures here??haha..

Followed parents to have Dim Sum on last weekend..


Dad's taking order

Basically the chef will cook upon request form you ;)

Dim Sum

Abalone noodles
Pork noodles. Ichiban

Steamed shanghai dumpling. nononoum...
Pran dumpling with mayonnaise

Happy Chinese New Year !!!
Have a safe journey to those who are driving home =)

gonna have Reunion dinner tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Lunch Box"

Presented by Mun Yee and group ( Comm 299 the Movies)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Second baking

(Though the food might looks very tempting


actually there are TASTELESS)


Is a Failure : )

p/s : mLynn, Yit Yee, SzeLing, I'm afraid you all have to wait for the next baking : ) haha..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lots of interesting food posts had been procrastinating since last year. And the following one's will be another outdated post from last year, October if I'm not mistaken : )
As i browse through those older posts, i just realized that I've not blog much about me and my family recently and in fact they are actually the one whom I spend most of the time with : )
So, perhaps this is the time for me to introduce my family to all of you and meanwhile I can bring you to travel around to "cari makan" . So does this sounds great to you??haha.
For parents 27th wedding anniversary which was last year, we went to Cheers Palace to celebrate : )

"Tai Xin Ban"(fish name) and is very x 3 expensive

Family I

Done with the anniversary dinner and here comes with my parents' birthday.
And, did you know that my mom's birthday actually falls on 10/10 and my dad's birthday is on 12/12.Yea, double ten and double twelve, is very easy for me to remember their birthday instead of remembering my siblings' plus bobby's birthday.haha. Last year, we had a dinner at Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant for mom's birthday. As usual, we invited all the relatives to come and celebrate : )

Karaoke session.haha.

And, as for dad's birthday, we had an simple dinner at Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant.

Few more pictures to go before I've complete all my procrastinated post from last year ; )
Sorry sorry, and please bear with me for a little while okay?

yea, that's my birthday cake and dinner.

Okay, that's the end of it and no more outdated post from last year.haha. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy reading it. Hugs!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

You know what??? Monday is a movie day to me. Basically i will watch at least a movie in a week because that's the only source of entertainment i have besides stoning myself in front of the computer for 3hours long which i think it's a waste of time ; ) Overall, I've watched 4movies in the month of January and I'm still counting.

So, i watched tooth fairy on Monday: )
At night, went over to Mushroom Daniel's house for dinner and fellowship as well : )

Mushroom 1 Chef Paul

Mushroom 2 Chef Daniel

See, what an abundance meal we had. A total of 7dishes and 1 dessert.

YitYee, the Super Girl..
On Wednesday night, I told yit yee that i wanted to copy the Korean Drama from her when i meet her someday. And, supposedly she wants to over and get my pen drive the next day but I was afraid that this is gonna trouble her so i just tell her that i will wait for next time.

And you know what happen on the next day?? I saw the *surprise* on the table once i got home from class. And, i knew it must be from yit yee : )
No doubt, she saved the whole drama series for me and also she has made me a super junior bookmark too. And, i like it very very much!!!

I truly appreciate it and Thank You Yit Yee : D