Friday, July 31, 2009

It's you, Super Junior

oh god, I'm still having flu+cough and it has already been a week. Yet, I'm not fully recovered.
so, Mr. Flu, please keep me far far away from you. I don't want to get H1N1 or else i have to be quarantine and my Bangkok trip will be ruin at the same time : (

Seriously tuning into sorry sorry- Super Junior this time : (

Went 3k to swim this morning and i saw all experts already in the pool ; )
As usual, i just lingered at the side of the pool with my friend till all the experts went off only we started to swim as far as we can. While in the pool, we were deciding where to have our lunch : ) Little Taiwan, A&W or Taipan??

Grand Garden Steamboat (Taipan)- A Japanese Style Steamboat Restaurant
No food on the belt??Come at night la..
haha..we are actually their 1st customer

**Since buffet is not available in the afternoon so we ordered two lunch sets.Extra spicy soup


Beef : ) 1st time trying.

might come again on Monday or Wednesday.cause the lady boss told that every Monday(student night) and Wednesday(laddies night) they will charge only RM23 for buffet..

Thursday, July 30, 2009


OMG...Since yesterday, i played for these two songs non-stop and i don't know how many times I've repeated and re-watched the MV.
Oh no, I think I'm really addicted to SUPER JUNIOR..

Sometimes I'll get bored with holiday.
More than half of my course mates are still having exam till this Friday.yet, I'm the only one who finished my exam so early and i couldn't ask them out for a drink cause they need to study for their papers and since i don't know how to spend my time , so i decided to linger at college this morning : )
Then, took lunch with sister at Thai food center instead of shabu-shabu.ordered" Tom Yam Lai Fan".taste 101% delicious and everyone say so : )

~off to pyramid

MUST Watch this video. It's super junior!!!
*Thumbs up* for them
Perfect : )
tuning into : sorry sorry-Super Junior

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hey dude, Happy Holiday

where's my holiday's plan???
Thailand?? Pulau Lang Tengah??

have been burning the midnight oil for the pass few days and eventually it has come to the end. So, I'm gonna enjoy my holiday with all my heart. HOLIDAY.HOLIDAY.I LOVE HOLIDAY!!!

Alright, back to Saturday's post.
Dinner with a cousin brother who came back from Abu Dhabi( Dubai). Before we go for the dinner, we actually make a tour to his new home which was located at putra height ; )

My future home ; )

since he haven got the key, so the only thing we can do is to OBSERVE through the window.

headed to ss15 for our dinner.lots of food cousin brother had ordered for us.Good Food : )
cousin brother(checker shirt) and her girlfriend. Arab Saudi, really a rich country. cousin brother told us that in Abu Dhabi , they don't have to pay for their electrical and water bills at all.

Fried prawn with spicy sauce
chicken wine??whatever.
soup,steam fish,vege, venison(deer)..

**owh, my dear!! he has finally updated his blog. Love Lollipop.

Monday, July 27, 2009

DiGi Speak Up Malaysia

Stop Animal Cruelty

It's pretty sad to see animals being abuse by the some of the irresponsible people. I don't understand why they could be so mean to the animals. Do they have better things to do rather than abusing animals ? Perhaps, they have forgotten that animals do have their rights too. So, please treat animals like how you treat your loves one and stop animal cruelty.

DiGi always the smarter choice
For more info please visit DiGi

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back to Kemahiran Hidup Class : )

I was helping dad to fix the new clothes stand under the hot sun.
ailin, you're not supposed to be in the pic okay..


**lesson learnt- How to fix a clothes stand : )

Friday, July 24, 2009

mweo-hae-yo??( What are you doing?)
Attended Korean language class this afternoon
I think, I'm the worst student ever in the class.hardly understand. However, I'll try my best to improve my Korean language.

Alright, talking about the movie, i think we did a great job.Absolute work!!When the movie was being played in front of the class, i felt tons of emotion and i was quite amaze that each and every group managed to produce such a good quality movie. Although it is only a 5minutes movie, somehow it is not an easy job as what the movie has shown.However, the hard work and effort that we put in is actually far worth than that. Glad that i have a wonderful teammates and classmates too. And yeah, our class actually produced two horror movies, one comedy and for my i think.. : )
Qualities ^_^

might not upload the movie here, cause it takes lots of time : (
Maybe in Facebook ; )

**I'll enjoy my holiday kau kau!!!

p/s: Badminton with handsome guy tomorrow : )

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Tuesday, which means the flasher will appears at the bridge as usual. Anyhow, we choose to cross the busy road instead of using the "safety bridge" : )

Did my HRM presentation this afternoon.pretty well we presented if compared to last time. simple yet informative. Unlike one of the group, they actually spent 45minutes on their presentation yet they only have two group mates.Argh..
Anyway, it's gonna be our last class for the month cause semester break is just around the corner : )

Alright, as i promised that i will update about my 1 day trip in Kuala Selangor. yea, so here you go....
Location: Malawati Hill
**Ticket(Train) : RM2 (adult) RM1 (Children)

** you may choose either to take the train or walk up to the hill.

Daddy & Mom

Lovely grandparents and sis


A place for sighting of the " NEW Moon". Is actually to determine the date of the fasting month of Ramadan, Hari Raya Haji, Syawal.

saw that WELL??called the " poisoned well" that contains poison form a mixture of latex and itchy bamboo shoots and heard that it is a place to torture traitors for the past century.Royal burial ground for the 3 graves of Sultan Selangor in 1778-1857

Alrite, is feeding time..
beware of these monkeys..cause once they saw you folding the foods, they will go after you. so, better hide the food inside your pocket otherwise....

*click to enlarge*

Protecting the baby monkey

how dare you climb up to daddy's pants

greedy not enough?

Monday, July 20, 2009

A HaPpy FamiLy Day

Date: 19.7.2009
Place: Restoran Makanan Laut Jeti, Kuala Selangor.

Sungai Kuala Selangor

Keropok Udang, RM6

sis ( future nurse) & me


Tom Yam* Prawn*


Fried Squid

A hammer, to break the crab shell.

: )

**coming up next : Taman Melawati, Kuala Selangor.
huiTheng really enjoyed her weekends : )

At last, i give up the Bon Odori's festival and go to the IYF's gathering with friends.
It was a BBQ party last week, however this week they taught us how to make Korean's Kingdom Food.

Chef's assistants

myee, be careful...Don't play with the knife : )


Chef from Korea

" Kingdom Food" recall back t the drama" Goong"
slurp...A sumptuous meal

Just wrap it!!

Kim-chi noodles. spicy but delicious.

Princess Saya


discussing where to go~~

yea, soccer in the dark.

Kids at the playground

**Foong ling's phone was stolen by a malay kid. Somehow, she managed to get back her LG phone after confronting with the kid for 20minutes ; )

reached home exactly 11.40pm. Then, waited for my friends to come and I'm OUT for a Karaoke section.
We had a hyper singer that really boost up the atmosphere throughout the night. we scream,we shout, we sing, we laugh. At the end of the day, i had a throaty voice.

At Century
a touch screen monitor for us to select song.

reached home at 3.30Am.*dead sleep*

**coming up next - Kuala Selangor 1 day trip!!