Monday, November 30, 2009

I hate U, stupid Mouse.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Post requested by Ms.WongHsiaoLing : )
Title : HsiaoLing's 21st Birthday
Date: 13 Nonember 2009
Venue: Tokyo G, Pyramid
Dress code: sleeveless (Only applicable to HsiaoLing)

Tokyo G

A sumptuous meal

HsiaoLing, The Birthday Girl

Thursday, November 19, 2009

SELANGOR SHOOTING ASSOCIATIONWell, if I'm not up with something, I'll probably spend my free time at this recreation place with few of my close friends.
Perhaps, you guys will be wondering what is so unique about this club house that I've been mentioning all this while. As everyone knows, it has swimming pools, playground,tennis courts, squash courts and badminton courts. And, of course there is also a gymnasium for the members to work out too : )

However, the main attraction of this club house is not just the recreational facilities that they provided BUT is the SHOOTING range instead. And, one good things about this shooting place is that, they actually have several types of shooting range such as 10m and 50m Air Pistol& Air Rifle, 25m Pistol/Revolver, Skeet, Trap&Double Trap for the members to practice it. Thus, this will definitely be an exhilarating excitement for me and as well as the shooters :)

For more details please log on to






Menu of the day

Spaghetti Carbonara

Saturday, November 14, 2009

OMG....This is ONLY the 4th post of the month..
oh man..what have i done to my blog?????

BLOG NOT UPDATED and my readers have dropped tremendously

I sincerely apologize for those who follow my blog that often and do give me some time i will try my best to entertain you with my upcoming food post
please don't give up on me k!!!

Anyway, it's gonna be a short and simple post for this time.

Mint Humbugs
from Harrods Knightsbridge, London

A souvenir brought by our beloved law lecturer -Mr.Chong who had came back from UK two weeks ago. Talking about the law assignment that i did few weeks ago, i actually have got back the marks : )
Anyway, I'm quite happy with the marks i scored though it was just so sO


HuiTheng's recomendation on food ;

迷你太子挞 ( Prince tart) at Taman Seri Muda

Besides mini egg tarts they do sell mini tuna tarts, mini cocnut tarts too..


See you guys in next post : )

p/s: Chingu means "friends" (Korean language)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Korean Class + Phobia 2

Korean Class was canceled at the very last minute : ( Again, i missed the three Korean guys.
Since, we got noting to do, myee and sJiun suggested to watch PHOBIA 2. To me HOrroR movie is like a big NO and frankly speaking i seldom watch horror movie unless someone really persuaded me to : )
Without any good reason to stay away from this horror movie,eventually i followed them.

And, surprisingly Phobia 2 wasn't that horror as what mYee had just seen in the trailer especially at the last part of the story that really "blew us" away ; ) haha...

Anyway, it's still a good movie i can say.

Basically, the second part of the post is about FOOD. So, the menu of the day is .........

Pudu famous "Curry Zhu Cheong Fun"

Yup. This curry Zhu Cheong Fun is definitely not like the Zhu Cheong Fun where you can actually buy it at the petaling street though it's also famous for the Zhu Cheong Fun with chili sauce, sweet sauce and mushroom sauce. However, this Pudu Zhu Cheong Fun is famous for its curry sauce and so by noon, their Curry Zhu Cheong already selling out. Let's have a try!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Accounting quiz tomorrow?!..X@#%
PeiFern and CheeWei, I seriously need your help!!!!
: (

say NO to accounting but YES to quantitative : )

Monday, November 2, 2009

Delayed two most important+ interesting posts and finally one of the post is UP : )

**This post might be a little boring to you as two of my buddies have already blog about it. But who knows, you may want to recall it back again??
Of course, feel free to drop any comment : )

ShangShi's 21st Birthday Blast
So, the first thing that came into our mind is to give him a big big surprise yet memorable birthday blast and of course not forgetting to get him a birthday cake.
No doubt.we got him a birthday cake and we(kenny,mLynn,yit yee and myself) designed the cake.

*click to enlarge*
As the plan goes, we told shangShi that we gonna bring him to a "special place" to celebrate his birthday then we blindfolded him. Yet, the "ultimate plan" has just only began....haha...we do have lots of fun with him...
*click to enlarge*

*click to enlarge*

Again, we blindfolded him : )
make him like a snowball*snowball*snow snowball..we whispered among ourselves

A snowman

My tempurung kaki(Kenny,Jman, sHui,sShi,yYee,mLynn)
wailoOng belum datang lagi, munLok at Singapore, huiThenG, as their photographer : )

shangShi transformed into a snowman : )

For a better and a longer version you may click on facebook


There's a second part of shangShi birthday blast which i think you'll find it more interesting
~Steamboat time~

Honey fried chickens..Any idea for this steamboat restaurant???
: )
Nerh...they are very famous with the chicken wings and everyone who been there sure will fight for the chickens!!!
Perhaps you got it right!!
Yuen Steamboat Restaurant


Just for fun : )

Group photo(From yy).
Jman and munLok, both not with us :(

Last but not least,
let this "Fight for yuen's chicken wings video" to cheer you up!!