Monday, September 29, 2008

All about FOOD~~

vegetarian food @ Lavender restaurant during nephew's full moon celebration(buffet style) :-)
home-made western food

sushi!!my favourite food (0_0)

Jumbo sausage from Jusco

Cup cakes baked by man yee!! Delicious!!
muffin by Aunty donut

birthday present for mummy!!

daddy brought a Nokia 7210 supernova and a RADO watch that costs RM16OO++ for my mom as her birthday present which is on 10th October.XD and we'll be going to Colmar Troplicale, Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia this coming Wednesday.hoho..

RADO from Switzerland(ignore the paper bag behide)

owh ya..actually dad wanted to buy me a Levis jeans which cost RM 259 for me but i rejected it.(i know you will say I'm very stupid but i just feel that this is not the right time and also I'm not in the mood of buying anything since I had lost my ring)
anyway, dad promise to buy me a silver ring next week.*twink*

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Out of luck!!

Shit!! Hui theng is in a bad mood today!! xxxx off !!
I lost my ring.. I really have no idea where did I ring has been stolen by some rascal or maybe I accidentally drop it on the road side when I was rushing to have my supper yesterday!!
feel like chopping off my right hand..cause still feeling cramped. maybe I’m playing too hard yesterday!!eventually, i 'm using my left hand to hold the chopstick when I was eating “bak kut teh” just now!!so sucks~~~ I’m like a handicap fellow..
I think I’m gonna screwed-up my x-colleague if I meet her one day. Really wasting my whole day just to wait for her xxxx-ing phone call yet no reply.babi get lost!!Don’t ever call me again, I won’t pick up any of your calls! (mark my words)

Friday, September 26, 2008

26th September is my lucky day XD love you!!

yes, it is!!!
a lots of wonderfull things happened to me today!unfortunately, my right hand was seriously cramped after playing badminton..and I'm actually using my left hand to type this post..

it's so weird n uncomfortable for me to type this post using left hand :( frigging slow, i typed!!

you're my lucky star, babe!!
urban groove dance network

omg,suddenly so eager to continue my dance lesson..i shouldn't have stop learning just because i was too concerned about my stpm exam.and by hope i could have more time to concentrate on my studies and score flying colour in the exam..anywhere, by the end of the day i failed to accomplish.tremendous of disappointment and regret i am feeling right now!!

to bobby,
we really respect you maN!!!!:-)

to max,
we know you're a good break dancer and a responsible dance teacher..but sometimes you're too fierce to us..xpthanks for the teaching!!

to eddie,
sorry, for we 're not serious when you're teaching us..
i felt kind of guilty now..tell you a secret-you're the only one that we treated you as our friend not a teacher..anyway, thank alot!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fated to love you,

Saturday, September 20, 2008


went movie with friends late at the night yesterday to watch "pathology"..euh~~so bloody disgusting..thank god.i managed to watch it until end of the show.. i really scare watching those disgusting and horror movie..for your information, the only horror movie that I've watch in my whole life were " The EYE" and "shutter"..

anywhere, pathology is another disgusting movie for me larh and i cant imagine that we were watching it late at the a breakthrough for me!!!XD..seriously, after watching this show i think i will have no more fear to watch any horror movie..lolx!!!

Taylor's charity moon cake festival really disappointed us :(

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

because of you!!!i fell~
i chased after you just to safe you from know, because of you, i ran barefoot on the road and fell in front of passerby..

YES, is YOU!!!



Don't try to hide!!I've caught you!!

Hurt so bad!! :(

my dog smuggled out from the house when dad was opened the auto gate!! it so happened that there were two malay girls pass by my house, and my dog chased+barked after them and he was ready to attack both of them just for the sake of FUN!!yes, he matter who pass by our house, he will bark like nobody business!! further, both of them were malay and that's why i'm worry about, so i quickly ran out of the house just to chase back my dog!!lolx..and i fell~xxxx

thank god.i managed to catch him before he attacks the malays!!

anywhere, i believe that " barking dogs seldom bite" !! XD

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Love is under the sky!!babe
i started to have this kind of "love" feeling since the fortuitious meeting with him on 某年某月某一天!!i just feel exactly when i was first awakening of love----euh!!sounds like so sickeningly disgusting..maN!!he is sOoo damn gentleman.serious, i'm not bragging ..omg, he really melts my heart!!
i am wondering isn't because of my soul has been voided for so long and maybe is time to be refill.somehow, he just appear right in front of my eye!!gerh--okay, huitheng!come back come back!!
well, well well..maybe it was just my hallucination for being so emptiness for the past "century".........x100 times i told myself!!
wish me luck!!XD
what kind of management is this??
totally abysmal ;(

recently, segi college had set a new rules that students are not allowed to dress skimpily to college( no short pants,no slipper, no sleeveless) and its apply to male and female as well.
i met a librarian yesterday and he was so damn annoying..he stopped me from entering into the library just because my jeans wasn't long enough to reach the ankle ..hey come jean is above the knee OKAY and it already been stated there that only those who wear sleeveless,short pants,short skirt, slipper are restricted to enter the library.. i really have no idea how do they differentiate between skirt and short skirt, pants and short pants!!lolx.crap..they allow skirt but don't allow "short" skirt! OKAY,fine with that.what about "short pants" and "hot pants"??what is this about??if the pants is below the knee level then should be alright!!BUT--------(shrug my shoulder)*sigh*
i don't bother to enter the library anymore..even seafield's library is much better than segi's one.. oh ya..last but not least, the management of the college even enforce all the students to wear our students tag whenever we are in the school compound..nonsense!!!who really cares about this??frankly, i hardly see any students who is wearing the tag and walk around lor.i'll definitely ignore these kind of absurd rules which are set by the management of segi college..shit!! really causing me much perplex!!get loss------XXXXX

p/s: another pair of new shoes where i brought from time square already shown the sign of going to be worn-out!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

daddy i'm proud of you maN~~


my dad did car wash for whole day!!5 car in a row.two of my dad, 1 of mom, sister and mine as's not simple like just splash the water and thats dad really take it serious..he clean and vacuum every single part of the car even the engine too- until spotless!!! as i said to my mom earlier, that's the worst things to have so many cars in the house!!for the past three months, i will wash my car at least once in a week but nowadays i'm kind of lazy so i just wash them once in a blue moon.and you know, i supposed to wash my reddish mini-copper(kancil la but i assumed it as mini-cooper-sounds better) this afternoon.somehow, i was kind of drowsy at the time cause i just woke up from my lovely the end of the day, my dad helps me to wash the car also..thanks daddy!!

Anywhere,the scorcher afternoon suddenly become a overcast sky just right after my dad had finished washing my kancil!!raining maN!!lolx..all the hard work has been destroyed by just little drop of rain water from the SKY!!!what the-----

Sunday, September 14, 2008

mooncake festival celebration at yit yee's house

went yit yee house to celebrate mid-autumn festival..well, this will the 2nd time we have this celebration at her huge bungalow since last year
Ken and friends were actually playing monopoly meanwhile me, lynn, jman were gossiping among each other's stuff.lolx. and we also had our "bukit Rimau lantern walk" as usual!!
thank you yit yee for your invitation and also the gift that you've made for us..i really really appreciate it!!!

preparing ourself for the " Lantern Walk" at bukit rimau

thank you yit yee!!

i prefer a lantern walk rather than just sitting down and enjoy the glorious full moon~~

wish me "happy zhong qiu jie" XD

Friday, September 12, 2008

~Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival~
*HAPPY mooncake festival*

~thursday night
had barbecue at chee wei's house..we grilled lots of chicken wings and sausages with our own "secret recipe"..the taste not bad ler!!almost reach the standard like those chicken wings hawker at kopitiam..Late at the night, whole bunch of friends went for a "LANTERN WALK".haha..can u image a bunch of college students were holding a lantern and go for lantern walk~~well it's pretty fuN to have this walk and it actually helps me to recall my childhood's memories!!
20 years i have been living in the earth, until tonight only i knew what exactly was the legend of mooncake~~
(-_-")i felt very ashamed with my ignorant of chinese histories.. for the past 20 years of my life, the 1st things that came to my mind when mooncake festival,it will always be the " chang er" story and i often neglected the presents of mooncake..i don't bother to know what is the origin of development of mooncake..for me mooncake is same like the moon-both are similar..well, ACTUALLY it is not just simple as what i 've been thought of..maybe i should go for a "china historical class"!!what the ~~~

mooncakes by Great Eastern

why are we keep CHANGING??Puzzleheaded

i'm confused!! should be "WE" are confused..why are we keep changing the "XXnue"??why can't we just deal with the original plan.. (sorry that i couldn't tell the specific word because padma want us to keep as a secret before we make a final decision) from the 1st meeting until today's meeting, we are still changing non-stop..just simply because the sponsorship team is not working..and it's remind me about this song: keep changing(bleeding), keep keep changing(bleeding) plan(love).by is hard for us to work on with our plan if things still not being settled people please make an effort to make the event a success!! motto: if we think we can, WE CAN!!cheer~~~

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

got a part time job!!! will be working on this friday and just for 7hours then i can earn RM100..that's alot maN..thanks to my dear friend who introduce such a high wages job for me!!!Anyhow, i just work only for one bloody day otherwise i can earn even more$$!!
went for an interview in this afternoon at domino piZZa as a operator!!haha..rm 6 per hour if work during raya week!!!of course, i took this reasonable offer!!so, i will only work for that particular week and after the raya i will slip away as fast as i can!!cause they will descend the wages to about rm3 per hour!!and that doesn't seem to satisfied my need.

MOney is everything maN~~

another pair of shoe been spoilt! 3+1 = 4pairs

i have been called by the name of " typical shoe destroyer" since this is already the fourth pairs shoes had been spoilt beneath my sole! in fact, is the poor quaility of the shoes had cause me being a scapegoat.nowadays, the manufactory really scamp in their work just like doing jerry-bulid and produce such lousy and unqualified products to consumers!! experiment has been proven that nowadays life span of a shoe will not last longer than 2 month!!that's true, and i'm one of the best example you can see!!

i went to this "calvary carvinal" on last saturday. on the way back to the park car, one side of my sandal was spoilt!!so i'm force to walk fareboot on the rocky road and still was drizzing at that time!!actually before i went off,my mom reminded me to keep an extra pair of shoe in my car just in case i "broke" my shoe..i thought that will never happen unfortunately, it really happened on that day!! i failed myself to enjoy in that wonderfull carnival!!it's like a fly in the ointment~~(+_+)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

strive against the RIGHT!?

to: " season" and " garland"
don't shirk the responsibilty towards my group and stop blaming on us for not started anything. in fact, you are the one who is not working effectively!!
so, just shut your annoyance mouth and your vacant proposal!!
Frankly, it is really a hardship for us to work with such a degrading team!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

lamp fell off
Hey people. Finally I am in the mood of blogging.. Before this I was struggling with the school stuff ~~ and it makes me feel so sick about it ~ what the XXXX!!
Anyhow, the spirit of blogging is coming back (swt)

There was a terrible incident happened yesterday in my living room. A lamp fell off yesterday when my dad was trying to fix it with the new one. Thank god no one is injure including my bobby doy (oh man! Finally I am praising my god for his protection against us)! The lamp broke into tiny piece and obviously the mercury power were spread out all around the living hall and I am force to clean the whole living hall just in case any one of us get “hurt” by those unfamiliar chemical substances !!wtf. Almost three hours I’ve been cleaning the living hall with dad and mom!!so damn tiring!! Flawed lamp spoilt my night!!!