Tuesday, June 29, 2010

>Stupid me<

Monday blues...I think is true!!!
I accidentally wore my pants upside down.
Stop laughing okay!!! >_<"

Woke up at 7.30am this morning and waited for szeLing to come so that we can be the early bird to get the gym pass from Segi. As i know, szeLing is really punctual so if she says to meet us at 8am that means she'll be there as early as 7.40am. To avoid being late again, i tried to get myself "well-prepared" as soon before she arrived : )

Without knowing that the gym pass already been taken for renew and we actually walked college. " I think it is okay, cause we can try using our ID to get inside the fitness centre. and maybe it works" szeLing told me. Bu still, we are not allowed to get inside the fitness center and so we both decided to take breakfast together with hsiaoling at My kopitiam,Taipan.

Found a table and we ordered some drinks. Then, i feel like putting my car key and mobile phone inside my pocket. But something went wrong, I think..huh??how come i can't reach my right pocket.. Ok..ok fine, so i try to grab another side of my pocket maybe there's a pocket here.Shit, no pocket on left side also. It cannot be ler..Then, i looked down at pants ..This is seriously "OH MY GOD" , i shouted in my heart!!!How silly am I to wear my pants upside down for the entire morning .Yet, i didn't realized it!!!wth...I told my friends about it and they both laughed at me..lolx..
No wonder i can't reach my pocket la ; (

Monday, June 28, 2010

Gang Fight Meeting

Dinner with the usual gang and it was at Restaurant Boson Baru, Klang for this time : )
The poor ShangShi print out a not-so-detailed map and so they ended up calling for rescuer and eventually they managed to meet up with us just on time.

Thanks god it was on the weekdays and Boston wasn't so packed ot
herwise we'll have to wait for at least an hour for the food to be served. Yet, i think it is worth it because they serve luscious taste of food . I personally like the luscious taste of Nestum Hei Ko so so much and though the steam lala was a little spicy to me but it won't stop me from tasting it.Right, right??? **High5**

source: littleshining star

Then, we all set for a movie at Aeon Bukit Tinggi after the meal. 10.45pm, Knight and day and looking at the time, i guess we should be able to be there just in time. Uunfortunately, we got into the wrong entrance- Emergency Door and without knowing all the doors have already been locked.

First floor
..... second floor...... then we climbed up to third floor again..
hmm..so weird??There's no way for us to escape and it seems like all the doors are being locked.

Out of curiosity, yityee tried to push one of the door and accidentally caused the alarm activated. Yet, we pretended is not our fault and continued climbing up another two floors!!! Eventually, we went down again and try to look for a correct route!!!

Obviously, we were late for the movie and so yit yee asked
why not we watch "FROZEN" instead of getting into a late movie. Plus, the Frozen looks really terrifying from the banner. So....................

It's Fro...zen that we choose ; }

Stepped into the cinema exactly 11.30pm and when we looked around the whole cinema box and it was so empty.Then, we spotted the two empty rows of couple seats..haha..Without any hesitation, 7 of us hopped over to the couple seats.

Well, the movie wasn't that "bad" after all, thought there's only 3 characters involved and almost 80% of the scenes were taken at the same spot ; )

Basically, mLynn is like a narrator where she whisper beside me and telling me what will happen on the next scene. It's accurate!!!haha..Meanwhile, yit yee and Kenny were laughing behind..maybe they get too excited when looking at the disgusting scene..lolx..Anyway, I'd laugh too cause it's lame : )

So if you ask me whether is it a happy ending or sad ending???Well..i don't know either : )

Dead sleep after I reached home ; )

**Thanks, yityee for the pictures ya!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Dumpling Festival (a.k.a Dragon Boat Festival)!!!


I'm not sure whether how many of you have heard/know about the legend of the dumpling festival.
My dad told me about it when i was young and my primary school teacher taught us the same story too. Well, that's the advantage for going to a Chinese school as we were able to learn the Chinese traditions, cultures and history. And, it's interesting : )

Dumpling festival is traditionally celebrate on fifth day of the fifth month on the Chinese Lunar Calender and basically it's to commemorate the death of a Chinese scholar, Qu Yuan. However, Qu Yuan drowned himself into the Milo River in order to protest against injustice and corruption . People wanted to save Qu Yuan's body from being eaten by the fish so they threw the rice dumplings into the river and started to beat the gongs and drums. And, this is how Dragon Boat Festival/Dumpling Festival was began : )

By the way, I'll be having a reunion dinner for this Dumpling Festival at gradpa house later.

Enjoy ya ; )

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm not an athletic : ) Yet, i love sports

MPSJ 10km run 2010

Well, I ran for the MPSJ 10km run with my family and I was forced to go by the way : (
Luckily, mom registered my name under "Fun Run" category which is only 3km NOT 10km. But yet, this 3km run is killing me as i had a bad stamina : (
Even my parent were running far ahead than me and they were seated at the finish point steadily while waiting for my arrival. But cool one , I had fun "jogging" together with "Justin Bieber"&"Super Junior" and left HuiWen behind running alone. Hey, I'm fast okay!!
Also, i saw my elder sister on the other track and she still have 7km to go yet I'm almost reaching at the finish point.So, if i were to prepare a wining list for my family, then my mom & dad were at the first place, me-2nd, HuiWen- 3rd and HuiLin- 4th, AiLin- (Tidak hadir)

couple shirt..lolx..everyone has the same shirt..haha
And, dad has a breathe right stick on his noise)

1st,2nd and 3rd for 10km Men Open won by Indians : )

soccer kids.

owh, maybe you'll like this : )

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yo..Yo..It's the karate kid!!!

And yeah,
the kung fu kinda thing : )

I've watched it today. The movie was freaking awesome and the ending part is the one that I'm waiting for..I know it's sound ridiculous if i said it out but who cares right?? But frankly, part of it was because of the ending song that makes me to watch stay till the end of the show.lolx.
Never say neve
r by my favorite singer-Justin Bieber ft Jaden Smith(Dre Packer in The karate Kid)

But friends, this movie is really great!! I enjoyed it and I'm sure you'll like it too.

Jaden Smith & Jakie Chan

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Great time. Great day. Great people.

: )

Taiping lake

Basically, the whole week has been so GREAT simply because I got my guitar TUNED and so I'm able to practice Justin Bieber's One Time & Baby...

I don't play music but i do have a guitar at home. I used to practice it on my own and although my guitar skill was just "okay" but at least it's "cukup makan" and as you know, i was once a guitarist in my youth service. But that was the past and frankly i didn't practice it for such a long time as my guitar was already out of tune plus I don't feel like playing guitar anymore.

However, things has changed till i met Justin Bieber on Youtube where he was performing one time with guitar. And i was so impressed by the passion and attitude that he has in all his performances and music, it's like wow, awesome things !!!!Unlike me, i always do things by halves : (
But wait, I'll never say never to make a change in me and now I'm working hard on his One Time & Baby.haha. Once I'm ready, I'll definitely share with you guys!!! Wish me luck ya!!!

Never say never ; )

**I'm following Justine Bieber's twitter too..cool~~~

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Let's take a break @ The Street Cafe

If you see such title like this, well I guess this is the right time for you to sit back and relax!! Come on, it's only the first week of new semester. Why so sullen?? We should enjoy okay~~~
Yea, spent a day with my favorite gang!!! My earlier plan was to go Daorea Korean BBQ but due to time constraint we dined at The Street Cafe. Well, it's a Korean-based restaurant too : )

The food that we ordered : )

Then, mLynn overwrite on someone's note and she wrote >> We were here!!haha..
**Thanks YY for the wonderful pictures!!!
>>>Facebook for more video and pictures of us ; )


I'ma tell you one time that Justin Bieber is my favourite singer!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

" Theng, tomorrow class at 8.30am..Must come kay!!!" Received a message from my course mate informing me about the class. Opps..This means my holiday has ended. But wait!!!I ain't ready to class and I haven finished watching my Phoenix's blood and I have not update a single post of my penang trip yet...
But still, my semester break was really substantial as I spent most of my time go traveling around and have fun!!!
Last Friday, I went mountain climbing with few of my friends. I was kinda vague as they told me to go for hiking and at first I thought it could be something like jungle trekking. In fact, it was a mountain climbing at Crystal Mountain (Wangsa Maju). Anyway, we didn't made up to the top of the mountain since some of us already exhausted half way through the path.. Frankly, this is much tougher and challenging compare to jungle trekking where you need to have lots of strength and a good stamina in order to climb up the mountain. And, we have to be very extremely cautions while climbing the rock because once you stumble, then bye bye to you!!!

Though the journey was tiring but it's worth it once you get to view such a beautiful scenery of the lake from the top of the mountain..It's just like a paradise!!PARADISE!!!!
( **Too bad too sad, i didn't bring my camera -_-")