Sunday, November 30, 2008

hey buddies~~hui theng is back!!!

3weeks at padini and that's about it!!!


cause dad has been complaining about my studies everytime when he picked me up!!just because of one simple reason-he doesn't allowed me to work until i have my term finally i listened to his advise by informing my colleague about my resignation with only one day notice!!!it is reluctant for me to leave this wonderful place since my best and funniest colleagues were all there.we laugh, gossiping, and talking nonsense whenever we free and we are like a big happy family even thou i've been in and out few times to padini. Now, i withdraw myself from being a member of the big family!!!

*anyhow, hui theng has no regret to work with the two charming and handsome guys during jcard day--ferrdie and jeff!!!

always on my minD

Saturday, November 15, 2008

oh gosh~~just remember i have a few assignments to be completed before this monday..totally forget about it yet i'm still in the mood of blogging!!!shit..friend gave me a wrong information on the assignment..damn..useless punya friend and right now i'm suffering from a presentation and 3assignments together in one day where i don't even have time to touch on it yet.haha..thanks to the last minute inform--i'm dying SOON. anywhere,feel like skipping marco class tomolo.cause she's really bored and i have no interest on her teaching method..

currently,I worked as a part-timer at padini since they really lack of man power.

i'm fully employed!!!!!!!
Hui theng is burning the midnight oil~~~~~~~

Thursday, November 13, 2008

bloody slut, I.TSJ!!to be frank, i never admitted that you are belongs to my group from the beginning until the end of the semester.NEVER!!! okay so tell me how much or how well have you committed to the class or GMC??well i won't count on your weakness here because i know you already get what i mean!!!

moreover, you don't border to attend any of the meeting yet blame on us for not informing you.hey, come on poor lady, don't you know the shamefulness is actually reflected back to you when this word came out from your mouth..we told you to get things done, but you refused and even tried to shirk the responsibility to other.simply reason being, because you don't trust us enough(scare being cheated by us)!!!what a NONSENSE!!!i think you have chosen a wrong group to join cause for our group we actually need those who are really COOPERATIVE!!!oh ya,talking about cooperating issue, i think you should take note on mention in somewhere that cooperated to make things done and also about the team spirit thingy!!well, i think you are actually writing to yourself, and if not mistaken you said that we *ONE TEAM*ahem*but not cooperating with you. In fact, you are the one who against it!!!
furthermore, you always give lots of absurd reasons when we need your help!!!last minute says no transport(you are such a big liar)I'm sure you know how well can you act right!!!refused to cut alphabets,refused call embassy to make an appointment and also don't want to make a trip to embassy during the every 1st met with them.these are the simple things that we want you to do,but you failed to prove us that you are cooperative enough!!! we got fed up with all of your nonsense+ absurd excuses!!!stop being so paranoid of your surrounding them so that they will treat you well!!!

31 oct 2008 9.29pm
TSJ: wat time i need to reach ur house o u can take all.actually i no problem 1 just scare will late. how?
theng's reply:(told her what to do and buy since she volunteer to go tesco and buy sushi.
TSJ : ok!
TSJ : i don't have car to coll so i din have car to buy sushi, so u will drive right?
theng's reply : then ask your bf to pick you go.monologue-(WTF, she just agreed few minutes ago and now failed to keep the promise.ask your bf to go pick you since he so LOVE you-some more sleep together every night)
TSJ : now the problem is my bf car break down then he need to drive my car to after he fetch me to coll he oso rush to work.
theng's reply:speechless (monologue-excuse again!!!pics off)

latest message she sent to me since she requested the $$ report from me
TSJ: now is not the money problems..jst felt nonsense!!
theng's reply in monologue: you are the one who request a proper report of where we have spent with the $$ that we collected. i'm wondering why are you eager to get connected with us after knowing that we got some profits in hands???

p/s:the above dialog is exactly what she sent to me(no changes above 100% original typing)!!! for your information, i still keep those rubbish messages in my phone memory just in case she wants to argue!!!anyhow, i won't argue with this type of low-class person!!

*don't play us like a fool otherwise i will treat you like a jerk or even worst that!!
honestly, i dare to do anything which is out of my boundary if i really lost my mind..(somehow I'm not lunatic)no worries!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

had my religion test 9/10.peeped 1 answer from my friend.and finally mr.ari returned our mid-term paper since we have waited for a century!!!38/50 i got and after calculated my marks i found abit difficult for me to score an A in this subject. unless i gt 38/40 in my final exam. deep down in my heart i know it is IMPOSSIBLE!and for your information, in order for us to achieve an A we have to get at least 90% and above..marks below 70% consider fail!!!so, i'm thinking to pray harder to make sure that i can score at least 38/40 in my final!!!
*still in the stage of infant?!
p/s: will be going to s'pore on this coming Christmas!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

finally we managed to run the "Global Music Carnival" with a fantastic blast!!!congrats to everyone!!1st November exactly one week from today's date~~i still remember the night before this event get started, everyone of us really spent a long night in college just to decorate the stage and poor little Nicholas and victor were busy carrying the table for us and as well as the Pa team were there with us too!!! it was a beautiful scene where everyone were working so hard with the same mission-that is to make this event a success!!(even thou we encountered some quarrel among ourselves.)*ahem*

well, the concert actually starts at 6pm but we actually reached at the college 8 in the morning , ~~reason for that is because we have about 14 cultural booths to exhibit.i have no idea why padma wana make this at the same day with GMC!!!:<.anywhere, glad that i'm in japanese cutural cause we managed to get fully sponsored by the embassy of japan!!do you ever know how lucky are we to grab the opportunity to wear those traditional japanese costume which i think not much people have try that before in their life.i'm proud to say that we did!!!
Anyhow,i guess it was a wrong timing to set our cultural booths at the morning and i have to admit that everyone of us were extremely sad felt disappinted about that..since it was so empty(100% are actually segi's student)
thank god by the time of 6pm the crowd started!lots of performances we had..somehow,i'm too lazy to list them out!!!and the event end with a dance floor~~~blast!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

had my 1st formal presentation today~~phew!!!damn nervous at 1st but overall our group presented quite well!!lol~~whatever la..can be improve!!:>..well, next Monday will be my Marco presentation~~*ahem*to be frank, i have no idea what and how are we gonna present even thou we already got the title cause Andrew haven send a copy of the slide for us!!!
by the way, final is coming~~~in order for me to score well in my final, i shall start prepare now!!!bye bye!!!
steam ikan talapia-the most famous dish of their restaurant@ rawang(main branch)!!
a close view of the ikan talapia~~
5 ikan talapia we ordered!!
*not only our table but everyone does the same thing~~~
XD ordered to many talapia fish until the rest of the dishes have to overlap with other dishes~~

hey friends,i finally have the time to update my blog~since I'm freaking busy throughout the whole week!!
participated in this "big walk" thingy at padang timur last month ago!! lecturers actually force the whole ADP students to show MMHA a big big support by participating in the big walk event!!!i can say almost 1/3 of the participants are from segi college!!! XD
i was very impressed by a few skaters from segi college who actually lead us from the beginning until the end of the big walk event~~their attire were so cool& i wish i'm one of them altought i doesn't know how to skate. of course i know it is not an easy job to skate on the road which have lots of slope and roundabout along the way!!!glad that they have done a wonderfull job!!


after "big walk' dad brought us to "pertama" shopping complex to buy jean!!!!!i have not been to this shopping complex since i'm 14years old..nowadays,majority shops that available in this shopping complex were mobile shops and also shops which sell branded jeans such as Louis, Levi's, lee cooper etc!!

i found a little interesting of this shopping complex where they use token but not parking ticket !!!







Levi's jean