Sunday, November 30, 2008

hey buddies~~hui theng is back!!!

3weeks at padini and that's about it!!!


cause dad has been complaining about my studies everytime when he picked me up!!just because of one simple reason-he doesn't allowed me to work until i have my term finally i listened to his advise by informing my colleague about my resignation with only one day notice!!!it is reluctant for me to leave this wonderful place since my best and funniest colleagues were all there.we laugh, gossiping, and talking nonsense whenever we free and we are like a big happy family even thou i've been in and out few times to padini. Now, i withdraw myself from being a member of the big family!!!

*anyhow, hui theng has no regret to work with the two charming and handsome guys during jcard day--ferrdie and jeff!!!

always on my minD

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