Friday, August 29, 2008

hard Up :(

In the space-

I’m critically facing financial problem. I’m wondering how and where did I spent my $$. Allowance that dad usually give should be more than enough but I don’t why when came to this month it is different case.
Financial problem really causing me much trouble where I can only spend when it is necessary and my devilish mind will keep alerting me to spend spend sPEND. And I finally have the same feeling like those people encounter with financial problem!! Gosh~~

To make things easier, I take an oath truly from my heart. So, from now on I’m not gonna spend a single cent until end of next month. Deep down in my heart I know this is super hard for me and it sounds so absurd too. But, what can I do besides taking an oath .I can’t find any other solution to stop me from spending my pocket $$. I really try my best to keep me away form “social contact” which require $$. Due to this, I set a target for myself where I can only spend a maximum of rm20 until end of September. So, I will not go for shopping or movies within few weeks time. Of course, I know these will never works for me!! Just forget about it! Maybe I shall look for a part time job so that I can have extra $$ to spend. Haha.

Target to hit; ( not allow to spend more than a maximum of Rm20 from 30th August – 30 September)

-No outdoor activities for me
-No shopping(or even window shopping)and movies for me
-No buying mc.donald fries where I usually buy once in a week
-No lunch or dinner for me in school ( eat at home before going to class)
-Spending $$ is strongly restricted!!!

Back to the surface-

Yeah!! Our “global music carnival” confirm held in Stadium Bukit Jalil on 1st of November. Awesome!! is gonna be very grand and great fun course we will be inviting bands and singers from around the world(if possible lar.but no worries we’ll try our best)!!! Mr. francis told us that this will be one of the largest event which had never held by ADP students of Subang Segi College!! Everything is still in the progress and is working like a ranging fire!! I started to feel nervous ~~ freaking worry about the decoration part!! ahh-gosh!! Anywhere, please do come and join us and give us 100% support ya !! Will let your guys know more details when I get updated with the latest info!!tata..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I met an insolent promoter in time square on last Sunday. The promoter works in a shop named “SRS fashion”. Dull!! Don’t ever let me see your bloody face again, otherwise I will scrape your face on the rocky road

p/s : there are a few unknown branded shops also encounter with the same problem where their useless promoters treat foreigner and local customers badly!! Anyway, to make the “story” short I will only take the SRS ones as the useful “example”!!

We went into “SRS”, before that a mat salleh already came in and was actually choosing some suitable blouse for herself. Meanwhile, the f. looking promoter that I mentioned earlier was like a wood standing right in front of the mat salleh and the mat salleh didn’t bother about her and continue choosing her blouse. Well, it is a normal reaction that people use to compare a few blouse on their hand. I think the f. promoter was worried that the customer gonna mess up the blouse where already neatly folded on the desk so she came out with a rude tone and said to the mat salleh : sample is here! And also with her lanky finger pointed at the side where the blouses were all hanged there. walou!!so impolite. Once the mat salleh heard these she straight away throw those blouses on the desk and walked away. haha.. serve you right(I mean the f. promoter)

Then, is my mom turns to search for a suitable blouse for her own. Actually my mom already spotted a t-shirt earlier so she go take the size on her own yet the f .promoter repeated the same thing to my mom : sample is here!( mean she want us to look at the sample before we pick a size).okay, fine then my mom pretend to search at the sample area in order to fulfill the promoter satisfaction. wtf) At this time, a fat guy came in and the f .promoter starts to flirt with the fat you’re selling clothes not selling yourself at “chow kit road” okay! serve customer !! The responsibility of being a promoter is to serve customers not flirting with her big fat GUY. since she doesn’t allowed us to touch the bloody blouse so we order her to search the size for us. And, her face suddenly changed when we order her to look for a size.i glared at her.fuck off!!(opps. I break my promise that I will not post rude word in my blog) You’re the one who doesn’t let people touch the blouse so we order you to search for us lor. isn’t fair and square. She’s not just only rude but also indolent. Useless bitch. I don’t know whether did her fashion company set them a mission or vision where all staff and promoters have to put customers 1st and no matter how CUSTOMERS always RIGHT! Well, maybe she’s having pre-menstruation on that day or she just simply ignore it!! Unlike, the staff in Padini Concept Store. They are all well-trained with the company mission and vision in their head- caring from the heart, where customer is always right and put customers 1st!!

That’s why I hate to go KL just simply because KL people is not well- educated. I can’t imagine how do foreigners value KL citizens!!! In my opinion, KL is such a lousy and low-standard place to stay / live/ shop. Anyway, I'm so bloody glad that I am staying in SUBANG and shopping complex in Subang is way better than KL’s one even from the cleanliness itself!! , time square-sucks!! Not just only the workers are rude even the church members in KL also impolite to the innocent victim where I have seen it before!! I not meant only for KL but it is actually apply to everyone, everywhere around the world. No matter how, for me Malaysia is still the worse!! It will never change my mind!!

I swear that I will never go shop again at KL!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

tersalah makan wan tan mEE!!!

Wtf. I suffered from food poisoning after eating the f.wan tan mee as my lunch yestesday. Soon , I walked to college as usual. After a few hours listening to the lecturer’s grandmother story, I started to feel very uncomfortable and wanted to vomit. While, inside my heart I kept praying that I won’t vomit in the school. Just a few minutes later, the lecturer had set us “free’ so I quickly ran to the toilet and try to release it out as I could.. But thank god that I only vomited the gases out from my throat yet the dregs were still stubbornly staying in my bloody throat. Then, man yee asked me to go home earlier for a rest .Well, things was just happen once I stepped into my house where I starts vomiting non-stop in my bathroom. Damn!! it was very laborious for me to vomit the filthy dregs which so uncomfortably stuck inside my throat and I wanted to use my bloody finger dig it out as I could. Anywhere, the dregs were successfully released out from my throat. And as your information those dregs were actually consist of pork minced, noodles (f.wan tan mee) and also some non-fully digested rice.and I am not boasting those rubbish that I vomited can almost fill up a 500ml water bottle with some dregs floating on top. Yuacks~~

My sixth sense told me it was the wan tan mee fault then I told my mom about the noodle wasn’t clean enough but she said it was because my stomach is too empty where I straight away eat my lunch without taking breakfast. Fine, I couldn’t bother and took a lovely nap on the sofa. An hour later, I heard some noise from upstairs. you won’t know that my sister also suffered from food poisoning and now is her turn to vomit. See, I am right!! The wan tan mee is not clean!!! Mom should believe with my sixth sense!!don’t but the wan tan mee from that stall anymore!!! Anyway, I am okay now!!

Final decision- hui theng is not changing her major!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Someone has spoilt my day~ WTF

There is nothing interesting for me to blog about recently.well, I guess everything is back to normal. Nothing seems to intrude into my life and that’s why I started to feel a bit dull right now..oh ya..we gona have a “global music carnival” which will be held on 7th Novembrer by our ADP students..glad that I am part of it.. It’s gonna be super grand and still in progress!!
Went cinema with friends.we wactched "Met Dave"..and this will be the last time of the month i watch movie!i am not going anywhere untill i get my pay~~coz i have no cash to spend..sorry people!!
Hui theng is still dealing with the major thingy ~~~ which will be the correct pathway??

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to college ~~
i am pretty happy to know that man yee is taking the same course with my A and one C.not bad at least still score an A for the 1st semester.. Anyway, hope to do better in this coming semester..not sure whether should I take 5subjects or 6subjects.on the other hand, I am thinking to change my major to marketing and finance or finance and management..lolx why suddenly have to make so many decision..oh my god..please show me the right way ~ I am bloody confused~.. really hard for me to make a decision..

8more days to go for the Olympics to end. China confirm will be at the top 1..well, second place will be America and third will be Australia or maybe England..we will wait and see!!! Micheal phelps really a shark pool he won 8 gold medals with 7 world amazing. really respect him maN.Meanwhile, I am still reading “the five people you meet in heaven”..really interesting!!will be finish reading it by tomorrow..

Monday, August 18, 2008

12-21, 8-21, at least chong wei won a silver medal for the entire Malaysia!!better than nothing~~

Bloody Lin Dan won the match and he won a gold medal for his country..
Anyway, I am still very proud of Lee Chong Wei with his passion in badminton and also the spirit of courage playing in a stadium which full of thousand of people that only cheers for the stupid Lin Dan.. Even though chong wei was beaten by the bastard Lin Dan but he is still worthy to be praised..excellent-chong wei..of course I do agree that Lin Dan is a smart player as he likes to play with his own slyly skill like give a hard smash when chong wei fall..fuck off Lin Dan..i remembered the fucking face that you gave us when you lost to a Malaysia player in 2006(malaysia open badminton tournament in sarawak/sabah-don’t exactly remember)you won’t be the top forever coz I believe that someone gonna smack you down one day-LIN the time, I don’t think will be able to brace up..we will wait for the day to come!!

lin dan(with orange colour shirt) & our hero-Lee Chong Wei

photo taken in one of the badminton tournament held in malaysia(2006)that's where b.lin dan lost his match!!

Attention please:This will be the last post that using rude words to insult people.. I wana be polite!!lalala~~~

Sunday, August 17, 2008

flawed machine

I brought a new pair of slipper for myself. Well , this will be the 4th pairs of shoes that I am wearing ..haha..the previous pairs have been spoilt by my sole in 3months time..wasted all my this time I brought a cheaper one and hopefully the LIFE SPAN of this pair of slipper will be longer compare to my previous branded shoes..

After accompany my sister and mom to Kimare saloon , we went to Juso bukit tinggi.. There is where I brought my slipper..Oh man.the shopping complex was crowded by “human”.. after walking about an hour, I told my dad to bring us home..Then, I went to pay for the parking fee at the parking machine and who knows the flawed machine wasn’t functioning well!! I put rm 5 notes into the machine and it suppose to “drop” down the balance of rm3..what the machine did was it “blew” out my rm3 notes on the floor and it is far away from my standing I have to pick it up..damn it!! people though that I am chasing after the money(obviously it is)!!so embarrassing.. I think the management of jusco should take note on the flawed machine in such a way that it won’t blow out the bank note anymore!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

First of all, I would like to praise our badminton player-Mr. Lee Chong I said earlier do not put too much of hope on certain things or people cause it may disappoint you..i am not saying that he is not good as Lin Dan but in a sense that he need to overcome the pressure and difficulty faced by him~gold or silver doesn’t make much difference as long as he made it to the final for 12years~ I will wish him all the best ~Let us pray for him!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

literary fiction~the five people you meet in heaven!!

Went midvalley with friend yesterday to repair her laptop ..who knows the stupid dell shop people said they don’t know how to repair and ask us to call the dell center..bla..then I saw the malaysia’s favourite dancer-CC..she was walking beside she’s pretty tall and hot..and I saw HONG too.i guess they are a couple..oh ya..i brought an English literary fiction book for myself..for once in my life I brought english story book.should be something wrong with me.the book cost me about rm30 -the five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom, the new york times bestseller. anyway..i am bloody happy..gona start reading it tonight!!

At night, we had dinner with lily and clement at yuen steambost.. got 3 floor yet still full of people..can you imagine how crazy about it??haha.. luckily lily came early and help us to book a nice place..thanks to clement cause he helped us to grab lots of the chicken..after the meal, they came to my house and chit-chat..wish them all the best and take care as they will be going back to china on this coming Friday..

absolutely disappointed

I am absolutely disappointed with the Malaysia badminton whole Malaysia really thought that they can make it to the final round and same goes to the archery team…but-----they failed to make it!!!what the----I don’t understand why the badminton team of Malaysia forever can’t beat Indonesia team and China team..Although there are the top player in the world ranking..well..maybe we are putting too high hope on them..or maybe it’s Malaysia style’s~~~I don’t know!!!The lesson that I learn from the Malaysia team-don’t put too much hope on certain person cause he/she may disappoint you!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

oH maN~~damn boring!!

lolx..i am so boring until i have to grab something and post it here!!!what the>>>
Friday 8thAugust,morning~~

mom made some egg roll with vege inside for us..yummy~~~

Sunday 10th August~noting special!!!


went to have breakfast with my family in “dai sheng bao”..ate dim favourite..then mom brought four of this “wuo zai bao”(famous bao) for us as supper

it's actually like the normal "bao"just that it looks abit special..haha..

oh ya dad also brought some durian for us..

found one which looks like a LOVE shape~~wakaka

sat in front of the tv for the whole afternoon to watched the Olympics report~~~freaking crazy!!

and I have made salad for my supper too..looks great ~~~

monday and tuesday

watched olympics report~~moring until afternoon~~Aiks..sad to hear that the archery team of malaysia had failed to push themselves to the semifinal..but congratulation to the badminton player of malay who managed to make themselves to the semi-final.great job to wong chun han(round-8) ,lee chong we(round 8).haha..stil can make it to the final and of coz wong mei choo(round -8)( in order to enter the final she have to win the match between she and the china player)will wait for the good news on wednesday!! double mens wil playing tonight~~hope to receive some good news from the badminton team..

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008

080808 is the 29th opening ceremony of Olympics 2008 in Beijing .. I watched the opening ceremony with my family on the performances were amazing. I thought I was in Beijing on that moment.haha.I really like the way that they presented( from zaman disnasti to modern world) it was really splendid. of coz the fire works were fascinating + wonderful too.The most memorable part to me is the flying dove formed by thousand of people in the stadium and the climax of the ceremony-torch lightening by running the whole stadium in the air.AWESOME .Well, we actually waiting for the Malaysia team to come out.. this time was pretty fast compared to the previous Olympics-the 10th team to come out!!i am not sure whether you guys notice the flag-bearer from Luxembourg..he is very charming and I actually noticed him when he walked out.well..his name is Rapheal Stacchiotti-aquatics.wakaka..i am sure people around the world have seen the effort and hard work that the people have put in to make the opening ceremony so successful and I truly experience it even thou I am in Malaysia..I am proud to be a CHINESE. Excellent job to CHINA!!.101% perfect and fantastic ~~~ HappY>>>

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pride and grace dwelt never in one place

Don’t ever try to put me as a team with this NEVER..although I love to work in a team but sorry not for her.. definitely no…whenever got her participation , I won’t involve..

she’s over boastful, she will grab all the things and do it on her own without informing ppl.damn fucking selfish.actually she’s not the one who is leading but at the end she is the one who LEAD..fucking bitch..stop acting in front of ppl makes you loks so fake..don’t try to be kind and wash those dishes in front of them on Friday night whereas saturday after service straight away GONE without helping those poor little sister and brother to wash and clean up the know what??coz Saturday no elders looking but Friday got elders so have to pretend to be very helpful.damn fuck..

oh ya..and there’s one things that I must comment here..don’t ever cut the birthday cake again..i had caught u once!please be fair to everyone, that month is not just only your sister’s birthday.there are a few birthday girls too..but the way you divided the cake was so fuck..your sister have a big piece of cake with a strawberry on top whereas the other birthday girl has a tiny piece of are such a boastful,selfish, sucks, dick&fucking bitch~~~~~~so ppl please don’t put me as a team with this kind of bitch..otherwise you will regret for your whole life!!!

p/s: I know it is bad to comment about her but what can I do??forgive her??perhaps NOPE!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I cant remember the date where I celebrated my x colleagues birthday..if not mistaken it should be 26th june..
we actually spent a wonderful moment in flaming steamboat to celebrate Ana & jijah birhtday’s!!we went flaming steamboat about 10pm coz chester, my lovely leader-siew hui , ailan & Nuri worked as noon shift..while waiting for them, I helped siew hui to take the birthday cakes..Finally, they reached and its almost 10pm only we had our buffet..can u imagine how late it is to have buffet( but it is worthy)!!
Later, me, nurin n siew hui went to prepare a big surprise to the two birthday girls..meanwhile chester and ailan were trying to grab the two birthday girl’s attention to avoid them to see what are we doing..*ta da* two small little cakes were brought out..we sang a BM and English version of birthday song to them. I saw tears coming out from jijah’s eyes..haha..she is touched by our warmth birthday wishes to her..after the song we all back to normal ..but this wasn’t the end. We still have another big birthday which we didn’t showed earlier..once again, we light up the candles and sing the birthday song again..haha..too many surprise for them..
Then, we continued with the meal and chat.. before we finished our food ana and jijah opened the present..well..the present was a underwear with a peacock infront of it..not juzt that ana and jijag even wearing it on their head..i really respect two of them..haha..we laugh through out the whole hour and ppl around us were also looking at us(such a crazy fella)!we actually had our own *birthday bash* after the meal..wakaka..we throw the leftover cake at each other..of coz we tried avoid by running to the nearby garden and shout as loud as we could.. until all of us were tired then only we went home with extremely excited mood~~~

both of them were happily wearing the underwear on their head

really happy to work as a team with them. I wont forget the wonderful moment where I had spent with you guys.. Take care always!!!alot of *hugs*

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Colin & Angela wedding's

Happy & blessed wedding to Colin & Angela!!!
On the memorable 26th JULY 2008

1cor 13:4-8
Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails.

  • How’s the whole wedding going and the ceremony process??
    And for more picture ?? View my album~~

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Had a wonderful lunch time with my nursing sister-hui wen and also relatives..v actually celebrating my sister’s birthday which is on the 14th august .we knew it’s abit early to celebrate her birthday but according to the Chinese custom, people usually celebrate once birthday on that itself or before. .at 1st we plan to celebrate on that particular date but her school don’t allowed students to go home on weekdays without a strong reason.. Anyway, we really enjoyed during the lunch time..haha..well..i thinking to give her a big surprise on her coming birthday

Saturday, August 2, 2008

a brand new month, a brand new hair CUT!!

Yes..i did..i cut my hair..
i am having my damn long hair for 6 years since I was in form2..and before that my dad don’t allowed me 2have long until I was in form 2 only my dad allowed me to have long hair..
After all the while,on the 4th march 2008 I had decided to cut my hair SHORT..alots ppl asked me what is the “motive” that had make me so desperate to cut my hair..well.i would answered them with a smile and says no!!perhapz it is, for me!!
Today, I went and cut my hair again.. well,it’s actually looks like a bob style+ mushroom style(from the front view) and its pretty short too..haha..but I like it!!
Actualy i really hope that the hair stylish will cut even more shorter for me..lolx

Friday, August 1, 2008

pasar malam*

I am in a 100ºc oven..the weather is really hot like like hell…
Monday to Friday-sunny day..
It is freaking hot.. extremely hot..and the air-conditioner doesn’t seems to have any immune to me anymore..sweat, sweat, sweat.. really feel like jumping into the ice pool..huhu…isn’t wonderfull if Malaysia have winter season??(0_0”)

At night-OGU pasar malam,
thursday night-Go OUG pasar malam as usually(this is the 3rd time I went)..lolx..i love to go pasar malam..coz there are many foods and snacks for me to eat..yummy..and of coz there do sell alots of clothes and accessories here..well..each time I go I sure buy the ICE-cream..taste really delicious and its different from the normal ice-cream that we usually eat(I should have taken a photo to post it here) .
the sausages here also not lots of flavour..hmm..brought a cup of pearl chi ban and cheap too!!i heard people say that the “chao kui diao” taste very delicious..but you have to be very patient coz u need to “WAIT”(tooo many ppl order)..or mayb I will try the “chau kui diao” another time..oh ya..i brought a cucuk of curry fishball..well..for me.. is just an OKAY..not that yummy..XDgt sushi stall but the sushi are quite expensive compare to JUSCO so I din buy..i have tried the tauhu bakar..hmm..noting special about it..
there are this pandan pan cakes(green colour) here.smells good.i cant squeeze into it ..too many ppl surrounding the stall..brought a pack of “chao ge” and two rolls of popiah for my mom(called stadium popiah-stall’s name)cool rite?haha..beside that, they also have these wrapz pan is wrap with egg, sausage,cheese, chicken ham etc..looks tasty but i dint get to try this.
And last but not least, I brought these “chew chew chow tauhu-stinky tauhu( with the slogan on their lorry-aroma runs a mile).funny!!actually it doesn’t taste s0 bad la as the Taiwan stinky tauhu...oh ya..i saw this stall at OGU pasar malam and I saw it in Taiwan night market before too..i think is enough for this time gtg..perhapz I shall tell more about the fashions that available in this pasar malam..haha..

picture taken in taiwan

~sausages with lots of flavour( salad-must try, hot chili,wasabi, honey, etc)

picture taken in taiwan~

baked potato chips..

p/s: u can find the sausages and the baked potato chips at oug pasar malam..XD