Thursday, December 31, 2009

HappY New Year 2010 to aLL

Just came back from Taipan Food Garden with the family.
Forget about the food there but the environment itself has already killed me : )
They have a very unique design whereby they divided this place into several sections like the cave & swing area and also a grape garden area for customers to enjoy meal. Besides tropical food, they do serve international food : )
Frankly speaking, I'm deeply in love with this ambience place.

The live band with a feast of sounds : )
Yea, i think they did a good job!!!

Chicken Lasagne. Nice one!

Managed to snap a few fireworks pictures from the view of my house.
Super clear and nice one!!Thank to Canon Digital IXUS110 IS. Canon, my Fisrt choice : )
Have a Blessed New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Am I a KL-rian??

Bangsar Village & Lot 10

Last week, after collecting my cheque, my close friend- Stephenie suggested to go Bangsar village for window shopping. And, i was like "Okay, no prob, but where's the place actually??" Yup,the "key point"!!Both of us have no idea where Bangsar Village is, however, the only thing that we know about this shopping mall is a red building.
So basically, we were like marry go round and when i was about the give up i saw the RED BUILDING..Yea, is Bangsar Village, i told Stephenie. And, it seems like I've been to this shopping mall long time ago : )

"Gingerbread house"..hmm..I don't think soO...

Well, they are made from biscuits.

Honey stars roof ?? lolx..

Then, we had our lunch at Shabu One- Lot 1o
Hmm..i have no idea what crab is this???

Italian Yogurt. my all-time favourite .super delicious : P

Something "funny" happen to me when i was paying at the autopay station.
You know, I actually inserted the banknote at the section where it suppose to be banknote change. >_<" No wonder, the machine failed to accept my money..After several times of "forcing" the banknote into the error section, then only i realized that the "Insert banknote" is actually on top.. "hell, didn't see the big "Insert banknote" up there : (

p/s: Maylynn, you're not alone...cause we both made the same mistake : )

Monday, December 28, 2009

HaPPy BirthDay...........To Me!!!

Dear all,

Thanks for giving me such as a wonderful and memorable 21st birthday!!!

Yea,basically this is one of my delayed birthday post : )
A week before my birthday, yityee asked me whether i will be available on the 17th of December because she's planing for our year end trip @ TPM and at the same time she secretly plan for my birthday. So yea, on that particular day, they bought me to have breakfast. Half-way through the dim sum, mlynn and munlok bought in a birthday cake for me and it seems like they gonna sing me a birthday song here..haha : ) No doubt, they sang it on the spot!!!

Right after the breakfast, we headed to TPM for JunGle Trekking..Hooray~~

the journey begins

Well, the first two kilometers that we have "explored" is actually not the real trek as shangshi said the starting point of the trek is where we have to cross a bridge. >_< " i stunned for a second and was thinking how long it will take to reach at the bridge : (

*snapping picture is one of the source of entertainment that we had throughout the whole journey : )
And, these two photos remind me of bio project..lolx

A group photo before we start our journey.
Somehow, i need to clarify that we ain't any great explorers who often go for jungle trek and none of us have been to this jungle before except for shangshi. Frankly speaking, we have no one to lead us along the track and our leader- shangshi said he can't remember the track. Opps...which means we have to prepare to get lost in the jungle.*choi*choi* touch wood

Yup, we are the playful one. we stop a few times just for the obstacle course ; )

Everything seems so smooth going till we reached a "point" where we almost lost of direction due to the fallen trees and branches that caused us so difficult to look for the blue ribbon(sign).
Then, yityee - the smart one, quickly took out a paper and tear into piece to make a sign meanwhile mlynn and munlok were making another sign too
( just for in case)

The hyper one - Jman& Siewhui. i could hear them shouting for "Leech" along the way!!

Not forgetting about the "Ling Ji" that we found. lolx...*ahem* : )

Oh yeah!! We managed to find the way out!!! The future explorers : D
Alright, now is time for de-leeching!! Overall, Jman has the most leeches on his leg and shangshi had a fatty leech on his fair long leg and another one on his stomach i think : ) Siewhui has a bloody sport shoes at the end of the day because he kena leech bite whereas mlynn and munlok gt two leeches on their i think me and yityee got the least ; ) haha.. we were like having a match to see who got the most leech biting..lolx

Then, we went to the four season house. Freezing~~~~
Basically, that's the end of the trip!!!
Didn't get to join them for dinner because another group of my f
riends is waiting for me...So, Melaka trip will be the next blog post!!
**Thanks YitYee for the photos !!

Last but not least,

the present and birthday card,

Thank you very much, buddies!!!
( Yit Yee, MayLynn, ShangShi, SiewHui, Jman, MunLok & Kenny)

Maylynn, kamsahamnida for this lovely birthday card!! *loves*

Friday, December 25, 2009


才能证明 最亲密的关系
萦绕着天空 什麽也没讲
我在你身边 呼吸都沉默
这世界太热闹 怎麽倾听
这世界再热闹 还好我们刚好在这里
love you love you
风雨相逢着 还没有邀请
每一个路口 你不用开口
这世界太热闹 怎麽倾听
这世界再热闹 还好我们刚好在这里
所有感受不用形容 已经那麽懂
这世界再热闹 也没关系
这世界再热闹 我们一起在彼此心里
所以很安静 所以很安静

今年,我在我的出身地与家人度过了2009 的圣诞节。还记得前两年的这个日子我都在国外度过,一次在台湾,另一次在新加坡。虽然两个不同的国家却有着一样浓厚的圣诞气氛。
两年前我在台中的某个夜市闲逛时, 耳边就传来了一首动听的<平安夜>曲子。原来是一班年轻伙人在伴奏着, 而且迎面来了几位朋友真在派圣诞邀请卡。 在冬天里度过平安夜,其实就像是电影里的情节一样,是很窝心的。但只可惜台中没下雪。。。 新加坡的圣诞节越夜就越热闹!路上的行人足以构成了一个不夜城, 气氛浓厚又热闹!!

台湾的小弟小妹, 你们过得好吗?:)




seun-tan chu-ka-hae-yo ( 圣诞快乐)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

America Degree Program
-Intercultural Communication-

Venue: SEGI College, Subang Jaya

*Click to enlarge*

Cultural exhibition

Arabian, Irish,Vietnam,Hawaii,Korea,Pakistan,Japanese,Mexico, American Rock style,Thailand, Rome and lots more.....

And of course,
The LapSap CuLture (funky)

Performing "Nobody"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TempurunG Gang + SkyTrex = Laughter

*picture taken from lilstar

Let me introduce to you the "tempurung gang" who always
cari pasal to torture among ourselves : ) *joking*
(Lack of two buddies-Jman, munLok).

Ever after the tempurung and river rafting outing at kampar, the tempurung-ies seem to have no other adventurous activities besides having some birthday celebrations with the buddies and badminton session.
So, after week and weeks of online discussions, tempurung-ies finally agreed to go for the SkyTrex adventure @ Taman Bukit Cahaya couple of weeks ago.

Well, we supposed to go for the big thrill challenge at first, somehow, yit yee afraid that it will be a little wasted to me and siew hui since both of us have experienced the challenge before. So, she suggests to upgrade to extreme challenge.(*Good idea) With shangshi's powerful communication lying skill, the lady allow us to upgrade (*though we are not ALLOW to). Did a little "warm-up" (walking) before we are up for the skytrex adventure : )
We give up, somehow. Up hill, down hill , up, down, up down and it's still long way to go and we took the bus eventually.

ada peacock??
Didn't get in to the rumah iklim cause the house was under maintenance. -_-" what a big disappointment

*tic-toc ,tic-toc*time pass...
YEAH!! We are now heading to SkyTrex Adventure..

22m height
Kenny, you roxx!!!


Maylynn : hu...finally reached to the top..

Jungkit Arnab aka hopping rabbit. A good upper body strength and body balancing are require while crossing this.
Kenny : eh, hui theng how to cross this??mylynn, how??
Me : Go usual..
Kenny: (Took his first step but then he patah balik) Cannot la..the thing is ask the abang to come here..
Maylynn : abang, boleh datang sini kejap..macam mana jalan.
Abang : you tunduk dan............bla bla...
Kenny,Maylynn, me : oh...macam ni..
shake it, shake it , shake it babe!!!

while we were "trekking" on the tree haft-way, the sky starts to rain(*heavy rain some more) Then, the person-in-charge asked whether we still want to continue with our trex or stop : ) haha..and of course, we choose to move on.lolx..

Yup, we have experienced 19 extreme challenges out of 21(cause the other three challenges were under construction) Thank god that everyone has successfully made it until the end though some of us wanted to give up at the beginning stage. tempurung-ies RoxX!!!
A group pic after we have completed the EXTREME CHALLENGE : ) All wet!!!

Went Teluk Gong for our dinner.

*picture taken from maylynn

Haft-way through the meal, a fridge door fall from behind and its almost hit siew hui's head.lolx. Luckily, no one gets hurt ;0 As usual, we have lots of funny conversations during the meal, especially with yit yee's IRON SPOON.

Something happened on the way back to yit yee's house,

Perhaps we were too excited and laugh till non-stop shangshi didn't notice there is a big hole in the middle of the road, so his tire go through the hole and bump.
"ToDong" ToDong" ..... "ouChh", maylynn knocked her head twice : (

But still we laugh non-stop...Until shangshi notice something is wrong with his tire..

Once we reached yityee house, we saw


And, we still laugh non stop : D

Although many unusual things happened, we still have lots of great time and fun throughout the day indeed
: ) Thanks Yit yee and Shangshi for the meal!!!

ShangShi is flying fox-ing @ Taman Bukit Cahaya