Monday, February 28, 2011

Ohh, it's my beloved grandpa's birthday and also Chinese New Year celebration : )

According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, my grandpa's birthday falls on the fifth day of Chinese New Year. Thus, each year during the CNY, we will sure celebrate grandpa's birthday together. This year too, we were here for ah gong's birthday :D


And, we were given a VIP room. So huge and comfortable.(**Plus, their service is pretty good)

Firstly, we had "Lou Shang". I'm not sure about the others, but for us "Lou Shang/Yee Shang" plays a very important "role" during the CNY. In fact, it has become our "tradition" to have "Lou Shang" in this special festive season. I don't really know what is the history behind Lou Shang but as far as i know it's symbolizes one's wealth, health and...etc(*Please Google for more).
Also, we have a very unique way of "Lou-Shang" whereby each of us will say out an auspicious words such as 财源滚滚来,心想事成,身体健康,桃花快快来 and etc while we doing the "Lou Shang". Although, it's just a simple "actions"but we seems to have lots of fun and excitement on that. Perhaps, this is what a reunion dinner should have right???

My all-time favorite- Shark Fin Soup

香妃鸡-huiThenG's recommend

Then, we also have Karaoke Competition. Maybe, I should let the photos to do the speaking : )

Choosing the songs.

The contestants..

And and.....we even have dance floor too..I WANT NOBODY NOBODY BUT YOU!!!hahaha

OF COURSE, the main "focus" of the night.." HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANDPA!!!

Happy reading,

Saturday, February 26, 2011


It took me about two hours to reached there. I drive safe and steady because there were these two princes in the car : )

Tampin - my dad's hometown, which located along the of Negeri Sembilan-Malacca border. Whenever we have holidays, we will come here and visit my grandma. In fact, Tampin is a small little town which don't really have much leisure activities and entertainment. As far as i know, there's only one Pizza Hut outlet, one KFC in Tampin and even the hypermarkets/mini-markets are rather small but still Tampin is a good town. Apart from that, they also have these RM 2 shops that sell super lots of nice items. It's our favorite place and i even called them as the mini "Daiso" .

As for the food, well, in Tampin they have this Chinese Noodles called "龙江面 ", the one and only popular local food. It's actually like the Hakka Noodles but the taste is slightly different.

**sorry, my blog is not a halal blog : )

And, I love going back to Tampin visit my grandma, because grandma always pampered us with lots of nice food.


Of course, not forgetting the "Lou Shang" that we had in Tampin..Lolx ; )


Saturday, February 19, 2011

luv. Love. Luf. This is a Love post. So beware :)

And, no more nasty words in my blog.

Anyway, i have a good news to share, which is - my dear "deer" has recovered and he's absolutely fine with a brand new look. Luv.Love. Luf my small little deer.

15days of Chinese New Year has just ended. No more public holidays for the whole nation until the 1st of May. This year, we celebrated in quite an ordinary way, no big celebration like the previous year but still the atmosphere is there : )

I often blog about my maternal side than the paternal side of the family simply because I more closer with them plus i meet them very often. But definitely not prejudice la..I love,luv,luf both maternal and paternal side of the families equally.

To express my "Luv" towards them, I've decided to blog about "them" : )

My grandma(Paternal)
We celebrated grandma's 80th Birthday few months ago.

So cute, i grandma.hehe..

I personally luv the cake very much : )

Table for all the cucu.


Suddenly don't know what to write already....Shall continue the next day on Chinese New Year.

With Love,

Saturday, February 12, 2011


And I hate being a Malaysian. People are just SELFISH(90%) and FUCK.
I'm what??Just keep reading it and SHUT UP!!!

I almost went into the hell this afternoon but I thank god for his grace and mercy that has saved "us" from dropping into the hell. Car crashed. Yea, my "time" is not end yet!!!

Don't look at me one kind, I'm a safe driver and obviously I'm not the driver. It was my sis and i sat beside her while she was driving the car. She "overestimated" the distance(a better word to describe-lack of driving experience) while making a U-turn and then the car dashed toward the pedestrian island and bang on a tree. In fact, there was a police car(police bergerak van) behind us while making the U-turn. But hell, they didn't stop and help us. Hey, then what's the point of becoming a cops?Take bribery.Act macho. Bully the weak ones.

When there's an accident, there must be many pairs of eyes looking and pointing around without even lending a hand. I can understand, because they are selfish. They were afraid that if they lend someone a hand then they might lose something.

But at last, a kind taxi driver and another two passerby came and helped us to push the car. I'm glad these people are still existing, at least.
Shame on you, PoK-lice-man!!!

Well, the story is not ending yet, i still have another hot issue to share with you.
Some idiot broke into my mom's car again during the week of Chinese New Year when we all went back to hometown. It's not suprise to hear this kind of cars/house break in news especially during the festive season where everyone is away from home. But we are still very aware of this and I'm sure everyone would want to have a peaceful and happy new year.

Moreover, we also have heard about this "Kempen Balik Kampung-Rumah Selamat" and we belive it will guaranteed us that so called "Rumah Selamat" by the help of those group who think they really "menjalankan tugas dengan bersungguh-sungguh". Bullshit okay!!!!
And, we actually filled up the form and dropped into the UJS* Police Station and expecting the cops will do patrolling more often and prevent crime in the residential area. But hell, it doesn't works yet my mom's car still got broke in again. And the worst thing is, therewas these two poK-lice-man came to us on the same day we came back from hometown and "wished" us Gong Xi Fatt Choi". How "Ho Hei Ho Hoh" right?


Friday, February 11, 2011

PizzaHut - Ring of Fortune

Recently, PizzaHut Malaysia has come up with a new dish called "Ring of Fortune". I watched their ads on the tv and the Fortune Pizza looks really tempting especially with crust that is loaded with the yummylicios cheeses and the crispy cornflakes that sprinkle around the crust. So tantalizing.....Omg...

And so, I decided to have a try on the first day of Chinese new year.Just like what they had shown in the ads whereby you will have double the fortune and double the happiness. Of course, i was expecting this Ring of Fortune Pizza will looks the the same(at least 70%) as they shown in the ads. But,when the "Fortune" came to us.'s so huge difference. The texture, the appearance.. It's doesn't looks like the Fortune Ring at all. Not the golden color that i expected. (**No red capsicums)Well..okok..fine, we shouldn't judge the "pizza" by it's appearance right?? Who knows, the pizza might still taste good.

Then, i quickly have a bite on it. " Yer...yer...zhou muo jiang de..wan quan bu yi yang de.."(yer..why like that one, it's completely different). Well, that's the first reaction that i had. In fact, I was expecting a double happiness at least but what i got was a double disappointment and sadness.

But hey, once a year never mind. At least, I'm fortunate enough to have a try on this Fortune Pizza : )

Blessed New Year,

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Watched Great Day with the gang : )
The movie isn't that bad actually, probably it's one of the good local production so far as i seen.
After spending some time chit-chatting at KimGary, we then headed to KUALA SELANGOR to have our seafood dinner. Okay, I know it's a very random dinner spot that our friend - ShangShi had choose. We are random fella.really random ones and lame as well : )

As far as i know, there are two Seafood Restaurants which have a nice view of the Kuala Selangor River(though the river is not that clean and it has a strong foul smells. serious lor)But that doesn't matter because we were there for the food - SEAfood, to be specific.

Dined-in at Restaurant River View. First time trying, usually will dine-in at Restaurant Makanan Laut Jeti(next to Res.RiverView).Click here to view the post.

Well, we order quite a number of dishes and all looks great : ) But to be honest, we were quite disappointed with the food that we ordered especially with crab so small yet the meat is kinda mildew. Okok, lemme show you the meat.

Anyway, ShangShi insisted to cancel off that dish though the waiter told that they will cook us another plate.

And the Fried Oo Jian (Oyster) is kinda different from what we usually eat at the hawker center( In fact, this Fried Oyster is hard one not the fried oyster omelet).

Also, the prawn is kinda....hmm...understood la...

Okla, their fried rice and fried mee hoon is still ok. Acceptable : )

Basically, we were quite disappointed with the food but we did managed to finish all the remaining dish and i really thanks YitYee for the meal.

So, back here again for our second visit??Erm....maybe not : )

Credits to YitYee.