Saturday, February 19, 2011

luv. Love. Luf. This is a Love post. So beware :)

And, no more nasty words in my blog.

Anyway, i have a good news to share, which is - my dear "deer" has recovered and he's absolutely fine with a brand new look. Luv.Love. Luf my small little deer.

15days of Chinese New Year has just ended. No more public holidays for the whole nation until the 1st of May. This year, we celebrated in quite an ordinary way, no big celebration like the previous year but still the atmosphere is there : )

I often blog about my maternal side than the paternal side of the family simply because I more closer with them plus i meet them very often. But definitely not prejudice la..I love,luv,luf both maternal and paternal side of the families equally.

To express my "Luv" towards them, I've decided to blog about "them" : )

My grandma(Paternal)
We celebrated grandma's 80th Birthday few months ago.

So cute, i grandma.hehe..

I personally luv the cake very much : )

Table for all the cucu.


Suddenly don't know what to write already....Shall continue the next day on Chinese New Year.

With Love,

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