Saturday, February 12, 2011


And I hate being a Malaysian. People are just SELFISH(90%) and FUCK.
I'm what??Just keep reading it and SHUT UP!!!

I almost went into the hell this afternoon but I thank god for his grace and mercy that has saved "us" from dropping into the hell. Car crashed. Yea, my "time" is not end yet!!!

Don't look at me one kind, I'm a safe driver and obviously I'm not the driver. It was my sis and i sat beside her while she was driving the car. She "overestimated" the distance(a better word to describe-lack of driving experience) while making a U-turn and then the car dashed toward the pedestrian island and bang on a tree. In fact, there was a police car(police bergerak van) behind us while making the U-turn. But hell, they didn't stop and help us. Hey, then what's the point of becoming a cops?Take bribery.Act macho. Bully the weak ones.

When there's an accident, there must be many pairs of eyes looking and pointing around without even lending a hand. I can understand, because they are selfish. They were afraid that if they lend someone a hand then they might lose something.

But at last, a kind taxi driver and another two passerby came and helped us to push the car. I'm glad these people are still existing, at least.
Shame on you, PoK-lice-man!!!

Well, the story is not ending yet, i still have another hot issue to share with you.
Some idiot broke into my mom's car again during the week of Chinese New Year when we all went back to hometown. It's not suprise to hear this kind of cars/house break in news especially during the festive season where everyone is away from home. But we are still very aware of this and I'm sure everyone would want to have a peaceful and happy new year.

Moreover, we also have heard about this "Kempen Balik Kampung-Rumah Selamat" and we belive it will guaranteed us that so called "Rumah Selamat" by the help of those group who think they really "menjalankan tugas dengan bersungguh-sungguh". Bullshit okay!!!!
And, we actually filled up the form and dropped into the UJS* Police Station and expecting the cops will do patrolling more often and prevent crime in the residential area. But hell, it doesn't works yet my mom's car still got broke in again. And the worst thing is, therewas these two poK-lice-man came to us on the same day we came back from hometown and "wished" us Gong Xi Fatt Choi". How "Ho Hei Ho Hoh" right?



VEE said...

Woo, to tell you the truth...the car was severed.
So gonna need to punish your sis, but well...i beg she's shocked.

...yea. Crap police. Polis Msia- can roll your eyes and ask them to blah je.

ken said...

ouch, that's surely a painful experience! :/