Friday, February 11, 2011

PizzaHut - Ring of Fortune

Recently, PizzaHut Malaysia has come up with a new dish called "Ring of Fortune". I watched their ads on the tv and the Fortune Pizza looks really tempting especially with crust that is loaded with the yummylicios cheeses and the crispy cornflakes that sprinkle around the crust. So tantalizing.....Omg...

And so, I decided to have a try on the first day of Chinese new year.Just like what they had shown in the ads whereby you will have double the fortune and double the happiness. Of course, i was expecting this Ring of Fortune Pizza will looks the the same(at least 70%) as they shown in the ads. But,when the "Fortune" came to us.'s so huge difference. The texture, the appearance.. It's doesn't looks like the Fortune Ring at all. Not the golden color that i expected. (**No red capsicums)Well..okok..fine, we shouldn't judge the "pizza" by it's appearance right?? Who knows, the pizza might still taste good.

Then, i quickly have a bite on it. " Yer...yer...zhou muo jiang de..wan quan bu yi yang de.."(yer..why like that one, it's completely different). Well, that's the first reaction that i had. In fact, I was expecting a double happiness at least but what i got was a double disappointment and sadness.

But hey, once a year never mind. At least, I'm fortunate enough to have a try on this Fortune Pizza : )

Blessed New Year,


Jade Davis said...

omg. the pizza look so green padahal its supposed to look red. ==ll

huiThenG said...

gt cheated!!!tipu duit!!!!yucks!!!!i bake one lagi nice..