Saturday, July 31, 2010

Did i tell you about the Klang makan trip that i went few month ago?? Yes or No??Oh, whatever it doesn't matter ; )
Alright, so what would you think about when "Klang" comes to your mind??
Klang river, Klang parade or the i-City??haha.. Well, i think most of us will relate Klang with "Bak Kut Teh".
Yea, no doubt. So, just follow me and I'm bringing you to explore the real taste of Klang's Dry Bak Kut Teh. *slurp*

There are many restaurants out there that serve nice food but sometimes if you really want to try the "BEST" local food then i think it's advisable for you to have a local friend who can bring you there.
This time, in Klang, i brought along a local friend who is pretty good in hunting nice food. Yea, a gourmet friend I would say ;)

So, she brought us to taste the Dry Bak Kut Teh in the morning. A heavy breakfast. Anyway, it was my first time trying Dry Bak Kut Teh.
Taste : 8/10
Aroma : 8/10

**Supposed my friend wants to bring us to another place where all the Hong Kong celebrities like to have their Bak Kut Teh there but the shop didn't open that day ;(

Also, we did went Aeon Bukit Tinggi after the heavy breakfast as my friend was so eager to bring us to try the "Ice Dessert" at Mill Wheel Ice Cafe. And, she said this is what a real Ice dessert should taste like. I nodded.

Mango cheese snow. er..can't remember the name..but the taste really surprised me as i didn't know that the mango can be matched with cheese.

One the way back to szeling's place, we dropped by hLing's aunt stall to grab a free packet of fruit rojak. After sending sLing back to her dad's shop, she'd cooked Pan Mee Soup for us. kind of her.Thumbs up for her ; )

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good day, folks : )
Dad bought a new SE HAZEL phone yestersday.It's pretty cool.
Also,just received my hp mini netbok this morning. Which means i don't have to share desktop with my siblings already!!!Cool, coool.. : )

And, i just have to endure for another four more days then i will be officially free. So, C'ya later..

Nice day,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yo,folks..How's your day??

Well, today I almost.....almost got trapped in the elevator.*Phew*
And, you won't know how awful if you were trapped in a "sardine-like"elevator for almost an hour without any additional space for you move around and even to breath properly : )
Anyway, i was luckily enough to ecaspe from the "tragedy".lolx.

By the way, here's a little update from my church event!!

The Gay Lifestyles by Ps.Edmund Smith from RLM

The talk was pretty interesting and informative. We'd enjoy it very much. Frankly, I didn't know the word "gay/homosexual" itself could be so broad and sometimes it isn't just what we thought.haha. So, are you willing to be gay friendly?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Finally, K.E.N.N.Y
officially turned into

Yea.He's no doubt cool and smart. But you better don't judge a book by its cover. Because his "real personality" is soon to be revealed ; )

As planned, we gathered at The Street Cafe with the usual gang without our brother sHui who is currently studying in Aus. And, we had chosen Street Cafe since we can't think of any other nice place that could fit such CRAZY young man like us. Yeah.because we are just simply unpredictable : p

And well, this is the food that i ordered. Korean noodle with cheeseeeeee..
Yet, I'm no gonna blog about food for this time (though the food there are absolutely great) because this isn't the "main focus" of this post : )
So now, let's move on to the next part and this is where the "prank ideas" begin...
And, we first started off with a minor quarrel between the pro actor-Junman and MunLok. But the plan failed somehow cause Kenny doesn't seem to "join" into that quarrelling. Then,munLok gets pissed off and he went down to take some fresh air (supposedly he's bringing up the cake)


Happy 21st Birthday, Kenny!! And, we've something SPECIAL for him by the way!!! But now, it's photo session whereby Mlynn suggests us to try something "different" instead of just showing the same serious looking face again!!!Come on, young man~~~Do someting crazy!!!!!

So, we tried the second time ; ) We're trying to look a little bit "different" than the usual...

The crazy 7+1(in Aus)
Now,the situation is getting worse and we just couldn't stop laughing at each other.Plus, we were playing with the funny bomb hair.. And then, this..... Eventually, we one of us has turned up to be like this ....... Well, sHE's just new to our gang and sHe's pretty Hott.

Then, we got him a *Birthday Present* which was actually a bird nest box with a T-3 body shampoo in it ( filled with water) And basically, it was just a prank for him : P
This time he thought is real and he even make a commercial out of it. I guess he must a little disappointing for what we have gave him...* High5* to the gang!!!

Like i said, it was all "well-planned" . We ain't so bad too him. In fact, we do prepared a real present for his 21st birthday!!!!

Opps..Sorry not this one...
And well, this is actually my "present" from mlynn : )

Alright, here there are....The real presents for Kenny!!!

** Thanks to Street cafe for printing out free photos for all of us : ) By the way, do check out our group photo at the Street cafe, SS 15 if you dine-in...

**Thanks yy for doing the recordings : p

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thank god for his protection upon my family.
God is really good all the time : )

Thursday,8/7/10, 1.40pm.
My mom was being robbed. BUT no worries, she 's absolutely FINE and didn't get any injury. I thank god for that ; )

This incident happened when my mom and sister was about to get in to the house from her car. Then, my sis saw a motorcycle not far form them and somehow her intuition told her that something's not right as she saw the motorcycle is coming toward to their direction. And, my sis wanted to told my mom about it but yet it was too late, cause one of the motorcyclist came down with a knife on his hand and he then placed it on my mom's neck. I guess, he was too concentrating while he was "dealing" with my mom(gold necklace) without bothering my sis who was standing beside and shouting extremely loud for help like mad..seriously loud man~
By the way, my little bobby was also standing out there and my sis said he actually get stunned for the FIRST time cause he just stared at the snatch thief .lolx . I mean, he didn't BARK at those strangers like what he normally did. (he gets panic too, unusual him..lolx. Anyway, if you saw my dog before you will know how ganas he is when he saw people pass by his my house)

As soon i heard the screaming, i run out quickly and the opposite house which is doing house renovation, the worker also came out and he tried to help us by throwing the stone to that stupid robber. Anyway, the robber raised up the knife and scare him away..lolx.Then i walked one step closer to the robber (almost face to face)and i really feel like want to "challenge" the robber but i have no weapon in hand. Eventually, he run away together with his dumpy gang on the motorcycle. wth.Anyway,i still managed to take down his no plat..calm har?? Thank god !!!

And yea, he snatched the gold necklace which was one cross-like necklace . Normally a snatch thief will try to escape as fast as they could after they snatched. In fact, this stupid snatch thief didn't do so because my sis told us that he was actually staring at the cross necklace for a few second then only he went off with another dumpy gang who was waited at the motorcycle not far from us.(Maybe god "spoke" to him in a way that makes him felt really guilty). Anyway, no injury occurs. I really want to thank god for his powerful protection upon my family. And, it so happened that my mom left her bag inside car and she was wearing a long sleeve jacket on that particular day, so the robber didn't saw her branded watch and her rings. Plus, he didn't hurt or slap my sis neither because my sis's was the one who shouted loud for help. haha..Just like Daniel said, luckily is not an Indian robber.. Yea man!

My dad rushed home super fast from KL in just less than 2ominutes. I can see his face was like so "tense" worse then my mom.lolx..
He hugged my mom!! : )

So what more can i say other than give thanks to the almighty god!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Just For Laugh
; )

Today is a Sunday, a Holy Sunday i would said and i like Sunday because it has always be my great day. Oh well, maybe you don't agree with me because you probably had a bad Saturday night since Argentina lose to Germany in the World Cup Quarter Final. Ok..fine, i don't want to screw up your day again and I've got something to cheer you up by the way!!

So come on, just sit back and relax ; )

"Think Out of The Box"

Good day,
Theng (tiff-bieber)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Obviously, YES and because
It's all BULL-SHIT!!!!

Monday - Gym
Thought we can just show our ID but the rude
Blackie at the "Subang Sport Center" doesn't allowed. Damn. Then, we were asked to wait for another two more days for the gym pass to be renewed yet NO NEWS.

Wednesday - Gym and swimming
Asked for the gym pass again and took the swimming tickets since the gym pass has not renewed. And without knowing that
SG gave us the EXPIRED swimming tickets. Hell, we only realized it once we reached the "Subang Sport Center". Thought the ticket collector won't noticed it but anyway he did saw the EXPIRY DATE and tried to "explain" to him with lots of valid reasons. Yet, he asked us talked to the receptionist see whether their management would allowed us to get in. Not surprisingly is the rude blackie again and she is like : " No ! No ! All SG passes and tickets already expired. CAN'T USE ANYMORE and even showing your ID also wouldn't help!!

Friday - Asked for the gym passes and swimming ticket and we got the same answer from them again.(I'm sorry that we still haven received the gym pass and the tickets from the
Subang Sport Center. Erm..maybe you can try coming next week??)

So will it be ready by next week??Hmm......