Sunday, July 18, 2010

Finally, K.E.N.N.Y
officially turned into

Yea.He's no doubt cool and smart. But you better don't judge a book by its cover. Because his "real personality" is soon to be revealed ; )

As planned, we gathered at The Street Cafe with the usual gang without our brother sHui who is currently studying in Aus. And, we had chosen Street Cafe since we can't think of any other nice place that could fit such CRAZY young man like us. Yeah.because we are just simply unpredictable : p

And well, this is the food that i ordered. Korean noodle with cheeseeeeee..
Yet, I'm no gonna blog about food for this time (though the food there are absolutely great) because this isn't the "main focus" of this post : )
So now, let's move on to the next part and this is where the "prank ideas" begin...
And, we first started off with a minor quarrel between the pro actor-Junman and MunLok. But the plan failed somehow cause Kenny doesn't seem to "join" into that quarrelling. Then,munLok gets pissed off and he went down to take some fresh air (supposedly he's bringing up the cake)


Happy 21st Birthday, Kenny!! And, we've something SPECIAL for him by the way!!! But now, it's photo session whereby Mlynn suggests us to try something "different" instead of just showing the same serious looking face again!!!Come on, young man~~~Do someting crazy!!!!!

So, we tried the second time ; ) We're trying to look a little bit "different" than the usual...

The crazy 7+1(in Aus)
Now,the situation is getting worse and we just couldn't stop laughing at each other.Plus, we were playing with the funny bomb hair.. And then, this..... Eventually, we one of us has turned up to be like this ....... Well, sHE's just new to our gang and sHe's pretty Hott.

Then, we got him a *Birthday Present* which was actually a bird nest box with a T-3 body shampoo in it ( filled with water) And basically, it was just a prank for him : P
This time he thought is real and he even make a commercial out of it. I guess he must a little disappointing for what we have gave him...* High5* to the gang!!!

Like i said, it was all "well-planned" . We ain't so bad too him. In fact, we do prepared a real present for his 21st birthday!!!!

Opps..Sorry not this one...
And well, this is actually my "present" from mlynn : )

Alright, here there are....The real presents for Kenny!!!

** Thanks to Street cafe for printing out free photos for all of us : ) By the way, do check out our group photo at the Street cafe, SS 15 if you dine-in...

**Thanks yy for doing the recordings : p

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