Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thank god for his protection upon my family.
God is really good all the time : )

Thursday,8/7/10, 1.40pm.
My mom was being robbed. BUT no worries, she 's absolutely FINE and didn't get any injury. I thank god for that ; )

This incident happened when my mom and sister was about to get in to the house from her car. Then, my sis saw a motorcycle not far form them and somehow her intuition told her that something's not right as she saw the motorcycle is coming toward to their direction. And, my sis wanted to told my mom about it but yet it was too late, cause one of the motorcyclist came down with a knife on his hand and he then placed it on my mom's neck. I guess, he was too concentrating while he was "dealing" with my mom(gold necklace) without bothering my sis who was standing beside and shouting extremely loud for help like mad..seriously loud man~
By the way, my little bobby was also standing out there and my sis said he actually get stunned for the FIRST time cause he just stared at the snatch thief .lolx . I mean, he didn't BARK at those strangers like what he normally did. (he gets panic too, unusual him..lolx. Anyway, if you saw my dog before you will know how ganas he is when he saw people pass by his my house)

As soon i heard the screaming, i run out quickly and the opposite house which is doing house renovation, the worker also came out and he tried to help us by throwing the stone to that stupid robber. Anyway, the robber raised up the knife and scare him away..lolx.Then i walked one step closer to the robber (almost face to face)and i really feel like want to "challenge" the robber but i have no weapon in hand. Eventually, he run away together with his dumpy gang on the motorcycle. wth.Anyway,i still managed to take down his no plat..calm har?? Thank god !!!

And yea, he snatched the gold necklace which was one cross-like necklace . Normally a snatch thief will try to escape as fast as they could after they snatched. In fact, this stupid snatch thief didn't do so because my sis told us that he was actually staring at the cross necklace for a few second then only he went off with another dumpy gang who was waited at the motorcycle not far from us.(Maybe god "spoke" to him in a way that makes him felt really guilty). Anyway, no injury occurs. I really want to thank god for his powerful protection upon my family. And, it so happened that my mom left her bag inside car and she was wearing a long sleeve jacket on that particular day, so the robber didn't saw her branded watch and her rings. Plus, he didn't hurt or slap my sis neither because my sis's was the one who shouted loud for help. haha..Just like Daniel said, luckily is not an Indian robber.. Yea man!

My dad rushed home super fast from KL in just less than 2ominutes. I can see his face was like so "tense" worse then my mom.lolx..
He hugged my mom!! : )

So what more can i say other than give thanks to the almighty god!!

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