Tuesday, June 30, 2009

*wrong timing*
5D4N trip to Bangkok+Pattaya ruin(might) due to the seriousness of influenza A H1N1 in Thailand.
Anyway, things are not confirm yet and cousin is requesting for the date to be postpone. or else, i will go for the 2nd plan, which is to follow sister to Taiwan and I'm pretty sure that the influenza case in Taiwan is not that serious as Thailand ;)

met a friend in college this afternoon and she told me that she lost her purse at pyramid, Jusco on last Sunday. Actually, i was with her for the whole day yet i didn't notice that she dropped something from her pocket. therefore, she suspected the pickpocket :0

Of course, not forgetting about the free Campbell soup in my college today. this is the 2nd time they have this free Campbell soup in my college and i drank two cup of Campbell soup(equivalent to two packs) in one shot :) free ma, so just grab only..
tasted the mushroom cheese with crouton, gosh~~delicious maN..but the chicken pasta is just average to me.


Campbells during lecture?? why not??

tuning into: you're not alone - Michael Jackson
The Road Not Taken~ On the way back from river rafting.Max, the driver :)

guy's version

laddie's version





To be continue....
sooner or later, i will be turning into harajuku ;-)

*In Class*

Monday, June 29, 2009

River Rafting @ Kampar River :)


*click to enlarge*BLUE TEAM, you orang banyak lambat lar...


*mLynn*,YOU JUMP! I SNAP! p/s: i like this pic.bravo ;)

candid :)

To be continue......

Friday, June 26, 2009




*R.I.P>Michael Jackson

tuning into: Earth song-Michael Jackson

Thursday, June 25, 2009

**supposed the grand tour package takes at least 3 1/2 hours to complete. somehow, we managed to complete the whole tour in less than 3hours. Good stamina :)

Alrite,headed to Ipoh town right after we bath. Food.food.food.Jom cari makan.
dropped by a place called "Tai Shu Tao" to taste their Currry Mee!!i've no idea how yummy it taste like since i'm super hugry. So, anything that goes into my mouth, i think is great taste ;) owh yeah!!!

okay la..tell you the truth. Curry Mee "Ho Chak"
>>check in at Fair park Hotel & we were given a VIP room :)

some took a nap while others were planing another activity. *yes.let's go rafting* someone suggested ;>

sleeping beauty and sleeping prince. spot the poor little olive


random pic~

As a conclusion, rafting is on~~~yeah!!!!

Dinner at "Lou Wong"- Ipoh's famous chicken rice shop. Unfortunately, they didn't open on tuesday so we ended up eating in the restaurant next to it which is "Onn Gei"

*hungry ghost*

To be continue.......

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hooray,photos are here...thanks to my dear yit yee :)
16th Jun 2009, Gua Tempurung Day~~~

Introduce to you our chairperson>>>

Young and optimistic, Shang Shi *cough*cough*

pretty and sporty, yit yee ;>

Let's begin the journey to the center of cave
haze or mist ?? no idea

follow the signboard> turn to the right

is getting near to our destination. " Gua Tempurung" here we come :)

mLynn, hTheng, yYee, Kenny, sHui, jMan, sShi, wLoong.
* Young and energetic.yeah!!*

must ss in the cave *everyone say cheeseeeee

owh,wait...wat's that???is that a hole???

gosh..we have to go through that hole.
luckliy we are "thin" enough to squeeze in, right??

random pic*
it was extremely dark inside the cave. seriously DARK..no torchlight = die

the most challenging part in the cave- which is a 75 degree slide, and there's no turning back, we have to slide down in order for us to continue the rest of the journey.

so gay~~~~

opps..sorry..not on purpose :o
crawling, tortise walk, duck walk, chicken walk.......



we are the CHAMPION!!!

**coming up next>>Rafting~~~~
**more pictures~~~~~~~

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i want my PRESENTATION done it by today :(
For the first time, I'm being so eager to finish my presentation in one day and please no postpone.*high heel and formal outfit*.seriously not my style.

Argh..........projector punya pasal la :<
what a flawed projector college provide us.wth.you know, sometimes we have to turn the projector UPSIDE DOWN in order to read the slides. worse still, projector is displaying disco lights. *speechless*

Alrite, Segi's sport day on this Saturday. should i go or skip??

p/s: friend is going Kampar this weekend.so, bring me there ya ;)

Monday, June 22, 2009

half-prepared ;)
scanned through my HRM's slides and notice that i have the fewest slides among my group members. happy or upset?! Fathers' Day was a blast to me though we celebrated it at alfresco cafe instead of celebrating in a "close area". however, photos are not available :0
Alrite, gonna stop blogging now.someone is bugging me :)

study smart NOT study hard ;)

p/s: will upload the gua tempurng photos very soon :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

skipped class for one day and then back to college again.i miss my friends seriously.Btw, thanks for the notes ya ;)
learnt something "EXTRA" during human resource management class.fortune-telling.lol.
oh ya,talking about my trip to gua tempurung.it was no doubt a wonderful trip and we even go for rafting which was a sudden plan.will post about my trip when i got those photos.

yeah.insomnia gone.barely close my eye for the last few days ;)
somehow, dead sleep after reached home.

ugh..need to work tomorrow :(

tuning into: yesterday- Leona Lewis

Caving+Rafting= :>

Monday, June 15, 2009

owh,I'm awake..

my clock shows 11.12pm which means i have another 5 more hours before SS come and pick me :( owh yes. 5.15am he will come.
Btw, dad just brought me to hypermarket and grab some snacks for my trip. supposed i want to buy maggie cup but since is just a one day trip so i give up the maggie cup. Then, dad ask me to buy few pack of peanuts and some bread.cause he scare we all no energy.somehow, i rejected it .bring peanuts wor??maybe gamble that time can eat la :)
And, most important things is>>>dad sponsors me the whole trip.lol.Terima kasih, daddy+mom!!

**Fathers' day**coming
blog half dead :(

have been working for the past two days.yogurt, yoghurt and yoghurt again :) what a healthy product.

Alrite, one more day to gua tempurung.too excited and hype so am not sleeping tonight.
skip two classes tomorrow.i wanna be honest this time.not asking friends to sign attendance for me.

off to friend's house ;)

p/s: guitar is out of tone.need someone to tune it.
pp/s : shit.movie presentation on Thursday.craving for idea.help me..

tuning into : better in time-Leona Lewis

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lunch with SL again. suppsoed i plan to eat tom yam but ended up we ate at a chinese restaurant. pusposely wana stay away form segi's students.
Human resource management, last class of the week.what a relaxing day to me :)
Thank god, my group presentation drop on next THURSDAY but not Tuesday.
oh yea. Gua Tempurung trip is around the corner.btw, i made a phone call this afternoon to Gua Tempurung consortium and thought of reconfirmed with them about the date and tickets Then, something happen during the conversation ;)

off to X.Wei's house for a chat :)

tuning into : 我的回憶不是我的 - 海鳴威&泳兒

Thursday, June 11, 2009

wana try something different for my blog.yea.blog in bahasa malaysia :) here we go.
Dairi huiThenG,
Hari Sabtu,
awal pagi, ayah bawa kami sekeluarga pergi Bukit Tinggi Jusco untuk jalan-jalan. saya dengan kakak beli satu helai baju yang berjenama crocodile untuk ayah sebagai "Fathers' Day Gift".
Lepas itu,kami pergi ke perlabuhan klang untuk makan tengahari. tempat yang kami makan bukan sebuah restuarant atau kopitiam yang berteduh. (kena makan di bawah matahari yang begitu terik) sebenarnya, ia merupakan sebuah Lorry yang menjual makan goreng sperti, wan tan goreng, keropok, bola ikan dan lain-lain. makanan yang merupakan makanan kegemaran pelanggan ialah sotong dan tau fu pok. *memang sedap rasa-nya*
oleh sebab, cuaca terlalu panas dan matahari yang begitu terik, ayah bawa kami klang untuk rasa cendol klang. pendudk dekat klang mesti tahu kedai ini " Cendol Klang 1972" yang sangat popular.berbagai jenis cendol mereka jual, cendol ice-cream,cendol kacang...
uh, lama kami menunggu dan ayah kata kadang-kala pelanggan beratur sampai luar kedai.

Alrite, i know is weird to blog in malay and those words that i used is like kindergarten's standard :)
well, i think English and chinese will be much better but not Malay.
still cold war - ing with someone.

tuning into : Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie

countdown to gua tempurung => 4day