Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good day, folks!!!

source : Sean Hoo

Went for a "morning walk" with my parent today : )
Yea, both my parent actually go for morning walk everyday after sending my sister to school. And today, i joined them for the very 1st time since I've not been "working out" this lately due to the overstuffed schedules.
Thus, i believe maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential. Likewise, a simple morning walk is really a great way to start a day : )

By the way, my church mission trip to Kg Orang Asli Sg.Buloh was fun and amazing!!! Will update about it once i received all the photos.

*Glory to Lord!!!*

***Sean Hoo, mana itu mission trip punya photos???

Monday, April 19, 2010

그것은 의미 있는 토요일
Attended two important events on last Saturday which was a mission trip to Kg Orang Asli Sg Buloh and 6N gathering. Both event were awesome and exciting!!!
Anyway, I'm gonna put aside the mission trip post and move on with the most unforgettable 6N class gathering ever since the year 2000(Standard 6). Seriously, i didn't know that this could turns up to be an awesome catch up with them since we have not been meeting each other for almost 10 years. And trust me, it's never an easy job to get them back especially you've totally 'zero' connection with them, somehow through facebook we managed to "reconnect" the relationships and eventually someone suggested to have this gathering. ^^
This photo was taken in the year 2000 when we were twelve!!(*chubby face,innocent look, typical hairstyle).Soon after we graduated, we were all separated but for those who are luckily enough, they still able to meet each other at secondary school..

So what about 10 years later???

Are they still alive??



YES!! of course!!!

: D
Basically, only 22 of them attended this gathering yet I'm proud to say that I able to recognize all of them and get their names correctly. lolx. Obviously, they were all growth up, no more chubby looking face and i was glad that they are all doing pretty well in their career and life!!!
Indeed, we had a great night!!!
**Looking forward to the next gathering!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Supposed to have a presentation yesterday, but due to some miscommunication with the lecturer, our group's presentation has been postponed to the following week..COME ON!!! I seriously thought of presenting after the second group as i already mentioned it to Myee..
Somehow, I didn't know that the arrangement has been made right after the first group had presented as i was busying discuss with Myee.. So, by the time we "respond" to Mr.Ramu it was already too late.But then, one of my friend 나를 비난이기 때문에 있으면 좋은 다음 주에 있지 않기 때문에 오늘 정식 복장 >
(p/s :
I purposely wrote in Korean language to avoid any misunderstanding from the friend since I can feel that she got little " beh soong" me..XD)

Sometimes, i find it very hard to communicate with her especially when I have the intention to tell her something that it is serious. But somehow, she just respond in a way that anything you told her has noting to with her. Walao..people actually seeking some opinion from you and you assumed that it's none of your business!!!
Frankly speaking, i really dislike people who often say " I don't know cause it's your problem and it has noting to do with me" when someone is asking/seeking opinion from you!!!!


Friday, April 16, 2010


I love Super Junior very much and it's a fact that almost everyone knows(especially my close friends)
Once i get the news saying that SUPER JUNIOR is coming to Malaysia I really tried all the possible ways in order to "see" them.
Everyday i spent time (drive, study, walking, eating) listening to OneFm and keep track on their clue or questions since Onefm is giving out the VIP concert ticket and I know the more I participate the more chances i can win. But still, i get noting in return. Then, i also try to look for another resources whereby i asked my friend to get "us" the Super Junior Concert and i thought I could get this job for sure. Again, the result was pathetic!!
At that moment, I was so upset and pissed off...So, I talk to my close friend and try to seek some comfort from them cause I believe they are always there for me. And, i love them ; P

The 1st person that I want THANKS is Yit Yee..She is my superb buddy!!! She cares for me..haha.
The moment she knew that I cant go to the Super Junior Concert, she actually came to my house and bring me lot and lots of nice super junior stuff.
She even made me the one and only Super Junior Notebook and two super junior bookmark!!! To me, yit yee is superb friend... "mou tak deng"!!! XD

All from Yit yee : )

The second person who is in my top "Super Friends" list is mayLynn!!! We always exchange our "opinion" toward the Korean Band. And, our topics are mainly about "Korean stuff, songs, or anything that is related to " Han Guk"....Cause we both love KOREA!!!!(although sometimes is out of topic la..)
Maylynn, you always said that you doesn't know how to "comfort" people but actually you're GOOD. At least, you willing to lend me your ears. Thank You, MLynn and 당신은 나의 좋은 친구 !!!

She gave me a "boom" during my 21st birthday!!!

Is my girls club members( Sze Ling, Hsiao Ling and Stephenie)!!! SzeLing, another victim of mine!!!I complain everything to her and hopefully she won't run away from me when she see me next time!!haha..And, Stephenie, is another friend who always there offer me a help.. She even help to check whether is there any Super Junior Concert ticket available at a "slightly" lower price!!! HsiaoLing, the most "talkative" girl among our group and she always give me a positive mind set!!!

Basiaclly, these are the poeple who gave me lots of "moral support" especially during the time when I feel so so moody and down with the Super Junior Concert!!!

THAN YOU to all my Super Friends!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Life is getting harder day by day and sometimes I really have the feeling of despair and hopeless..I need motivation!! Sadly, I'm actually going through some circumstances to make myself stay motivated...
But, Is OKAY because I just have to endure another two more bloody weeks then I will be officially "FREE" !!!

Yesterday was my Mr.Bobby's 3rd Birthday!!! "Cooked" him some nice yummy food(meatball) and also bought him two piece of Kentucky fried chicken..haha..

Bobby : Mummy, have you finished snapping my photo anot??I want to eat ler...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hey folks, come on and celebrate my"Super Friends Birthday!! Yea, this Super Friend is Yit Yee, my high school buddy and also the chairman of the tempurung gang!!!
And and, I'm proud to say that yit yee is the very 1st person among the tempurung gang whom we celebrate birthday.(** I plan for the whole event..ngek*ngek)

On 31st of March 2010, we brought yit yee up to
Reached there around 9pm and we settled down at gasoline!!!

source : littleshiningstars - yityee

(From the right )
shangshi,kenny and yit yee- the birthday girl!!!

source : littleshinigst
ars - yityee

Eat, chat, laugh, take picture and finally, it's time to have a "surprise" for the birthday girl..

"Pizza cake"
source : littleshiningstars - yityee

Anyway, mlynn did prepared a "paper game" for us. Saw that red color paper that was placed on top of the pizza?? Yup, the red color paper is the one that determine our "fate" and how valued is "our" market price will all depends on this!!!!haha..
As a result,
Jman kena "molested" by kenny.haha..
Again, Jman was assigned by the birthday girl to sing 3 different language birthday song since he has been practicing in the car. (Japanese,French, Korean)

And, now is malynn pulak..2boys 1 girl..your photo is paling berharga 1.haha. (Don't kill me mlynn, cause i uploaded this picture without your permission)And, I'm doing the pizza commercial..lolx.. : D (video and picture are not available at this moment)

And finally, Shangshi. having the all-in-one pizza (with special "ingredients")!!
And finally, a last group picture before we left Look Out Point!!!


The birthday I made for Yit Yee and I'm so glad that she likes it very much..haha..

By the way, videos are available at Facebook!!!

Special thanks to ;
Yit Yee (littleshiningstars) for the time and wonderful pictures!!! : )
MunLok @ currently studying in Singapore
SiewHui @ currently studying in Australia

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good morning folks!!
It's a Saturday and I can't believe that I have replacement class sienZ.....Staring stupidly in front of the computer and don't know what to do. Then, my course mate came to me and said : " Theng, your blog is dead ler, no update 1???update some post la..XD

And so, I updated this post....

Followed my group mates to Putrajaya to collect some information from the trade union affairs..
Been there for the second time, however, we always find it difficult to look for a parking and we have to go round and rounds. But this time the situation is even worse, the guard stop us from driving in someone ask us to park at Parcel D where we supposed to go Parcel C. (**Both building are so far apart and we have to walk under the HOT burning sun)

After everything has settled, we smuggled into their "KANTIN" while waiting for the security guard to get back to his "position"(so that we can collect our ID card). Their "KANTIN" or maybe it's a "Food Court" i should say.It's unbelievable huge almost 80% larger than my college's cafeteria and most important is the variety of food there. I wonder if my college have such huge "food court", I'm sure I won't be having my meal at home : )

Alright, I guess it's time for me get back to my Consumer Behavior Class!!!

By the way,

Happy Saturday to all : )

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Girls Club Meeting?!

Lunch-ed with the laddies at Daorea Korean BBQ Restaurant and finally four of us are able to show up in this " girls club". As usual, we ordered the set lunch and on top of that we even received a Korean steam egg and a Korean pancake complementary : )
sil-ssa-reul jal meo-geot-tta( I enjoyed the meal)

Rushed for " clash of the titans" movie at 1-utama after our lunch.Overall the movie was great, much better than what I've expected and basically I was thrilled by the movie.

Then, we had our tea-time at Fruitland

for the sake of " Ice-Blended" : )

Ordered the best seller >> Rainbow lou lou
a strawberry lou lou.