Monday, April 12, 2010

Hey folks, come on and celebrate my"Super Friends Birthday!! Yea, this Super Friend is Yit Yee, my high school buddy and also the chairman of the tempurung gang!!!
And and, I'm proud to say that yit yee is the very 1st person among the tempurung gang whom we celebrate birthday.(** I plan for the whole event..ngek*ngek)

On 31st of March 2010, we brought yit yee up to
Reached there around 9pm and we settled down at gasoline!!!

source : littleshiningstars - yityee

(From the right )
shangshi,kenny and yit yee- the birthday girl!!!

source : littleshinigst
ars - yityee

Eat, chat, laugh, take picture and finally, it's time to have a "surprise" for the birthday girl..

"Pizza cake"
source : littleshiningstars - yityee

Anyway, mlynn did prepared a "paper game" for us. Saw that red color paper that was placed on top of the pizza?? Yup, the red color paper is the one that determine our "fate" and how valued is "our" market price will all depends on this!!!!haha..
As a result,
Jman kena "molested" by kenny.haha..
Again, Jman was assigned by the birthday girl to sing 3 different language birthday song since he has been practicing in the car. (Japanese,French, Korean)

And, now is malynn pulak..2boys 1 girl..your photo is paling berharga 1.haha. (Don't kill me mlynn, cause i uploaded this picture without your permission)And, I'm doing the pizza commercial..lolx.. : D (video and picture are not available at this moment)

And finally, Shangshi. having the all-in-one pizza (with special "ingredients")!!
And finally, a last group picture before we left Look Out Point!!!


The birthday I made for Yit Yee and I'm so glad that she likes it very much..haha..

By the way, videos are available at Facebook!!!

Special thanks to ;
Yit Yee (littleshiningstars) for the time and wonderful pictures!!! : )
MunLok @ currently studying in Singapore
SiewHui @ currently studying in Australia

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