Friday, October 30, 2009

HaPpY HalLoween!!!

Just a little info about Halloween : )
Halloween is actually one of the secular holiday which takes place on October 31 and yet, it is still maintain its highest level of popularity especially in North American and Canada.
So, as a members' of Fayette House (ADP) , we do have our Halloween celebration at SEGI College, Subang Jaya : )

Here they are


Cally and Jess (spot the blackie vampire)

Jess and Chelsie

Nicholas- the sporty vampire

Victor- the intelligent vampire

Shaun- the joker

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong ( MV)

SHINee (Live) - Ring Ding Dong

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

HeLLo Friends?!
If you really follow my blog that often, you'll definitely know what class am i having right now : )
x%#$..Too much of creepy, i know i know :)

Recently, me and my friends been to this Korean BBQ Restaurant- DAORAE..
And, i would like to share this with you guys because i think the food there are simply delicious and of course their set lunch are really worth it.


(Right above Hollys Coffee)

**sorry guys, i didn't post up the name of the dishes because I've lost the receipt. But, no worries they will have a set lunch menu for you to take order : )

Oh, I've already brought the MJ's This is it (Digital) movie tickets for my "Tempurung Gang"..
Too bad, too sad, i won't be joining them to watch on Friday since I'm not so "available" on that day : (

"Tempurung kaki",
have fun watching it ya ^_^

billie jean not my lover...she's just a girl who claims that I am the one....... (humming)

Monday, October 26, 2009


This morning, my mom received a called from an unknown caller saying that they've kidnapped my sister(youngest). The worst things was that, my mom could heard my sister's crying on the phone and said that she was beaten by a bunch of Indian and she wants my mom to rescue her immediately.
Anyway, we found out that it was a fraud and we've already made a police report.

Around 10am,
*Ring*House phone
Mom : Hello
Unknown : Hello ( A man's voice)
Then, my mom heard someone is crying on the phone and said : *tears*....Mommy, I was beaten by a few Indians.........*tears*
Mom : Who are you then and where are you??? (curious)
Unknown (girl) : Ailin ( my sis's name)..*tears*, come and rescue me now...I'm at the padang..*tears*
p/s : the girl's voice sounds exactly like my youngster's voice

Mom quickly hang up the phone and it rang again. However, she didn't pick up this time since she was so panic. Then, My mom immediately rushed out from the house (*without locking the house door because she was panic and worried at that time). She then ask her friends to accompany her to Seafield check whether my sis is in the school anot. Thank god, when she reached Seafield , she saw my sister was there in her class and noting was happen to my sister.*rupa-rupa is was a fraud call* Dad came home half an hour later once my mom called him ( i guess dad drove extremely high speed from his office because when i reached home from SEGi, i already saw my dad at home and he was about to make a police report together with my mom.

So guys, if you received any unknown call saying that so and so has been kidnapped or beaten up by somebody and they want you to bank in sum of money in order to safe your daughter/son.
Calm down yourself first and then try to contact with your daughter/son to make sure that they are actually safe.

Previously, few of my mom friends' also received such call saying that their daughter/son has been kidnapped and one of my mom's friend actually had fall into the fraud and ended up lost Rm20k..

Guys, please beware of it!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

OMG.OMG.OMG. I want nobody nobody BUT you (GOD)....
There's a Chinese saying : 一心不能二用 ( meaning that one can't do two things at the same time )
However, it doesn't mean that you can't multi-tasking, you still can. But often, it will end up like a mess or you will never satisfy with what you've done. No doubt, I'm the "Good example"

Currently, I'm facing this difficulty whereby i multi-tasking .

huh??law and accounting???

As the consequences, I suffered like hell : (

Did my accounting exam on Monday and made a few silly mistake : (
While busying preparing for my endless exam, i also rush on my business law assignment which i find it extremely stressful and pissed off. Frankly speaking, i didn't expect business law can be so hard till i started the written assignment on last Saturday. And, you know what?? I summarized the whole freaking passage instead of giving its actual answer .

I'm half-dead !!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Anyeonghaseyo!! This is Korean Class.

Today is Friday and we suppose to have Korean class in this afternoon. Unfortunately, due to the Deeepavali festival SEGI decided to close for half of the day which means we can't have Korean Class at SEGI.wth.Again, i can't blog about it because I've been skipping Korean class and IYF activities for so many weeks.
Anyway, just in case you guys would like to know what's going during the Korean class, i will upload some pictures to feed your eyes while you are waiting for the next IYF or Korean class activities ; )

So, last two weeks we played one of the Korean Traditional Game called Yunnori or Yut game.
It's pretty similar with the aeroplane game but the only different is that in Yut game they use four sticks to determine how many steps can you move.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MPSJ Open House

There's a Chinese saying "There ain't no such thing as free lunch"( 天底下没有白吃的午餐). Perhaps, it's not 100% right actually..

Last Friday, right after yy sent me home, i then received a call from mom saying that MPSJ is having a big open house and she asked me whether i would like to come and have some free meals.
Without any hesitation,i drove my car there to meet up with my mom and sis.
And no doubt that place was freaking packed..i think almost 40% of the residents were gathered here..(p/s: no wonder shangshi said USJ was so jam on that evening)
Anyway, not regretting for going there because i get to taste variety of food such as murtabak, burger, satay, nasi briyani, nasi lemak,otak-otak,ayam panggang, kambing and lembu,fried mee,mee hoon, mee sup and of course those goreng goreng food..

I find it very 'pissed off' whereby i have to "Q" for such a long time plus there were some of them who don't even "Q" at all..wth : (

dah lama i menunggu otak-otak ni ; (

**Currently I'm addicted to this song - Always Be Mine by F.T Island. Thanks, MayLynn ; )

Monday, October 12, 2009

Unexpected Birthday Blast !!!

As the plan goes, me and yy dropped by Restaurant Khalifah to meet up with the birthday boy- Mr. Jman. Actually, he didn't expect us to celebrate for him because as what yy had told him, we going to plan for maylynn ; )
So, when we showed him the cake, he was like : " come got my name 1?? ; )
lolx..of course la we celebrate for you. we replied ; )

So, after celebrating junman's birthday, we then moved to Maylynn's house to give a surprise too.. Since Kenny has the innocent look so we assist him to be the delivery man. Anyhow, it was a prank and we all show up after she opened the door ; )

"Jangan bazir makan"

Have a nice day!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

well, it was a joyful Friday i could say. WHY???
Because i get to celebrate two of my friends' birthday in a day and most important things is that I (and Yit Yee )designed their birthday cakes too ; )
Alright, talking about the cakes that we designed, i think me and yy did quite a good job in designing the cakes though it was our 1st trial ; ) So, two cakes for two different person and with distinct characteristics, what should we design??? Then, we first think of drawing a big underpants for jman's cake whereas a design of a beach view with coconut trees surrounded for mlynn's cake. In fact, we didn't go for that design but a different "concept" instead. And surprising it turns out to be an awesome result after rounds of "modifying".
hmm..i think it should be easier if i just show you the photos ; )

First and foremost, the ingredients. One two plain cakes + colorings + chocolate rice

Jman punya bithday cake- half done

skillful yit yee : )

mLynn's punya

Without further ado, let me present to you the " masterpiece"

*Drum roll*

Hold your breath


yit yee and huithenG's masterpiece ; )

- Bread Story, Design Your own Cake-

Next post : Jman's and Maylynn's birthday blast

Thursday, October 8, 2009

OCTOBER Birthday List.....

Happy Birthday.生日快乐. Selamat Hari Jadi. Pirandhanaal Vazhtukkal. Seangil chukha hamnida. Otanjou-bi Omedetou

2nd October, sky_walker

8th October , Debbie

9th October, Mun Lok*man in black*

10th October, Mummy's birthday ; )

11th October, JunMan
My aunty

23rd October, ShangShi

25th October, Chai Yuin

28th October ,Tracey Ho