Saturday, October 10, 2009

well, it was a joyful Friday i could say. WHY???
Because i get to celebrate two of my friends' birthday in a day and most important things is that I (and Yit Yee )designed their birthday cakes too ; )
Alright, talking about the cakes that we designed, i think me and yy did quite a good job in designing the cakes though it was our 1st trial ; ) So, two cakes for two different person and with distinct characteristics, what should we design??? Then, we first think of drawing a big underpants for jman's cake whereas a design of a beach view with coconut trees surrounded for mlynn's cake. In fact, we didn't go for that design but a different "concept" instead. And surprising it turns out to be an awesome result after rounds of "modifying".
hmm..i think it should be easier if i just show you the photos ; )

First and foremost, the ingredients. One two plain cakes + colorings + chocolate rice

Jman punya bithday cake- half done

skillful yit yee : )

mLynn's punya

Without further ado, let me present to you the " masterpiece"

*Drum roll*

Hold your breath


yit yee and huithenG's masterpiece ; )

- Bread Story, Design Your own Cake-

Next post : Jman's and Maylynn's birthday blast

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Kennee said...

Wow...nice D.I.Y cake... Btw nanged you and clicked your ads… ^^