Thursday, June 26, 2008

beloved is hui hui leaving us s00n*sigh*disappointment

i was abit of dissapointment whereI didn’t joined her farewell dinner last nite as she was leaving in the next day..well,hui hui-she’s a great leader, great servant of god, great friend, everything is great..she willing to sacrifice her time, money in order 2help those who need her help..i really respect her in all ways..seriously I hd nv seen a person like her..thx god she wil b in subang for a couple of days on nex 2weeks to collect her stuff..hopefully on tat day I can hv a farewell dinner wit her..haha..ALL THE BEST Hui Hui..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I went for a blood donation in the afternoon ..i have been waited this moment for 2years and I finally did it this year..yeaH!!!

At night we had our fathers’ day dinner at Hee Lai Deng restaurant..well, we actually celebrated fathers’ day before the actual date due to some reason..neway its still the same as long as we celebrate it..thank god tat we manage to booked a room where it has the karaoka equipment for us to sing.. b coz of it v sing out through the whole night..(@_@)and all of us really enjoyed it..once again I wish all the papa HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY!!luV ya..