Friday, August 27, 2010

Hmm.. I think I'm only 98% recovered ; )
I was ill for the past one week. I got high fever and a bad sore throat. The entire week to me was so horrible and sickening. Been to the clinic several times yet no sign of recovery is shown. I was so frustrated, confused at the same time and I thought I'm getting dengue fever again. So, I did a blood test and the report shows I'm actually "normal" but in fact I wasn't feeling well ; (

Friday, August 13, 2010


I've been living here since I was born and frankly i didn't know KL would have such a place called The Chocolate Gallery and I'm also not sure whether I've seen or heard this brand called "Harriston".
Seriously, I was a little startled when we were brought here .

There are variety of chocolates available such as the fruity chocolates ( Kiwi, Papaya, Pineapple, Banana, Durian, Apple and etc) and local delight (Tongkat Ali Chocolate, Free milk chocolate and others). Whatever flavor you want is all here.

Yea, it's made of CHOCOLATE.

Everything is made of the chocolate including the violin/guitar, rabbit ;)

Mini chocolate- Rm3.50 each. Also, they do provide custom-made chocolate service ;)

Coconut flavor!!

Oh, did i tell you that they do have the Pepper flavor too? ; )

Ok ok, enough of sweet things. Now let's have some home-cooked food "Hainan Mee or 海南面".

Home-cooked food is always the BEST.

I'll never get bored of it ; )

Thanks, mom!!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Got the chance to visit a local brand soya sauce factory on last month ; )
It was actually some one day trip thingy and so they brought us to visit a few of the local factories such as soya sauce factory, pewter factory(not Royal Selangor),Sai Kim Seafood factory and Chocolate Gallery Malaysia . But among these factories, i think visiting the soya sauce factory was indeed an eye-opening to me and worth going.

Visited the sesame oil factory too but we didn't get to see the manufacturing process because it falls on Sunday(off day)!!! So, the person-in charge only briefly go through the manufacturing process with us.

Here's a photo of the sesame flower, just in case you haven't seen the plant before ; )

Sesame seed

And, here's the "Soya Sauce Factory"

sweet paste or we called it as "tim jiong"

The process :
Koji >Brewing>Fermentation>Pressing>Pasteurizing>Bottling
and finally Delivery

Nice day,

Monday, August 9, 2010


想起电话银幕上不会再出现的名字,我很难过,也哭了。但是我的伤心、悲痛怎么也不及他家人的痛。可惜,真的很可惜!一个好端端的人,为什么就不让他好好的活着,电影对白常有的一句:“为何上天这么不公品!”这句话终于可以派上用场了。我不明白为什么会是这样的场面, 告诉我为什么??




Sunday, August 8, 2010

Do you believe in

Click here to read the post.

So, I assumed you've read/understand the whole situation as i already mentioned in that blog.
This afternoon, i was helping mom to do some gardening work outside the house. As my mom was washing the concrete floor she then saw a shining stuff on the floor and she pick it up.
You know what she saw??It's really unbelievable and amazing that she actually found her "golden cross necklace" on the floor.(The one that being snatched away by the snatch thief).

It's has been almost a month since that incident happened and I'm not bragging yet we've found the necklace outside the house.It's a miracle and I know it must be from god, a real god - Jesus!!
Maybe they felt guilty and throw it back or maybe the necklace 'flew" away while he snatched. Who knows ??

Yet,things are unpredictable and a lots of things are not within our control. So isn't a coincidence or miracle??Well, it's depends on how to look at it.
But to me, there's always a miracle from god ; )

Jesus Loves You!!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sweep away the sadness brush away tears and

let's go cari makan..

If you watched Astro AEC (Channel 301) , I'm sure you will know what is so special about this noddles. It's called, Da Pu Mian(大埔面)which is also known as Hakk Ka Mee. I'm not sure how long this stall has been here but one thing I know is that my grandparent feast here often, not because they are hakka but i think is the taste of the noodles that they like.But as you know different people have different taste. Some people might like it and some people might think the noodles are just okay. Somehow, i like the taste ; )
Perhaps, you should have a try and then tell me what you think about it? Okay??

Well, it's just a small little stall and you won't how packed can this place be. Ever since Astro AEC recommended this stall, this place has becoming so packed where you could see people are queuing for it ; )

"Da Pu Mian"

Align Center
"Lou Xu Fun".

Address as below and for more info please Click here


Friday, August 6, 2010

Youth Alpha - Week 1 (Shanghai Night)

Since last year, KRG has been running a youth program called "The Youth Alpha". You may be wondering what is this alpha course that I'm talking about. Well, basically it is a youth program that gives an opportunity for the people to explore the meaning of life from a christian perspective.

Feeling a little regret because I missed last year's alpha course so this year i took the opportunity to get myself involved or at least make an effort to attend for the course every week.
And, last week was the first week of youth alpha and they had a theme called "Shanghai Night"

Since it's a Shanghai Night so they had prepared us a Chinese cuisine.

Group discussion

**Photo taken by Jane

This week's theme : Romance

God bless,


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, SzeLing ; )

It was SzeLing's birthday and we brought her to KL. Maybe you would ask why do we need to come all the way to KL?Well, the answer would still remains the same - " and food" . Okay and this time we let the birthday girl to choose what she wants to eat and not surprisingly she chosen ASAHI. I quite like the ambience of this place ; )
To me, ambience and services are the two important aspects that I concern the most especially i feast in a restaurant/cafe. Those sidewalk food stores (大排档) are exceptional, though their location and the environment are not so comfortable yet their food are often the best!! ; )


Sake. I can feel the bitter taste and the "heat" in my throat when i swallowed it. Hmm..but i think sake taste better than red wine ; )

Sumptuous meal. burning a hole in my pocket.lolx..

That's all ; )
And, I'll come out with more interesting post soon. Have a nice day!!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This is FOR YOU.

Was in KL another day to celebrate SLing's birthday. Purposely dropped by a Korean gift shop located at Time Square (or whatever you called it) and bought a few amazing gifts for my two beloved friends. Well, I'm not gonna tell you who are the two friends that I'm referring to but based on the stuff that i bought I bet you would have little clue about it ; ) haha..


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Snatch thief.
Two incidents in a month : (
Remember the previous post about snatch thief incident that had happened to my mom?? Though we've already made a police report yet we could still see that two snatch thief appeared in USJ 2. Anyway, that was one of the case and few days ago, another incident happened within my house's compound again.
Monday about 6.50pm, a Malay thief climbed over the wall and tried to steal our two units of unused air-condition compressor that my dad left it at the car park while we were in the living room. Before that, i already saw his motorcycle passing by and was looking inside my house but i thought he was just a passerby so i didn't care much about it. Awhile later, Bobby started to bark in a very soft voice(maybe the clothes stand had blocked his view so he couldn't see it properly and bark aloud.
Then, my cousin from next door called us and told that his friend saw someone has climbed inside my house and steal things. Then, i quickly ran out and i saw the thief was about the leave (with two compressors carried on his motorcycle).
I raised my voice and said : Eh, eh..curi barang. (And try to pull off the heavy compressor from his motorcycle)
Babi thief : (He turned back)Apa, ini saya punya la.
My sis came out and said : Bukan you punya. Kamu curi barang.
Babi thief : Ini dari rumah sana la.(Pointed at the opposite that was actually an empty house)


Then, my mom came out.
This time the babi thief was panic and he tried to start his engine. And miracle happened at the moment where he tried to start the engine for several times but somehow the engine dies. And, it seems like the motorcycle was about to fall because we keep pulling the compressor from the side. Soon, few neighbour came out.

Finally, the babi thief pushed the two compressor toward us and said : Ambil la..( I guess he pissed off)

Anyway, there's no serious injury though my mom and sister's finger got hurt while pulling the compressor.

Again, i spent my entire night at police station.

Cops, action speaks louder than a word ; [

I wonder how he, himself climbed over the wall and carried them away.
The compressor is super heavy.

Thank god and i believed is god that has protected and blessed us. We have peace with god ; )

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Go green.Save green. Save the earth. These are all the environmental campaigns that we often heard about it. Anyway, have you ever heard of the Green Heart phone that is made of recycle plastic??Well, I'm not kidding because my dad just bought a SE Green Heart phone - SE J20 Hazel. The phone is pretty awesome and basically is like all-in-one : )

I like it : )