Friday, September 25, 2009


As what you can see from the pictures below..You got it right. It was a CAR ACCIDENT.

It happened on last Sunday( Hari Raya) evening..
Unfortunately , i wasn't at scene or else i can tell you the whole incident from top to bottom. However, my sister told us that she could hear a loud Bang-ing sound few second after she already reduced her speed.(which means the 3rd car-Waja didn't reduced the car speed and so the car ter-bang the kelisa and then caused the kelisa ter-kiss my sister's bumper..

2nd car
no eye see
Driver : i see my car also want to cry already..The driver told my sister ; )

3rd car - lagi no eye see..engine tak boleh hidup

As a result, semua buat POLIS REPORT ; )

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alright, before i begin with my grandmother story, i would like to wish all my Muslim's friends "Selamat Hari Raya."

Last Wednesday 16/9,

Well, it was a hectic day like usual because I had my class as early as 8.30 in the morning till 6.30 in the evening and the worst part was that, we were given ONLY have half an hour lunch break which is definitely insufficient to a typical gourmet like me.

Time constrains though, but still I will never have my meal in a devouring manner. Just like today, I had my lunch at Uncle John’s Café together with my course mates. Ordered “Chu Qian Yi Tin”..

Quantitative class is right after my lunch.*Alamak*Alamak*

“Mr. Lee, can you please repeat again.”

“Sir, Don’t go too fast lar..WE DON’T UNDERSTAND.”

“ Har???I can’t get the answer. Sir, how??”

This is how WE respond to Mr.Lee ; )

But actually quantitative isn’t that difficult after all..*provided you pay 100% attention during the lecture. Eg: no facebook-ing, chatting or blogging.. :)

Went over to a friend’s condo for night swim..And, sYee was so happy to tell us that she already know how to swim..*hi5* me t0o..

Of course, not forgetting to thank our swimming sifu- mYee and sJiun : )


Received a call from XXXXLT asking me to work on this weekend.. Bloody hell..Don’t know how many hundred times I've rejected them. But at the end of the day,I still worked for them. What to do?? I too hati lembut when the supervisor begging me to work each time...wth..

Watched Orphan in my room ; )

Somehow, i prefer MURDERER. HAHAHA...


Had my breakfast + lunch together at SS19( The hokkien pan mee and I called it as long “Q” pan mee cause forever have to wait ) 11.30am we ordered but the food served 45minutes after that ;(

Upgraded my desktop’s ram and a hard disk to 320GM today.

Saturday & Sunday,

Got home by 7pm and then out again for aiLin’s birthday

dinner in advance.

Happy Birthday to my dearest sister, AiLin.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A new Toshiba Refrigerator GR-RG73MDA is now in my kitchen!!!

with Hybrid Plasma

Dad bought a new refrigerator with a gross capacity of 710L this lately. Mom was so excited because she has been complaining that the previous refrigerator is not enough for her to store food. so, dad decided to buy a huge refrigerator at last.
And, of course not forgetting about the unique part of this refrigerator - it has an automatic ice-maker in it (which means you don't have to make your ice manually)

what you need to do is just fill up the tank.

when is done, the ice will automatically drop into the ice box.




you may collect the ice from this ice box ; ) see,so convenience!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Monday, September 14, 2009

Accompanied Stephenie to nuffnang office to collect her T music festival tickets that worth RM168 each. yea.cause her boyfriend got it for free.
Almost went lost but didn't(thanks to Google map). Till today, only i realized that KL is so big yet I'm so tiny.

After that, we headed to Neway to meet up with my college's's karaoke session again and at the same time also celebrate m.Yes's birthday.


Dropped by at SS18 Bazaar Ramadan after the karaoke session ; )
Murtabak ayam,Laksa,popiah, currypuff, ayam panggang,nasi lemak, roti john and lots more.

**The stall that caught me the most attention - "Uncle Jilli's Jacket Potato".
It's finger licking GOOD maN..

3 cheese baked potatoes and a half-eaten murtabak ayam.

Friday, September 11, 2009




它(小猫) 不再出现了。。。。

半个小时前,我还亲眼的看眼那只小野猫痴痴地坐在我家门外。没想到,之后它竟然被车给辗死了,而且就在我家门外的马路!虽然这件事已过了好几天,但是那血迹在是留在马路上,好像是意味着“我 (小猫) 还是不舍得离开!



tuning into : 会呼吸的痛- Fish Leong

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last Friday,

Watched murderer with Stephenie on last Friday.
Actually , we never thought of watching this movie from the beginning but since they don't any suitable time slot on that particular time so we ended up watching MURDERER. so, this will be the 2nd disgusting movie that I've watched so far after Pathology.
Anyway, i think this movie is okay to me simply because the story is unpredictable as i thought Aaron Kwok is the murderer from the every beginning but due to some sort of reasons he ended up become a murderer.

**I heard people saying that this movie has a similarity with another movie called -the orphan. And, i think it is.Stephenie, thanks for the free movie ya ; )

Last Saturday,
Dinner at Tian Tian Li Seafood Restaurant instead of going Yuan steamboat restaurant( both restaurants are located at the same place) ; )

herbal chicken.finger licking GOOD
"kam hiong sotong"

Steamed Asam fish

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

>In class - Having quantitative decision in business<

As usual, everyone is facebook-ing during the lesson.

And, i seriously need someone to teach me Quantitative...

Friday, September 4, 2009

28/8 Friday,
had a mini-steamboat at home when my parents not around ; )
Away from home ; )
Overnight at my grandparents' house at Cheras.
Eat.Sleep.Watch tv.Shopping.

yea.Mr. bobby.he followed us to grandpa's house too and he was so excited.

grandma belanja makan ; )

playing with my uncle's iPhone.

38 Lin. bising-bising nak balik rumah because her homework haven complete

smooth traffic when i drove back to Subang

31/9, Sunday
My lovely parents have come back from Sarawak. banyak bird nest they bought..Received a pair of crocs shoe from my god mother ; ) *photos are temporarily not available

1/9, Tuesday

Right after our MIS class, we followed Stephenie's car to Petaling street to look for nice food.Five of us were nicely fit into her car..
At fist, we thought of having our lunch at the "yong tau foo" stall which is located behind the pasar but at the end of the day we have decided to take our lunch at a food court (cause more choices). curry-mee, char siu wan tan, dumpling and lots more to go....


Then, we had a little walked at Petaling street right after our lunch and on the same time we were hunting for some light refreshments to bring home ; ) So, with mYee's dad recommendation, we bought chicken pie from "Fong Wong Peng ka" and sYee pulak recommended us to buy pandan tarts and i recommended currypuff(egg+chicken) and duck's leg(yak jia bao)*people who have been to petaling street will know about it.
Before we moved on with our journey, we went into a gift shop because as mYee said she wanted to hunt for some nice and huge present for her friends. And yea, she bought lots of 'presents' for her friends and ownself too ; )
Headed to Salak Selatan after enjoying our shopping at Petaling street cause we have an important mission to be accomplished and this is actually our main reason to KL..want to know what is that mission??

Scroll down and you'll see........

huh??swimming??definitely not...









yea..she comes all the way to salak selantan just to get her pillow ; )

3/9, Wednesday

Sister is back from Taiwan ; ) her 3 luggage are fulled with FOOD, CLOTHES and PRESENTS...YEAH!!!
**i will soon update about it...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Here comes my Bangkok Trip...

In Nong Nooch Village, you may get to watch lots local performance, such as traditional dances, Thai Boxing and also the well-known ELEPHANT SHOW.


And, now is time for the well-known elephant show in Nong Nooch Village.*clap hands*

Elephants are amongst the world's most intelligent animals.Don't believe?? After looking at the photos below then you'll definitely agree with me.

cycling,painting,basketball,bowling,and the list still goes on....

Darts game ; )

**coming up next >> Alangkarn show...