Friday, September 25, 2009


As what you can see from the pictures below..You got it right. It was a CAR ACCIDENT.

It happened on last Sunday( Hari Raya) evening..
Unfortunately , i wasn't at scene or else i can tell you the whole incident from top to bottom. However, my sister told us that she could hear a loud Bang-ing sound few second after she already reduced her speed.(which means the 3rd car-Waja didn't reduced the car speed and so the car ter-bang the kelisa and then caused the kelisa ter-kiss my sister's bumper..

2nd car
no eye see
Driver : i see my car also want to cry already..The driver told my sister ; )

3rd car - lagi no eye see..engine tak boleh hidup

As a result, semua buat POLIS REPORT ; )

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