Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alright, before i begin with my grandmother story, i would like to wish all my Muslim's friends "Selamat Hari Raya."

Last Wednesday 16/9,

Well, it was a hectic day like usual because I had my class as early as 8.30 in the morning till 6.30 in the evening and the worst part was that, we were given ONLY have half an hour lunch break which is definitely insufficient to a typical gourmet like me.

Time constrains though, but still I will never have my meal in a devouring manner. Just like today, I had my lunch at Uncle John’s Café together with my course mates. Ordered “Chu Qian Yi Tin”..

Quantitative class is right after my lunch.*Alamak*Alamak*

“Mr. Lee, can you please repeat again.”

“Sir, Don’t go too fast lar..WE DON’T UNDERSTAND.”

“ Har???I can’t get the answer. Sir, how??”

This is how WE respond to Mr.Lee ; )

But actually quantitative isn’t that difficult after all..*provided you pay 100% attention during the lecture. Eg: no facebook-ing, chatting or blogging.. :)

Went over to a friend’s condo for night swim..And, sYee was so happy to tell us that she already know how to swim..*hi5* me t0o..

Of course, not forgetting to thank our swimming sifu- mYee and sJiun : )


Received a call from XXXXLT asking me to work on this weekend.. Bloody hell..Don’t know how many hundred times I've rejected them. But at the end of the day,I still worked for them. What to do?? I too hati lembut when the supervisor begging me to work each time...wth..

Watched Orphan in my room ; )

Somehow, i prefer MURDERER. HAHAHA...


Had my breakfast + lunch together at SS19( The hokkien pan mee and I called it as long “Q” pan mee cause forever have to wait ) 11.30am we ordered but the food served 45minutes after that ;(

Upgraded my desktop’s ram and a hard disk to 320GM today.

Saturday & Sunday,

Got home by 7pm and then out again for aiLin’s birthday

dinner in advance.

Happy Birthday to my dearest sister, AiLin.

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