Monday, April 27, 2009



*exam starts at 8am BUT we reached at 8.40am. we were super LATE .

Friday, April 24, 2009

Here are the conversation between me and my friend when i saw her in the lift.

HT: 哈罗!(Hello)


Few seconds later, she turned back and asked about my name.

SH:噢,我好像还不知道你的名字?(oh, I think I still donoe ur name.)

HT: hui theng. I replied her with my English name.

SH: 噢,那你姓什么?(oh, then what’s ur sur name?)

HT :杨。(yong)

SH:所以你名叫杨惠婷。(so, u called yong hui theng)


SH:听说姓杨的人都很出名的叻?(heard that people with their sur name- yong, very famous one ler!)


SH:是啊。就像是杨丞琳这样。她也姓杨。(yalor. Just like Rainie Yang. She also called Yang)

HT: -_-”

And so, everyone just laugh at her lame reply.

*I think is a bit hard for me to convey the whole situation in a proper manner since it is in wording. Somehow, just imagine when you were in that situation and you’ll never know that she will suddenly blow up a lame joke. Really “zha dou” by her.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am a happy girl……….

Attended my last class for this week..

was glad that i managed to complete all my assignment at the very minute and i felt pretty excited about it.less burden and also, i do think that our group did quite well in the ethics project, even thou we've made a lots of last minutes changes. somehow, the result was totally prefect after all. Really want to thank Stephanie and her bf. without both of them, i don't think we are able to complete this project in time.of course, i would like to thank David for his little bit of "hard work" in this project. Although he didn't put much effort for this project because he was busy with another assignment . but somehow, he was always there to cheers and accompany us. Unlike someone who just know how to talk rubbish.Anyway, final is just around the corner, so i can't really slack myself until i have finish my exam.

Confirmed I have two As in hand :)

Btw, I got my EPF statement today.didn’t expect I will have that big amount in my EPF account :) $$$.

*Just a short updates about my job.

Tiring but it was fun. Met lots of new friends when I was working at pyramid and they were so funny and kind.

Plus, i also get to taste many of the new products from others food company but too bad can’t bring out those samples due to the strict security system in Jusco. this may be one of reason why I hate working at Jusco. But no choice la since F&N is paying me a good wages.

I’m addicted to aLive Yogurt especially the low fat chunky yogurt with Aloe Vera& Nata de Coco flavor. super delicious.

Friday 17/4

Had a short training section with summer regarding the job on tomorrow :)

Am working under F&N Company to promote their new products which are the whole grain cereals and yogurt. Healthy products!! For goodness sake, Jusco actually requires all the food department’s promoters to get the typhoid vaccination otherwise we are not allowed to worked there. So fussy right?RM45 for that injection. Don’t feel any pain neither in physically nor mentally cause F&N is paying me back the $$.plus, the wages is much higher compare to my previous job (:

Tomorrow is the day!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I am the leader :)

I'm busy for the whole week.

Had lunch with Samantha yesterday at summit sushi king. Poor service.They actually set a rules that customers are only allowed to eat ONE hour. So, if you exceed more than one hour, then the “waitress” will remind you that your time is already over!!same goes to that sushi maker. What’s the point of making so many unagi and prawn since it’s already on the belt ??don't you know that everyone of us is waiting for the ebiten to be served. somehow, the brainless sushi maker purposely keep it the aside.****

headed to college exactly ONE hour after spending an hour of my undesirable time at sushi king.did some video recording with lecturer and students. Anyway, two more interviews to go.yeah.

met up with maylynn and yit yee at old town after picking up my sis. we berborak-borak ;)

And I was supposed to have a practice with Steven and pei fern.But , I didn’t turn up.felt so sorry for that ;\

David Rajardja,Nicholas,Stephanie, thank you for the hard work and effort that you all have put into this project. I really really appreciate it. Btw, did I missed out someone??who cares??

S.Ling, action speaks louder than words,k??

The unexpected one is always here to “surprise” is my own philosophy.You won’t understand.


in college library and using stephanie's laptop to online XD

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm such a FAILURE..
Yet, I'm always so LUCKY..

accidentally found out that both of them are actually a "pair" of best friend :O no wonder they have the same type of attitude.

Anyway, life still goes on..will be working on this weekend as an event promoter@pyramid,JUSCO again.getting extra pocket $$ for this month but i know dad is gonna scold me for that :\

Sam call me out for lunch tomorrow.SUSHI KING right??yeah.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am always LUCKY!! :)


RM2 for all rice based sushi.
anyway, it was really a long-Q :( & we actually spent almost1hour to get in there.

Me & Pei Fern
the sweet couple :) joking.joking

coincidently we were all in black

p/s : really wanna thanks Mei Hoon for lending us the sushi card.without her card, we won't be eating


he's now 2years old!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

statistics class was canceled due to the cash flow thingy in my college. as usual, friends and i were planed to smuggle out from the theater hall after we have taken the attendance. somehow, for the sake of curiosity and due to the mystery of this cash flow game i choose to stay until the cash flow game was end.indeed, it was an eye-opening to a person who doesn't have any finance knowledge like me. anyway, I've gain a little more knowledge on how to invest in a smartest way after playing it.i'm thinking of running my own business in the future or maybe in my dreamland:)By the way, there will be a seminar conduct by Robert Kiyosaki and his team on how the rich get richer which cost RM2998 per seat. And for your information, the cash flow game set itself already cost RM5xx(for the second-hand game set). so, are you still interested in attending his 2k seminar or purchasing this set of game???
similar as monoploy but this is much more challenging

Mr.Lee-Maths expert.(he became the banker for our cash flow game)

sushi king RM2 per plate promotion. I'm ready for it.XD

Friday, April 10, 2009

Nikon D3X
p/s: I will pray hard for this Nikon D3x. Birthday present, ok??

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


will post up again when i got their permission :)
hey people, it's all done.
so much of release ,I'm felling right now .oh the beauty exhibition I'm talking was a big success indeed.
special thanks to my friend-Amy who willing to spend her time in given us support.i do hope that this will be the stepping stone in order for her to expand her business in the future.Next,i would like to thank Vicky who did nail art for me and of course, Christine yap,the person in charge of The Nail Art Studio.good job,babe! i have no regret to work with a bunch of wonderful team members.Management principle, spring 2009.ROXx..

i love the design so much

yummy cupcake!!

As I've promised yesterday that i want to show a few pictures of the CHUA...


believe it or not??

i got myself a tattoo (:

Monday, April 6, 2009

Beauty Exhibition @ SEGi College,Subang Jaya
i know is beauty exhibition but we do sell cup cakes.

check out for more incredible design of cupcakes @

Don't insult or poke others hair academy's hair stylist and then try to show how good or pro your students are, in fact, your hair academy is the worst and low standard hair academy that I've never seen be frank, your work doesn't seem to impress "us" at all.
Anyway, what i want to say is that Kimarie salons & academy is way BETTER than Cameron Universal Hair me :)

-will post some pictures of the CUHA when i got the copies.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rush hour.
No time for joking. Seriously, is going to a busy month for me since it almost comes to the end of the semester. Thus, it is inevitably for me to get ready for exams, projects, assignments and presentations during this peak period of time. Tomorrow onwards, management class is going to run a beauty exhibition, 9am till 5pm. I can’t skip neither cause it is a compulsory class project. While, busy running this beauty exhibition, I still need to prepare questionnaires and an interview section for my ethics subject. For so much struggle and hard work that I’ve gone through in this ethics subject, it eventually come to the end. Anyway, I don’t need to worry so much for this time since I have a bunch of corporate team members. :)


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is student survey form.No doubt.everyone is so excited about it because this is the only time for us to revenge.well, we will try to be very “mercy” when come to this situation. Anyway, don’t expect us to give any good comments or high rates. Death note to SEGi. I’m very sure that poor management and incomplete facilities in SEGi will definitely be the 1st issues to point out. Of course, rate and comment to our beloved lecturer also part of it.


Anyway, I do hope that this won’t affect our final grade :)
Don’t blame us for anything, because we are also a victim.