Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've been very busy this few weeks. Lots of things in my mind!!!after finishing one assignment, then here comes another assignment..oh man, I think I really need some time to digest it. This will be the 1st time I really experienced such pressure and busyness since I enter the college life..went club house to swim yesterday and my whole body and face got seriously SUN BURNED~~bye bye to my fair and smooth skin!!

Club House-Selangor shooting association

wen and lin

wen and i(pretend like a corpse)

*I love super junior (Korean)~~damn nice they sing 至少还有你 in Chinese if compared to those singers who are originated from CHINA/Taiwan. prefect pronunciation

Friends, that's all for this week!! huitheng won't be blogging until next week!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back to dad’s hometown- tampin(NS)! Cause Grandma fall sick so we travel back to visit her!!after visiting grandma we go for tampin half day trip!!
ice-cream from Tampin!!
wen and lin with their ice-creams(tampin's street)

road not taken!!sounds familiar right??
grandma house XD

on the way back, dad brought us the seremban siew pau(the one located at pasar besar negeri sembilan)

seremban siew pao~finger licking GOOD!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

i'm so damn LUCKY today
you won't know how lucky am i until i accidentally fell into a pond when i was walking proudly with my face looking mind went totally blank just one second before i fall into the pond~and i know it's too late for me to react during that PRECIOUS moment!!*ahem*anyway, i just take it easy..
well, i thought i'm the only "lucky swimmer" on that day, who knows there are these two young and macho guys also dropped into the pond like what I've just experienced.anywhere,i think it's a GOOD and unforgettable experienced!!Don't your guys think so??

*watched Bangkok dangerous with maylynn yesterday..we smuggled two sets of sushi into the cinema and we actually ate during the movie!!

huitheng wanted to watch HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 + 1o promises to my DOG!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

got my marco result today.well, it is actually out of my expectation BUT i don't need to bang the wall.yeah!! pretty well i scored in that paper.i'm so happy about it :>anywhere,myee's marks is higher than mine.lolx.
finally i have done the assignment and research paper for IT subjects.almost 9pm i reached home today due to the last minutes rush on the research paper.thank you chee wei for doing it and also tieo for his accompany!!

bull shit!! an useless jerk.**** you!!you are wasting our time+ $$ and also you are not deserved with that tittle.absolutely NOT.altought we admit that you have plenty of knowledge in religion but this doesn't mean you are good at teaching. honestly,WE DISLIKE YOU!!
well, who is he??
  • a man who do not wear shoes when he is conducting the lessons
  • a man who always squat on the chair while he is trying to conduct the class
  • a man who always flirt with a bunch of Indian laddies in class

he is MR.ARISON-the lecturer :<

i really wish he will read this post and probably get heart attack or stroke by reading it!!otherwise he will never know how bad will his reputation is gonna be?? **** of !! no matter how suck he is or how deep i hate him, i still score good result in religion paper!!!(=.=")

-moving on with another assigment*soB

Saturday, October 18, 2008

a Chinese restaurant own by a real CHINA MAN(Beijing).XD located in shah alam

curry seafood with toast(curry lamb will be better taste)

this will be the special dish that i wanted to introduce--------->
those in the middle are sweet potatoes where it is fried using a high temperature of oil and then sprinkle them with honey..

can you see there is a small bowl in the picture below??that's ice+water!!we supose to soak the sweet potatoes into the ice water before we eat them up..that's what the chef/owner of the restaurant told us..
*the ice water is actually help to reduce the heat of the sweet potateos and the honey which sprinkle on top the sweet potatoes earlier on will end up become a thin and crispy layer of sugar when it's cold by the ice!!

Ho chak!!

~home edition~

Prawn Mee

人是善变的!!no doubt!!

anyhow,I'm speechless..i'm not feeling any better than yesterday.bloody man, the way i treat you is how you treat me!!!piss off~fucker.i know i'm not supposed to humiliate you but i have no other option to let off my anger on your resentful attitude although i wish to have another way to settle that.fed up!!
until now only i knew, 原来你什么都不是!而我也不是傻孩子!!

Saturday morning,

suposed to have badminton this morning, somehow the badminton court has been fully occupied by the **** UNMO.the worst things was, we knew it when we reached there!!!therefore,we end up going back home with tremendous of disappointment..piss of to that party!!!plus, the management of 3k,don't you know how to inform us and tell us about this **** party is gonna held a meeting here so that we won't waste our petrol and travel all the way to 3k.

-uncivilized people- i look down on you!!!

p/s:huitheng wants a retro bag!!:p

Thursday, October 16, 2008

well, i've learnt a new lesson make the storry short , i'll just come out with a conclusion- man is fickle!!!!

went embassy of japan with groups members for this whole afternoon.though it will takes a long time to settle all those stuff but suprisingly we managed to get home before 5pm..

i'm fasting tonight>don't ask me why!!shut up and keep your fucking ass.

to the one in my *****
don't tell me you are not free okay!!fuck less with your spouse then you will have enough time!!!

-everyone has their limit.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

yeah~~i'm getting thinner and slimmer..

went pyramid with friends..after taking sushi as our dinner we went to try some outfits..actually wanted to buy a sleeveless long size blouse quite a long long time ago but i was worried that my arm will looks very thick in that outfit..somehow, i've tried it today..and the effect was GREAT..lolx..i'm so satisfy with my "body line"(^_^')..seriously..i'm not trying to flaunt because is the fact okay!!(don't jealous)

last time i always told my friend that i looks very fat and wanted to keep fit but my friends were just looked at me in one kind and replied: come on, you are FAT??then what about us(like pig)?anywhere, after trying this outfit today,i felt so please..maybe i should be confident with myself..thank to my friend for influencing me to play badminton almost every Saturday..

*hey sy, u looks nice with the M-size blouse too..haha
*wanted to have a tattoo above my ankle but i know dad is gonna kill me if i tattoo it..

~sushi king on 16th oct -with them again..:p more unagi+tempura+salmon

huitheng keep that result..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

can we have another options??

a big NO..

we are force to participate in the "BIG WALK" thingy which is organize by MMHA.(no to say force compulsory)and i can say that we are connected with MMHA due to the coming soon event-Global Music Carnival cause we are helping MMHA to raise some donations..
(-_-)the big walk is on Sunday,, by 6.3oam we have to be there!!!late comers won't be entertain.+ no extar marks for coming late or just come without participate.
attire for the day-UIU t-shirt.(a MUST for all segi's students)why can't we just wear the "big walk"t-shirt which already included in the rm1o??

lol.and why can't we just pay for it and that's it??and still we are doing charity!!

-making an unnecessary move:<
drove all the way from cheras back to subang with no ones inside the car except me alone..
started to rain cats and dogs along the way.rain hitted on the window until i barely see the road even I've already turned on the light.and the worst-case scenario was the both side mirrors of my car went totally blurred.i couldn't see clearly either cars were in front of me, beside or behind my,the government campaign regarding this "drive safely" doesn't applied to me on that went, traffic was terribly slow and and i was so frustrated wanted to stop aside and wait until the sky turns BLUE~~~anyway, I've reached home safely..

I'm so glad that lecture haven finish marking our test paper..miss chaw: i don't mind taking my results on next, next,next week..haha.therefore, just take your own sweet time to mark our paper..seriously, i wanted to skip her macro class and we actually make last minute plan to go sushi king to fill our empty stomach .damn boring, her lesson!!
unfortunately,my pretty friend here,sy.she didn't not bring the sushi king card so we end up yawning in the class.

attention please: sushi king is having promotion on this week..only rm2 per plate..lolx..XD..will be going to have sushi meal with a few sushi's lover friends of mine on this Wednesday = tomorrow la..

Sunday, October 12, 2008

finally, i have decided to reduce the numbers of times for blogging.:<

simple reasons being,
1- i rushing out of time for my assignments, projects and so on..
2-i found that blogging everyday is kinda of wasting time.lolx.cause too much exposed to the Internet that doesn't bring me i have to withdraw myself before i get seriously addicted to it.
3-ailin will be taking over this computer a week after, for sure she will be punctually sitting in front of the computer SOON~~

better late than never.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

nephew's full moon celebration@ Lavender
7th September 08

say hi to the world!!(^_^)

dad,mom and "you you"



that's him my nephew>"you you"

Friday, October 10, 2008

had my dinner at "BIG PRAWN" Restaurant again to celebrate my mummy's birthday 1010


well, this time we eat the "TOM YAM GROUPER FISH"!wow..damm delicious..but i prefer their "TOM YAM FRESH WATER PRAWN", the one i had uploaded the photo few days ago..there was this dish called "CSYTRAL CHIKEN LEG" .is one of the special dish where it taste sour:>besides that , we also det to taste their " recommended tou fu".yeah..pretty good, the taste.
these are the few pictures that ailin snapped while waiting for the dishes to be served.
"Gao Ren Guan" the restaurant next to "BIG PRAWN" (same owner but i prefer the foods in "BIG PRAWN."


the good quality wet tissue!! from japanXD

ailin said dad was trying to act COOL..that's funny

mom was staring at the "JERUK"


is her idea to snap these photos-cam whore kaki


our main dish-" TOM YAM GROUPER FISH" doesn't look attractting enough if compared to the TOM YAM FRESH WATER PRAWN" right??yea.

crystal chicken leg!!

p/s: hui wen wasn't with us because she was in her hostel and my sister refused to let me upload her pretty face bobby didn't go-taking care of the house.

reason is because she says she's not pretty in that picture!!lolXX

me-one day before my marketing exam!!XD
ailin is trying to pose behind me.lolx
Lord, i wish i can have 48hours per day.

deep down in my heart i know it is impossible.i'm running out of TIME.
although i know time is precious yet i still..................
i facing a serious insomnia this lately.fringing hard for me to bed at night.almost every night i sleep 4am in the it because of the maladjustment of my body hormone or could it be any other reason??*****

another celebrate for my mummy's birthday!!!
on 4th october
grandpa, grandma with their grandchildrens @ mom's birthday dinner
me>>trying to act like rainie yang.ya.i know she's cute okay!!

yo.wat's up

mummy's birthday cakes..left: wulnuts frm secret recipi and the right one is padan yam layer cake from golden bake cake house(famous)

dad and mom was enjoying with the song


cousin sis and his husband

he really sing like JACK CHEUNG

"kai ma", "kai dad" and uncle.

on the way back~~

P/s: we finished drinking almost 12 bottles of sparkling juices and 2bottles of red wine on that night >>don't worry we are not drunk:>

Thursday, October 9, 2008

yaHOO~~*shout*finally finished my exam.kinda of relaxing now.freedom throughout the week.
p/s: stress is glaring at me!!rushing for 1assignment,2projects(including marketing and intercultural)after this week.:(
i hate works to be done in last minutes.i swear it will never EVER happen in my life from now really causing me much trouble+TROUBLES~

i didn't know Tuesday my computer class was still going on.thought it should be an exam week so there won't be any class!! Apparently, i missed the lesson.for once in Mr.chong's class*sob*and my friend didn't sign attendance for me smart are YOU!!:), in college, i saw my secondary school buddy/ we used to be very close when we were in form 2 and 3 somehow after we get in form 4 and 5 our relationship started to go blurred.not to say not good lar..just less talked between us due to the different class that we were in.after graduated from high school we totally lost contact.haha.but thank god, she's here with me in the same college and also under the same program. hopefully we can build up our relationship.Li Vian, I'm glad to see you again~~

yesterday was maylynn's birthday ,today is Mun Lok's Birthday,tomorrow will be my mom's birthday,the day after tomorrow is my aunty's birthday and the day after my aunty's birthday will be jun man/ shang shi's birhday.( if i'm not mistaken)

so i would like to wish your guys a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

*below is the cantonese version of birthday song to you guys.haha.






Happy Birthday to All of you!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

no matter how many times we meet, it doesn't works!!

i don't understand why are they so desperate to have such meeting??they seems to be very busy in fact they are NOT??***, what have you done since we received the bad news regarding the V*****?the answer is NONE..the ***e, another human who known as an empty vessels make the most noise!:-(SHUT UP dare you said we are not doing anything so far??(pity my friends who are innocently get involve into it)i gonna prove to you what you said is totally absurd and nonsense!!*** and her boy, no comment on both of you!!you guys are NEUTRAL!!Ahem*zip*
to the long stick lady in my*****, i'm gonna dump you if you still act like a * QIAN JING lady*

for P&C purpose ,i replaced THEM with the symbol "*"!!

Monday, October 6, 2008


macro test today was a little tough for me.the one that i studied didn't came out whereas the one where i just flip through came out exactly.i have a bad feelings that i will flunk in my exam(touch wood 1st)you know, my aim for getting an A has been vanish.i supsosed to do revision during the raya holiday not to enjoy but somehow i failed to control myself from those lure. so righ now, i'm suffering like bloody regret!!i will bang the wall if the marks that i get is out of my expectation(>_<)

*i wish the time will never past.(time is really precious)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

to the immature ones,

don't think you are a PREFECT is so damn ignominious.i'm here to tell you that you are just a boy, an immature boy who is over cares about the other parties. you should know this is none of your business.she is she, them are them and you are you.we are totally different, not related at ALL.why are you so eager to intrude into their life altought they seems to be extraordinary??so,tell me what's your attempt?help them in their SXXXXXal life??oh no.thanks.keep that for are just a ordinary boy perhaps in certain extent you are extraordinary but this doesn't seems you can go into their life.maybe i shouldn't blame you for doing all these, cause they are too immature as you!!even for us, the mature class have no idea how to handle it!
do take my advise okay??
i'm not kidding, boy,you are too young to do such things at this me!!!

man doesn't understand a women feels!!
* i know i'm not suppose to comment on somebody!!!

apologize to all the people whom i had commented..i'm so SORRY(from the bottom of my heart)
addicted to SEafood!! must try their "TOM YAM PRAWN"
Aiks, can't really remember the name of the food.(tom yam xxxx XLprawn)they also serve XXL prawn too
XL prawn

"finger licking GOOD"+" i'am LOVIN IT"

THE WAY to THE PRAWNS~here you go!!