Sunday, April 10, 2011

I don't think she reads my blog but then I will make "her" to READ this post!!!! To the one who stay "one door" NEXT to us..Look here, I've something to tell you, PLEASEOPENYOUREYESBIGTOSEEWHATIHAVEWROTEHERE.

I have the RIGHT!! YOU CHUI MEH!!!!

(Let me make this clear to you; "Her" relationship with my parent is actually tenant and landlord and she's also my friend)
You haven't pay the Internet bills for a couple of months so it's YOUR FAULT and please don't blame us for changing the password. And...excuse me, the Internet line is actually registered under MY NAME and of course I have the RIGHT to change the password IF YOU DON'T PAY YOUR BILL.
I mean, it's very common for the owner to take some action, if the person"failed" to return something that he/she supposed to. And, she's just so annoying and fcking rude and i seriously cannot TAHAN with her. And she keep saying that HuiTheng is so so so so WRONG to change the Internet password whereby she just delayed her bill payment for only 60days mar..and bla bla blah.....which is all nonsense.

But hor, i just want to tell her - If you don't want people to change the password, please/remember/do/mustpayyourbillontime.UNDERSTAND???

Be considerate,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yeah!! It's April Fool.
I purposely make this tittle sounds a little joyful so that it would at least makes me feel better as I was being "Fooled' on the 1st of April.

Early in the morning, i drove my car to work and on the way picking up my friend, my car air-cond has stopped WORKING as in there's no "Cooling" air coming out. And the worst part was there's a serious traffic congestion on the way to our work place. @_@ Inside, out of the car is terribly HOT and i didn't want go back and change another car cause I know I don't have that much time and all i want is to reach digital mall earlier so that i can have my McDonald breakfast before i start to work. Been spending my time to look for a parking but still couldn't find so then we decided to park our car way further which is inside the housing area, beside a a park. Also, my friend said it would be a best place to park my car there because there wouldn't have MBPJ eying on the cars cause that particular area is basically meant for cars to park, plus that place is so much "hidden" from the "outside world".

After making so much of consideration, i decided to park my car there. But god knows when i got back form work, I saw several cars that parked beside the park have got a 'surprise' clipped under their wiper. Then, i also think of my car that parked EXACTLY next to the park and i turned to my friend with a three line falling from my forehead(WTH face) And i told my friend: "Die edi..My car sure kena SAMAN edi.." I ran to car and checked is there any additional "plant" that clipped under my wiper and true enough, I also got a RM100 SURPRISE on APRIL FOOL's DAY : \
How wonderful is it :D