Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 1 : 24th Dec Christmas Eve. Orchard Road countdown(there are 20 shopping mall along the road)
Map of Singapore-whenever i go,I'll bring this map with me!!

Christmas decorations are everywhere

bible verse on the building wall- with god all things all possible
humans crossing the road(lots more behind)i can say almost 1/3 of Singaporeans were gathered here excluding foreigners!!!

*shopping mall in Singapore close rather earlier if compare to Malaysia.

we reached orchard road about 9pm but most of the big shopping mall already closed!so, we end up loitering along the road until 12.30pm!!!we expected to see some fireworks but NONE~~~just some snow spraying and caroling
p/s: wanted to upload some video clip about the Christmas countdown at orchard road but loading was too slow!!!!!piss off~~~

*coming up next~~sentosa trip!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

huitheng is back to Malaysia!!

Singapore to me???nothing much.is just about shopping and walking!!!things are really cheap if you spend using their country's currency but when you convert back to ringgit Malaysia* ahem* it will be much expensive!!!Even thou it is expensive, i still brought something for myself which i can't get it from Malaysia!!! To make my grandmother story short and simple, i will upload all the photos here.Hope you guys enjoy it!! Here we go~~

Day 1 :
the tour guide ~ me

dinner of the day.chinatown foodcourt~~nasi lemak with a chicken wing only $ 2, chicken rice $ 2.50

orchard road is full with shopping complex!!! photo taken in front of the xentpeiitoint

* will upload more photos tomorow!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

countdown to s'pore : 7hours

hey friends, guess where am i now??s'pore??yeah~perhaps in few more hours i'll be there!!well, our 1st day and 1st stop at s'pore will be the CHINATOWN!!of course, orchard road countdown+????still not decided..so, from now on fatigue gone!!!

-huitheng will be back on 28th Dec.hopefully by the time i will have lots of nice photos to share with you guys!!

coutries that i've traveled recently...................
2003(passport renewed) - Korea
2004 - somewhere in Malaysia
2005 - Laos, Thailand( mission trip), Singapore
2006 - Singapore
2007 - Taiwan
2008(passport renewd)- Singapore again!!!
2009- *got a big plan* on my mind

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

countdown to s'pore: 24 hours
Happy Dong Zhi = getting 1 year older

~dinner at Taishi with Leo's family(Japanese restaurant) i love Japanese food!!

*thanks for the dinner!!!*hugs*

thanks sking :p

~dinner again XD

~birthday cake


*thanks everyone for celebrating my birthday throughout the week!!!
family+ buddies + friends= big *hugs* + *kiss* from me to you guys!!!

-huitheng will be going to Singapore tomorrow and countdown at Orchard Road to celebrate the coming of Christmas 2008!!!what about dragonfly in Singapore??i got big big plan going when i'm in s'pore! THE NIGHT IS STILL YOUNG

>enjoy reading my blog!

Friday, December 19, 2008

photos again XD
visited my grandmother a couple of weeks ago.on the way to tampin dad brought us to the pasar besar seremban to try their famous local food!!!(mom suggested)
This is the place----------------------

*is the left stall !!!" Fook Gei"- hak kar mee

well...is an empty bowl!!sorry..i was too hungry to finish off the noddle!!

dad recommend( newspaper also) one of the famous food in this pasar which is the' squid mee hoon' !!
*and this is the chinese kuih that mom brought it back from china!!!(handmade "ah ta pan" by a relative from china)

*lunch at "wong kor char' restaurant
*present for dad*

p/s : we spent quite a long time just to look for a suitable gift for dad's birthday!!!:P anyway, is worthy cause dad actually like it very much!!!
*my very first fragrance- RALPH LAUREN ROMANCE -I'm loving it!!!
P/S: sis was so jealous and she wanted to it grabed it from me!!NO NO NO
countdown to s'pore: 6days

Thursday, December 18, 2008


California fitness

friend brought me to California fitness yesterday..yo..i have lots of fun over there..cool place!! did a body test...and they actually found that I'm UNDERWEIGHT(not a good sign) and lack of PROTEIN which means i have no MUSCLES..ya.i agreed and that's the main reason why I'm so eager to go for gym!! cause i want to have a firm muscle on my arm..after an hour of worked out we decided to go for SAUNA..is really HOT inside 7o degree Celsius and my face turned red when i came out from the sauna room!!but is was great!!!

then, we had Mc Donald as our supper( set meal + sundae) i know is funny and absurd where we spent a few hours just to burned the fat yet we took supper after worked out!!what to do???since we came here with an empty stomach!!!
reached home around 11.30pm then followed daddy go airport to pick up my mom and relatives.mom brought me a retro bag which i wanted to buy long time ago and finally i got it.thanks mom!!!"kai ma" also brought me a 3/4 pants and a hand phone holder.love it !!!lots of food mom brought!!till 3am, i slept!! Zzzzz

*I've tried the "ah ta pan"(Chinese kuih) which made by a relatives from china..will upload the picture when I'm free!!!

*congrats to my cousin sister for having a new born baby girl this morning(just two days before my birthday)!!!Welcome,baby girl!! XD

countdown to s'pore: 7days

Saturday, December 13, 2008





-celebrated dad's birthday at BBQ steamboat again XD

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tuesday-s.pyramid with sis and Leo
Wednesday-s.pyramid with x colleague
Thursday-s.pyramid with friend
Friday-s.pyramid again

gosh.i was in pyramid for the past few days and will be going tomorrow to meet my friend again!!!holiday to me is like NOTHING..i have no way to go besides pyramid..wanted to go for a gym but friend not back yet.feel like going to swim at my dad's club house but too lazy to move around and surfing the net is getting bored for me.
i'm so BORED!
watched BOLT with friends today..actually we planned to watch Twilight unfortunately tickets were all sold out and the next show starts late in the afternoon so we decided to go for BOLT..i bet you will become a dog 's lover after you've watched this movie!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


two friend's father had passed away on Monday and today
Issac- a church brother passed away Tuesday
1 of my x colleague's father had just passed away yesterday

just few more weeks to 2009 and people just passed away with..Lot's of unexpected things happen abruptly.is out of our control..we can't forecast what will happen tomorrow or even the next second.i'm wondering WHY-----
life can be meaningful to someone and can be meaningless to others as well.it all depend on how you judge.

nomatter how, FAMILY is No 1...

Love you family and friends with your true heart!!!appreciate things they have done it for you!!!take an action before it is too late!!!!
lunch @ BBQ plaza
~20% off with student ID!!!that's the benefit of a STUDENT!!!

supreme pork set!!!!

after few hours of window shopping we went into Yogur Berry to have some dessert!!!


yogurt taste like vanilla ice-cream but just a little bit sour!great taste!!!


wen- the furture nurse :>
the PRO one!!!

*can anyone guess what is that??? award will be given if you manage to name the organs!!!

get well soon, my dear

for me??