Wednesday, December 24, 2008

countdown to s'pore : 7hours

hey friends, guess where am i now??s'pore??yeah~perhaps in few more hours i'll be there!!well, our 1st day and 1st stop at s'pore will be the CHINATOWN!!of course, orchard road countdown+????still not, from now on fatigue gone!!!

-huitheng will be back on 28th Dec.hopefully by the time i will have lots of nice photos to share with you guys!!

coutries that i've traveled recently...................
2003(passport renewed) - Korea
2004 - somewhere in Malaysia
2005 - Laos, Thailand( mission trip), Singapore
2006 - Singapore
2007 - Taiwan
2008(passport renewd)- Singapore again!!!
2009- *got a big plan* on my mind

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