Wednesday, December 29, 2010

16th Dec 2010

Davis Chark’s 21st Birthday

It’s been a while since I met Chark. And I received an invitation from her to her birthday party. Basically, we had a relaxing barbecue party at her house that night ; )

Over excited ; D

HT, Chark & Sam

The group ; )

Chark’s course mates from UMT. A bunch of friendly ; D

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Lots of great happenings in the month of December.

Oh and, welcome to my blog ; )

13th Dec 2010

Headed home right after my last paper and waited for the night to come. We had a big project going on at night as my best chingu(friend) told me that we are going to give Mun Lok a belated sabo. But I know for sure, they have been planning for a bigger project all this while. Though they didn’t tell me much about it, but then I actually have a clue in my mind ; )

That day, they came and pick me up and we had decided to take dinner at Puchong since Puchong is so called one of the “美食天堂” (food paradise. Or whatever you called la).With Sshi’s driving skill, we reached Puchong puteri in less than 15 minutes and from there we were like marry go round and round to look for food. Shabu-shabu?Thai Cuisine? Western food? Korean food? Japanese food? Guess what?? We still couldn’t decide what to eat. Then, mlynn suggested us to go out of Puchong since this place is way too much (choices) for us to make one final decision. Finally, we all agreed to go Restaurant Kwai Lam(at Kampung Baru Subang) to take our dinner.

And now, I’m proudly present to you the yummylicious food that we ordered ; )

Fried chicken and it's finger licking good ; )

Fried squid

招牌豆腐 ( Taufu)


The bloggers ; )

Enjoying the food

Grilled fish

Wa Tan Hor

Gong Pou Ye Mian

Not forgetting, the dessert- Walls ice-cream cake that we prepared. Well, it was my birthday cake, I guess. Too bad, it got melted (But I know, they do always have a backup :D)So ,it’s no big deal!!

Later, we dropped by 7-eleven to get myself a birthday cake. It’s an ice-cream cup. Cool!!! Then, yit yee passed me a present and asked me to unwrapped it. I know it is a prank, but then I’m not so sure what was actually inside. I thought, it was a soft toy.lolx.

Once I unwrapped it, I SAW….IT WAS ONE OF MY PERSONAL BELONGINGS. They took my lingerie wei!!!OMG!!!!EXACTLY!!! No wonder, I can’t find it in my wardrobe. LOL.

Soon, we headed back to USJ 4, the field. It seems like a tradition in tempurung-ies to get “wet”. But usually, we will aim at the birthday boy/girl. It's really FUN, okay!!!

What is MunLok doing??

; D

My "Sexy" cake. Designed by MLynn,Yit Yee& MunLok.

Thank you, Yit Yee for the super nice handmade cubic card and also thanks Mlynn and MunLok for making the crown and stuff ; )

Thanks tempurung-ies* for wonderful night that filled with lots of surprise and the present too!!

*Yit Yee, May Lynn, Mun Lok, Siew Hui, Shang Shi, Kenny& Jun Man

**Credits to Yit Yee