Thursday, May 22, 2008


24th dec 2007(1 day b4 christmas)

Fo guang shan : tour guide told us tat fo guang shan is the center of Buddhism in southern Taiwan.

Next destination; shie lake (tainan):’s the largest and complete of Taiwan wetland..lots of biogical resources here..and of coz v get de chance 2take bamboo raft to the port..aft de ride v get 2 taste de BBQ become more delicious if add wit lemon n chili sauce..XD

On da way 2da restaurant, v pass by a building-“Petz spa”!!haha..amazing rite??u cant find it in malaysia!
Its dinner time-

Yuan tai zu Mongolia BBQ buffet..their BBQ buffet restaurant is vry vry juz looks like a food court where u can go choose ur food.. western food, Japanese food, seafood,cakes,drinks,tradisional dishes n lots more..haha..

After the meal, we moved on with our next destination-yi zhong jia night is located in the middle of the night market I saw a bunch of young ppl gather I walked closer, I saw all of them were dressed up nicely and singing “silence night”with a few instrument)..some of them dress up like angles and some of them were giving leaflet(invitation to church) to the people surrounding. whoever pass by them, they will great u wit a sweet smile. On the way back to mind kept refresh back the scene in the night market where they celebrated the Christmas eve in such a fantastic way, wonderful night in a cold weather.i love it and enjoyed it..Happy Christmas eve!!