Wednesday, April 9, 2008

day 2 in taiwaN~~

22th dec 07
chiang kai-shek memorial hall(norhtern taiwan-taipei) : it is the most impressive monument to the great chinese hero.the hall is made of white marble: its roof decorated with deep-bluee tiles.the surrounding garden has beautiful flowres year-round.

chiufen : from yummy snacks to fun knickknacks, the ols streeets of chiufen are teeming with all kinds of eye-catching wares.famous local dishes such as taro(dunoe wat is tat) n sweet potato ball r vry delicious.XD.oh can also get to taste some stincky taufu here..but i dare not 2try coz the smell of these stincky taufu is worse than de 1 where v ate in taipei ytd..haha

nei one old street(hakka town) :even thou it sounds like a "old street "(must b alot of old man here)bt actuaky tatz not true..lots of youngster n couples hanging around there with their lovely doggies..there r also plennty of tradisional hakka snacks here!!

fong jia night market(taichung) : is a wonderfull night market tat i hd nv been before in my whole life..XD it is near by the feng chia university..the moment u stepped into here im sure u'll like it..there r hundred of stalls & shop lots can also get 2find the low price clothes,shoes. n lotz more..n of coz my favourite part~food..yummy!!there r variety of food you can find..the pearl tea over ere is much more cheaper,tastier than malaysia.n its only cost rm2.50 with a large size..oh ya..there is these snacks here called " da chang bao xiao chang".it is sumting like a sausage wrap wit rice..the famous local food takes almost an hour 2taste these "da chang bao xiqao chang".well..i tink thid is a nice palce for u &me to shop.haha..if u wish 2come advise is to come earlier otheriwise u may get stuck in the crowd..

to be continue~

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

i am frEE~~haha

it has been a long long time i didnt update my blog*sigh*busy working..neway from now on i tink i will hv plenty of time to go online..first al all, i would like to share wit ur guyz my holiday trip to taiwan 2007..if not mistaken dis should b da 2nd time i hv been 2taiwan since i was a 3month old gal holded in my mother embrace..haha..
1 day afr my 19th b'day,me,my sis together wit my cousin "flY" 2taiwan!!(6hours in de airplane kinda of boring)
to be continue~~~