Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Saw this car somewhere else???


Does this looks familiar to you??

Yea man!!It's your car, Shang Shi!!
(By the way, it came out on the star newspaper)

What a superb idea from the tempurung-ies ; )
Seriously, I think this is the best prank ever. Perhaps, we should name our gang as The Pranksters-7 instead of Tempurung-ies.haha..

this prank falls on the 23 of October 2010( His birthday).
According to the "info" given by our "spy", we know that he is having a paper at 9 am. With all stalker equipment provided, 5 of us jumped into Junman's car and headed to ShangShi's house.

8am- Reached ShangShi's house and starts stalking him. Binocular and camera mode *on*
8.45am- Saw his car moving out from his guard house. Without wasting a minute, Juman speed up. We followed him from his house till the Ss 15 where his parked his car and the place where he parked was no doubt a perfect location for us to "wrap" car and to hide our self as well..

Mission starts at 9.10am

And, it ends at 10.10am. But, that's not the end because we wanted to record his reaction when he saw his car being wrapped like "birthday present".
While waiting for him to appear, we stayed inside the McDonald for an hour plus.

Also, we signed on his "Birthday Card"

Finally, we spotted him walking out form his college. With the recording mode on, yit yee managed to record his "shocking face" ...Lolx...
Then, we saw him taking out his handphone and in less than a minute, yit yee's phone is vibrating, Shang Shi called her. He suspected YitYee at the first place.haha.

But wait,
the secret has not been reveled yet.
Make sure you stay tuned for the next post ; )

Credit to Yit Yee & MayLynn.