Friday, October 22, 2010

It's just another Birthday Prank by tempurung-ies.
And well, everything has to begin with.....two.....superb birthday planner, Yit Yee aka little shinning star and huiTheng aka owner of this blog.

One week before the birthday celebration/prank, i went out with my pretty friend, YitYee to brainstorm each and every single things about the birthday plan because we want it to be an absolute and flawless surprise for both of our buddies, MLynn & JunMan.

Firstly, we settled down the Kim Gary membership card for MLynn(which is part of the birthday surprise).
Done with the registration and here comes the challenging part which is choosing a present. You know, the hardest part is not about the prank yet it's often choosing a birthday present. We walked from the lowest ground to the highest f
loor, from one end to another. And after spending half a day cracking our brain,eventually we found some precious gift for them ; )

Alright, here comes the day we prank both of the birthday boy(JunMan) and girl(MayLynn). Basically, Junman didn't know anything about our prank to "him" as we told him that we are going to give mlynn a surprise and sabotage her. So yit yee first picked me up, then followed by shangshi and Junman. After that, we meet up with Kenny at USj 6 before we looked for Mlynn.

See, we were preparing all the party stuff ; )

Junman: Later she not inside the house then how?
YitYee: Won't one la. HuiTheng and I already "prank call" her just know. so, she should be at home.

Yit Yee : Ready?? Come let's move now..

Outside mLynn's house,

Junman: Mlynn...Mlynn...(shout)
Her House: .............

*Shout* Mlynn........

No respond. And, i just felt something bad came into my mind.She's not at home. That's means, our plan has failed. Noooo.........we must grabbed her back no matter how. Plan B?Plan B? So, we quickly called mLynn to ask her to come back as fast as she could or less she won't be able to see me again as I'm leaving to US. And by all means, she promised to rush back and meet up with us at pyramid for my " farewell dinner". *Phew*
At last, our plan B works ; )

So sad, she's not around...hhmm... ; (

Two hours later, i received a text message from mLynn saying that she's on the way back. Alright and we've chosen Kim Gary for my farewell.

It's our makan time and perhaps i shall let the photo speak for itself .

feel repleted??Not yet..there are MORE to come ; )
As we know, it's a tradition that a birthday must have a birthday cake. But then we though it might be too common to have a cake for each of our birthdays and we want something special and therefore we decided to have something extraordinary.
(p/s: wanna find out for more idea about replacing the traditional birthday cake?? You may
read this.)

Their "birthday cake", a Boobs-liked jelly cake with sweet lychee favor and made by hUiThenG.LOL.And finally, Junman realized t
hat he's also in the "birthday list"
And well, here comes the most interesting part which is opening the presents. Smile, people :D

Are you ready for it, peeps ??? LoOk clearly... It's an empty condom box with candies and Sanitary box with pads. hahahaha.. awesome rite?? Our Prank.

And moving on, we have the sabotage session.hehe ; ) On the way back to USJ, Junman said he had lost his IC at the USJ padang while he was playing basketball in that evening and so he asked yit yee to drop him to the padang to find his IC (p/s: It's was a prank by the way) We act like as we were finding for his IC but in fact, we were trying to target the two birthday boy and girl. haha..YES, they got no way to escape ;D

Having lots of FUN in the middle of the night. Happy Birthday to ah Lynn and Ah man!!

And, of course not forgetting another "octoBuddy"- MUN LOK who is in S'pore at the moment!!!Hahaha..You'll be the our NEXT sabotage target!!!You better watch out...wahahahaha

All presents are nicely wrapped by my dear friend, YitYee (**together with the handmade card)

Super fun isn't, our birthday??However, this is
not the end as i said there are MORE to COME.
And well, you just have to follow my blog and fi
nd out more....

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Pictures above are taken from little shining star- YitYee, the birthday planner and also the prank master ; ) Credits to YitYee

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hey folks, how are you today??

The month of October is full of excitement, surprise & love and that's the reason why i like October.

Anyway, did i mentioned to you about the new member in my family? Hmm, maybe some of you have heard that but haven seen "Him" ; )
Oh well, "He" is our new puppy - Lucky boy. He's super skinny and light compare to Mr.Bobby last time.

But then, if I were to put them together it would looks like a giant vs dwarf and yesterday night, I weighted him with the "human weighting machine" and you know what??haha.. The needle did not moved at all. He's way too light probably his weight is only equivalent to three of the ninja joe's burger and we thought he might suffering from malnutrition. Then, i weighted Mr.bobby as well.7 kg, is his weight.

*aww*aww *aww*

See. Lucky boy is calling me already, he can't wait to come out!!!

Enjoy the video below ; ) It's Lucky boy playing football!!