Thursday, December 18, 2008

California fitness

friend brought me to California fitness yesterday..yo..i have lots of fun over place!! did a body test...and they actually found that I'm UNDERWEIGHT(not a good sign) and lack of PROTEIN which means i have no MUSCLES..ya.i agreed and that's the main reason why I'm so eager to go for gym!! cause i want to have a firm muscle on my arm..after an hour of worked out we decided to go for really HOT inside 7o degree Celsius and my face turned red when i came out from the sauna room!!but is was great!!!

then, we had Mc Donald as our supper( set meal + sundae) i know is funny and absurd where we spent a few hours just to burned the fat yet we took supper after worked out!!what to do???since we came here with an empty stomach!!!
reached home around 11.30pm then followed daddy go airport to pick up my mom and brought me a retro bag which i wanted to buy long time ago and finally i got it.thanks mom!!!"kai ma" also brought me a 3/4 pants and a hand phone it !!!lots of food mom brought!!till 3am, i slept!! Zzzzz

*I've tried the "ah ta pan"(Chinese kuih) which made by a relatives from china..will upload the picture when I'm free!!!

*congrats to my cousin sister for having a new born baby girl this morning(just two days before my birthday)!!!Welcome,baby girl!! XD

countdown to s'pore: 7days

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