Friday, December 19, 2008

photos again XD
visited my grandmother a couple of weeks ago.on the way to tampin dad brought us to the pasar besar seremban to try their famous local food!!!(mom suggested)
This is the place----------------------

*is the left stall !!!" Fook Gei"- hak kar mee an empty bowl!!sorry..i was too hungry to finish off the noddle!!

dad recommend( newspaper also) one of the famous food in this pasar which is the' squid mee hoon' !!
*and this is the chinese kuih that mom brought it back from china!!!(handmade "ah ta pan" by a relative from china)

*lunch at "wong kor char' restaurant
*present for dad*

p/s : we spent quite a long time just to look for a suitable gift for dad's birthday!!!:P anyway, is worthy cause dad actually like it very much!!!
*my very first fragrance- RALPH LAUREN ROMANCE -I'm loving it!!!
P/S: sis was so jealous and she wanted to it grabed it from me!!NO NO NO
countdown to s'pore: 6days

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