Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 1 : 24th Dec Christmas Eve. Orchard Road countdown(there are 20 shopping mall along the road)
Map of Singapore-whenever i go,I'll bring this map with me!!

Christmas decorations are everywhere

bible verse on the building wall- with god all things all possible
humans crossing the road(lots more behind)i can say almost 1/3 of Singaporeans were gathered here excluding foreigners!!!

*shopping mall in Singapore close rather earlier if compare to Malaysia.

we reached orchard road about 9pm but most of the big shopping mall already closed!so, we end up loitering along the road until 12.30pm!!!we expected to see some fireworks but NONE~~~just some snow spraying and caroling
p/s: wanted to upload some video clip about the Christmas countdown at orchard road but loading was too slow!!!!!piss off~~~

*coming up next~~sentosa trip!!!

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