Sunday, April 10, 2011

I don't think she reads my blog but then I will make "her" to READ this post!!!! To the one who stay "one door" NEXT to us..Look here, I've something to tell you, PLEASEOPENYOUREYESBIGTOSEEWHATIHAVEWROTEHERE.

I have the RIGHT!! YOU CHUI MEH!!!!

(Let me make this clear to you; "Her" relationship with my parent is actually tenant and landlord and she's also my friend)
You haven't pay the Internet bills for a couple of months so it's YOUR FAULT and please don't blame us for changing the password. And...excuse me, the Internet line is actually registered under MY NAME and of course I have the RIGHT to change the password IF YOU DON'T PAY YOUR BILL.
I mean, it's very common for the owner to take some action, if the person"failed" to return something that he/she supposed to. And, she's just so annoying and fcking rude and i seriously cannot TAHAN with her. And she keep saying that HuiTheng is so so so so WRONG to change the Internet password whereby she just delayed her bill payment for only 60days mar..and bla bla blah.....which is all nonsense.

But hor, i just want to tell her - If you don't want people to change the password, please/remember/do/mustpayyourbillontime.UNDERSTAND???

Be considerate,

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