Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last Friday,

Watched murderer with Stephenie on last Friday.
Actually , we never thought of watching this movie from the beginning but since they don't any suitable time slot on that particular time so we ended up watching MURDERER. so, this will be the 2nd disgusting movie that I've watched so far after Pathology.
Anyway, i think this movie is okay to me simply because the story is unpredictable as i thought Aaron Kwok is the murderer from the every beginning but due to some sort of reasons he ended up become a murderer.

**I heard people saying that this movie has a similarity with another movie called -the orphan. And, i think it is.Stephenie, thanks for the free movie ya ; )

Last Saturday,
Dinner at Tian Tian Li Seafood Restaurant instead of going Yuan steamboat restaurant( both restaurants are located at the same place) ; )

herbal chicken.finger licking GOOD
"kam hiong sotong"

Steamed Asam fish

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