Friday, September 4, 2009

28/8 Friday,
had a mini-steamboat at home when my parents not around ; )
Away from home ; )
Overnight at my grandparents' house at Cheras.
Eat.Sleep.Watch tv.Shopping.

yea.Mr. bobby.he followed us to grandpa's house too and he was so excited.

grandma belanja makan ; )

playing with my uncle's iPhone.

38 Lin. bising-bising nak balik rumah because her homework haven complete

smooth traffic when i drove back to Subang

31/9, Sunday
My lovely parents have come back from Sarawak. banyak bird nest they bought..Received a pair of crocs shoe from my god mother ; ) *photos are temporarily not available

1/9, Tuesday

Right after our MIS class, we followed Stephenie's car to Petaling street to look for nice food.Five of us were nicely fit into her car..
At fist, we thought of having our lunch at the "yong tau foo" stall which is located behind the pasar but at the end of the day we have decided to take our lunch at a food court (cause more choices). curry-mee, char siu wan tan, dumpling and lots more to go....


Then, we had a little walked at Petaling street right after our lunch and on the same time we were hunting for some light refreshments to bring home ; ) So, with mYee's dad recommendation, we bought chicken pie from "Fong Wong Peng ka" and sYee pulak recommended us to buy pandan tarts and i recommended currypuff(egg+chicken) and duck's leg(yak jia bao)*people who have been to petaling street will know about it.
Before we moved on with our journey, we went into a gift shop because as mYee said she wanted to hunt for some nice and huge present for her friends. And yea, she bought lots of 'presents' for her friends and ownself too ; )
Headed to Salak Selatan after enjoying our shopping at Petaling street cause we have an important mission to be accomplished and this is actually our main reason to KL..want to know what is that mission??

Scroll down and you'll see........

huh??swimming??definitely not...









yea..she comes all the way to salak selantan just to get her pillow ; )

3/9, Wednesday

Sister is back from Taiwan ; ) her 3 luggage are fulled with FOOD, CLOTHES and PRESENTS...YEAH!!!
**i will soon update about it...

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