Monday, September 14, 2009

Accompanied Stephenie to nuffnang office to collect her T music festival tickets that worth RM168 each. yea.cause her boyfriend got it for free.
Almost went lost but didn't(thanks to Google map). Till today, only i realized that KL is so big yet I'm so tiny.

After that, we headed to Neway to meet up with my college's's karaoke session again and at the same time also celebrate m.Yes's birthday.


Dropped by at SS18 Bazaar Ramadan after the karaoke session ; )
Murtabak ayam,Laksa,popiah, currypuff, ayam panggang,nasi lemak, roti john and lots more.

**The stall that caught me the most attention - "Uncle Jilli's Jacket Potato".
It's finger licking GOOD maN..

3 cheese baked potatoes and a half-eaten murtabak ayam.

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