Monday, October 12, 2009

Unexpected Birthday Blast !!!

As the plan goes, me and yy dropped by Restaurant Khalifah to meet up with the birthday boy- Mr. Jman. Actually, he didn't expect us to celebrate for him because as what yy had told him, we going to plan for maylynn ; )
So, when we showed him the cake, he was like : " come got my name 1?? ; )
lolx..of course la we celebrate for you. we replied ; )

So, after celebrating junman's birthday, we then moved to Maylynn's house to give a surprise too.. Since Kenny has the innocent look so we assist him to be the delivery man. Anyhow, it was a prank and we all show up after she opened the door ; )

"Jangan bazir makan"

Have a nice day!!!

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