Monday, October 26, 2009


This morning, my mom received a called from an unknown caller saying that they've kidnapped my sister(youngest). The worst things was that, my mom could heard my sister's crying on the phone and said that she was beaten by a bunch of Indian and she wants my mom to rescue her immediately.
Anyway, we found out that it was a fraud and we've already made a police report.

Around 10am,
*Ring*House phone
Mom : Hello
Unknown : Hello ( A man's voice)
Then, my mom heard someone is crying on the phone and said : *tears*....Mommy, I was beaten by a few Indians.........*tears*
Mom : Who are you then and where are you??? (curious)
Unknown (girl) : Ailin ( my sis's name)..*tears*, come and rescue me now...I'm at the padang..*tears*
p/s : the girl's voice sounds exactly like my youngster's voice

Mom quickly hang up the phone and it rang again. However, she didn't pick up this time since she was so panic. Then, My mom immediately rushed out from the house (*without locking the house door because she was panic and worried at that time). She then ask her friends to accompany her to Seafield check whether my sis is in the school anot. Thank god, when she reached Seafield , she saw my sister was there in her class and noting was happen to my sister.*rupa-rupa is was a fraud call* Dad came home half an hour later once my mom called him ( i guess dad drove extremely high speed from his office because when i reached home from SEGi, i already saw my dad at home and he was about to make a police report together with my mom.

So guys, if you received any unknown call saying that so and so has been kidnapped or beaten up by somebody and they want you to bank in sum of money in order to safe your daughter/son.
Calm down yourself first and then try to contact with your daughter/son to make sure that they are actually safe.

Previously, few of my mom friends' also received such call saying that their daughter/son has been kidnapped and one of my mom's friend actually had fall into the fraud and ended up lost Rm20k..

Guys, please beware of it!!!

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kenwooi said...

hmm.. yeah.. people are doing silly stuffs these days.. =)