Friday, October 16, 2009

Anyeonghaseyo!! This is Korean Class.

Today is Friday and we suppose to have Korean class in this afternoon. Unfortunately, due to the Deeepavali festival SEGI decided to close for half of the day which means we can't have Korean Class at SEGI.wth.Again, i can't blog about it because I've been skipping Korean class and IYF activities for so many weeks.
Anyway, just in case you guys would like to know what's going during the Korean class, i will upload some pictures to feed your eyes while you are waiting for the next IYF or Korean class activities ; )

So, last two weeks we played one of the Korean Traditional Game called Yunnori or Yut game.
It's pretty similar with the aeroplane game but the only different is that in Yut game they use four sticks to determine how many steps can you move.

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