Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Girls Club Meeting?!

Lunch-ed with the laddies at Daorea Korean BBQ Restaurant and finally four of us are able to show up in this " girls club". As usual, we ordered the set lunch and on top of that we even received a Korean steam egg and a Korean pancake complementary : )
sil-ssa-reul jal meo-geot-tta( I enjoyed the meal)

Rushed for " clash of the titans" movie at 1-utama after our lunch.Overall the movie was great, much better than what I've expected and basically I was thrilled by the movie.

Then, we had our tea-time at Fruitland

for the sake of " Ice-Blended" : )

Ordered the best seller >> Rainbow lou lou
a strawberry lou lou.

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hsiaoling88 said...

Haha....:)I still very miss too.