Monday, April 19, 2010

그것은 의미 있는 토요일
Attended two important events on last Saturday which was a mission trip to Kg Orang Asli Sg Buloh and 6N gathering. Both event were awesome and exciting!!!
Anyway, I'm gonna put aside the mission trip post and move on with the most unforgettable 6N class gathering ever since the year 2000(Standard 6). Seriously, i didn't know that this could turns up to be an awesome catch up with them since we have not been meeting each other for almost 10 years. And trust me, it's never an easy job to get them back especially you've totally 'zero' connection with them, somehow through facebook we managed to "reconnect" the relationships and eventually someone suggested to have this gathering. ^^
This photo was taken in the year 2000 when we were twelve!!(*chubby face,innocent look, typical hairstyle).Soon after we graduated, we were all separated but for those who are luckily enough, they still able to meet each other at secondary school..

So what about 10 years later???

Are they still alive??



YES!! of course!!!

: D
Basically, only 22 of them attended this gathering yet I'm proud to say that I able to recognize all of them and get their names correctly. lolx. Obviously, they were all growth up, no more chubby looking face and i was glad that they are all doing pretty well in their career and life!!!
Indeed, we had a great night!!!
**Looking forward to the next gathering!!

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